Guardian Custodians


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Guardian Custodians are the elite of the Cha'Los Guardian levies. Better trained, better equipped and near constantly at war, the Guardian Custodians are a common sight whether the Cha'Los Eldar have influence.

Tasked with not only attacking the enemy, Custodians are also protectors of the realms of the Cha'Los Eldar, ensuring that every entry and exit point to the Webway is secured against those that seek harm to the Eldar people.

Custodians are armed with the traditional shuirken catapult although they may take to the field of battle with shuriken pistol and close combat weapons as the nessecarity of warfare dictates and they may or may not be joined by a support platform.

Guardian Custodians10 points

Guardian Custodians433314195+


  • Troops

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 10 to 15 Guardian Custodians


  • Plasma grenades
  • Shuriken catapult


  • The unit may be accompanied by a signle Warlock for +25 points. See the entry in the HQ section of the Eldar army list.

Special Rules:

  • Fleet
  • Stubborn


  • Two Custodians may be upgraded to a weapon team with a heavy weapon platform, chosen from the following list
    • Bright lance for +30 points
    • Eldar missile launcher for +20 points
    • Scatter laser for +15 points
    • Shuriken cannon for +5 points
    • Starcannon for +25 points
  • The entire squad may replace their shuriken catapult with a shuriken pistol and close combat weapon for free.
  • The entire squad may be given haywire grenades at a cost of +3 points per model.

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