Solar Spears


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Solar Spears are unique to the Cha'Los Eldar, epitomising steadfast defence in the face of the enemy. They are often employed whenever the Eldar require an objective to be held against all opposition, and only by slaying all the Solar Spears can the enemy claim that ground.

Taking their name from the gleaming spears from which they are armed with, Solar Spears fight with long-shafted spears which gleam with inner radiance. Each spear is said to be imbued with white-hot fury found at the very centre of stars, allowing them to cut through even the thickest of armour with ease.

When the Khorne Lord Arnell came to sack the religious sanctuary of the Eldar Maiden World of Darrin, it was a squad of Solar Spears backed up by two squads of Cha'Los Dire Avengers that held off against the Chaos Space Marine forces for three days and four nights until the Craftworld could muster a full warhost to drive back the forces of Chaos from Darrin.

Over the centuries, the Cha'Los Solar Spears have been called upon numerous times to defend the Cha'Los Craftworld from invaders. When the Dark Eldar of the Cult of the Emerald Talon caught the Cha'Los Eldar in open space during the twilight years of Tyross' life, the Solar Spears were counted on to hold the few hallways leading to the Infinity Circuit itself, the grand prize for which Archite Drael'Kaen was really after. None of the Dark Kin passed into those hallowed halls that day.

Unique Wargear:

Solar Spear: Solar Spears are long pole-arms, enshrouded in a power field that allows them to slice through even the thickest armour with relative ease.

Solar Spears count as power weapons. They give the user a +1 Strength bonus.

Solar Spears80 points

Phantom Exarch553316294+
Solar Spear443315194+


  • Elites

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 5 Solar Spears

Dedicated Transport:

  • The Solar Spears may be mounted in a Wave Serpent


  • You may include up to 5 additional Solar Spears at a cost of +16 points each.
  • One model in the squad may be upgraded to an Exarch for +13 points.
  • The Exarch may replace his Solar Spear with a power weapon and shuriken pistol for free.
  • The Exarch may be given the following Exarch powers: Hold for +12 points or Spearwall for +15 points


  • Plasma grenades
  • Solar Spear

Special Rules:

  • Fleet

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