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The Danitun Guard and Cult sections expanded

Posted on 10th July 2011

We have recently added a couple of new additions to our Cult of the Emerald Talon section including the background to the cult itself We've also added a section on the traitorous Danitun Guard, the rebellious Khornate Guard!

Planet Viewer and New Units

Posted on 17th June 2011

We've added a couple more units to the site, this time the Witch Hunter Crusaders and the Wych Triads.

We also added a Planet Viewer which can be found in the Other Resources section of the site. This utility allows you to create custom views of worlds for your own fluff.

So go check them out now!

Cha'Los Eldar Content Added

Posted on 12th June 2011

We have added a load of brand new Cha'Los Eldar units to our Cha'Los Eldar section.

Included amongst the new units are the following:

As you can see, they're are fairly diverse set of new units!

Brand New Fists of Flame Content!

Posted on 7th May 2011

We have released a load of brand new Fists of Flame content for you to look over!

Head over to our Fists of Flame section now to check it out!

The Battlefleet Gothic Ship Name Generator Updated

Posted on 7th May 2011

We have recently updated the BFG ship name generator.

Not only does it now have a far larger list of choose from, but it now also supports the Eldar language!

So you can now name your entire Eldar fleet with proper Eldar names (with translations!)