World Stats

Name: Iunsan
Aestimare: G1000
  • 9.70% Radon
  • 8.12% Argon
  • 6.43% other
  • 40.40% Helium
  • 18.86% Oxygen
  • 13.90% Carbon Dioxide
  • 0.98% Boron
  • 0.90% Chlorine
  • 0.70% Astatine
  • 0.01% Neon

Celestial Type: Daemon world [excommunicate traitoris]
Gravity Ratio: 132.17% of Terra's
Human Structures: Unknown
Status: Awaiting exterminatus
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: Unknown

Those that look upon the red world of Iunsan see a world covered in red sand and ash, with deep crimson skies and many have made the mistake of thinking it holds little or no danger.

Large war bands travel the surface, looking for slaughter, for battle and eventually for death. Thusly, it is in their vain hope that their patron and Lord, Arnell, will take notice and take them into the wider Imperium to attack the Imperium in the Blood Gods name.

The constant threat of attack from the Khorne Berserker is not the only threat, as buried beneath the sands, just beneath the surface is a complete ecosystem of savage predators ranging from humble sand maggots fully capable to burrowing into a man's ear and slowly driving them crazy to the mighty, multi-limbed silent stalkers. Creatures fully nine feet tall, these await an unwary warrior to pass them by, only to impale them upon twin barbed claws attached to their fore limbs.

For those with the cursed ability to manipulate the energies of the Warp, Iunsan holds another, more insidious threat. Its vast desert continents are criss-crossed and bridled with what the inhabitants refer to as the "standing stones."

Fuelled by Khorne's own hatred of the psyker, these ancient edifices undermine a psyker's ability to manipulate the forces of the Warp and, if given enough time, will slowly consume the psyker's soul, leaving them a dried husk to slowly rot in the howling winds.

World view of IunsanWorld view of IunsanWorld view of Iunsan