The True Domination

The True Domination, flagship of Lord Arnell

The flagship of the Khorne Lord Arnell is an imposing vessel, when it is seen spearheading fleets of Khorne vessels.

Named the True Domination by Imperial fleet admirals serving in the Gothic Sector, the vessel lives up to its name in that Arnell uses his vessel to literally dominate his opponents, brutally cutting them down with devastating broadsides and extensive prow facing torpedo batteries.

The origins of this vessel are shrouded in mystery, but many believe it was created within the Eye of Terror at the dockyards in orbit around Iunsan, Arnell’s daemon world. If that is true, then it would go to explain why it would be practically impossible to create a vessel of its tonnage outside the Eye.

The True Domination features extensive use of the daemonic, and whereas Imperial vessels rely upon servitor-manned consoles, the True Domination is operated by a single daemonic entity melded into the very bulkheads, allowing it to traverse the Warp with virtual impunity without the aid of a Navigator or any mortal with warp sight.