Khornate Gifts

These Wargear items and abilities may be taken by Daemon Princes, Skull Champions, Lords and Aspiring Champions who have the Mark of Khorne.

The cost for each upgrade is noted below, with the first number presented being the cost paid by Daemon Princes and Chaos Lords. The second is for Skull Champions and Aspiring Champions.

Cauldren of Blood: The Cauldren of Blood is a potent symbol for all worshippers of Khorne. Any model with the Mark of Khorne and any Khorne daemons within 12" count as having 'Feel No Pain.' Models that already have this ability gain +1 WS to their rolls when within 6" of the Cauldren.

Chalice of Khorne: The Chalice of Khorne continually flows with energy from the Warp and when drunk from, enfuses the bearer with renewed vigour and strength. It may be drunk from once per game during any Assault Phase and when drunk from, the bearer doubles his base Strength (up to a maximum of 10), strikes at Initiative order. In addition, you cannot combine the effects of the chalice with any other effects gained by close combat weapons, like power weapons, lightning claws etc. Therefore for that one turn, he effectively counts has having a single close combat weapon that strikes at double his Strength.

Curse of Khorne: The Champion is covered in an aura of death and those nearby want nothing more then bloodshed. All models (friend or foe) within 6" automatically hit on 4+ regardless of Weapon Skill or other factors.

Hellion Rage: The Champion is bloodthirsty beyond reckoning, and frightful in combat. During the first charge of the game for the model with Hellion rage, he doubles the effect he gains from Furious Charge (i.e. he gains +2 Strength and +2 Initiative), but these effects only last for a single turn after which the bearer returns to relative normality.

Mark of Khorne Ascended: The Khorne Lord is a truely blessed in the eyes of Khorne, and is one of his finest warriors. The Mark of Khorne Ascended replaces the normal Mark of Khorne on the Daemon Prince. The Mark of Khorne Ascended grants the bearer a 4+ Invulnerable save, +1 Wound and the Khorne Lord also gains an additional +1 point of Strength in combat.