A detailed timeline of the Chaos Space Marine army, the Blood Wind.

Ulrain is Inducted

The young initiate which will become Capatain Ulrain of the Dark Angels 23rd Company is inducted into the Dark Angels Legion

Ulrain Becomes Lost

Captain Ulrain of the Dark Angels Legion obsconds with a stolen Rapid Strike craft and gets lost in the Warp.

Ork Space Hulk enters orbit around Corros


Iunsan is taken over by Lord Arnell


Second War of Adrun


Siege of Iujian

Lord Arnell is the first to teleport into the fiery heart of battle as the Dark Eldar of the Cult of the Emerald Talon launch a lightning raid against the Imperium.

Despite horrific casualities, the Imperium manages to hold off against both the Dark Eldar and the Khornate forces

Construction Begins on the True Domination

Arnell begins construction of True Domination at his orbital docks

Cleansing of Bundon


Arnell Travels to Canin

Arnell travels to Canin to see the Oracle and learns the location of Draek'Juin, his berserker glaive

Draek'Juin, is Found

Draek'Juin, is found by Lord Arnell, on the deserted world of Cathos

Lord Arnell slays the Oracle of Canin


Calistro Goes to Gurin

Under the council of Lord Adual, Arnell sends his most trusted Lieutenant, Calistro, to the Imperial world of Gurin.

There Calistro unleashes virus bombs, destroying all life on that world and he lays waste all the Hive cities.

He leaves the world a dead rock

Evacuation of Torrin Massacre

Lord Arnell becomes a daemon prince after the Evacuation of Torrin Massacre.

Inquisitor Mintus of the Ordo Xenos first encounters Inquisitor Lord Holt of the Ordo Hereticus.

The Great War of Walfen

The Four Winds of Chaos descend upon the world of Walfen.

Within weeks, the world is brought to it's knees as Slaaneshi, Nurgle and Khornate kill squads lay waste to all that oppose them.

Tzeentchian troops are seen descending into the polar arsenals of Walfen.

Inquisitor Holt and Mintus are both seen on Walfen during this time

First War of Adrun


Great War of Walfen Ends

The Great War of Walfen ends as combined forces of Blood Angels and Dark Angels descend upon the Chaos forces, smashing the iron grip on the world' Inquisitor Holt declares the populous of Walfen excommunicate and puts the world to death by virus bombing

War for Danitun Begins

Warp Storm Hilion finally abates, allowing Lord Arnell access to the Danitun system.

He begins the War for Danitun.

War of Danitun Ends

War for Danitun finally stops after fully seven of the twelve regiments are destoyed or lost to the vicious fighting within the Hives and surrounding wastes.

The surviving forces finally swear alliegance to Arnell.

Siege of Grypt

Imperial massacre in the space lane leading up to Grypt Khornate faction believed to be the cause

True Domination Sighted

True Domination is finally seen fighting against the Dark Angels after a brief encounter on the surface of Gipson

Battle of Dameon

Lord Arnell attacks the backwater world of Dameon.

By the time Imperial forces react, Arnell has already gone, leaving no survivors

Uilin Slaughter

Uilin was believed to have been attacked by Lord Arnell

Cha'Mont'Yr War

Vicious war which saw Canoness Gemiel attains daemonhood

War of Cha'Mont'Yr ends