Starhawk Grav Tank


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Starhawk Grav-Tanks are unique to the Cha'Los Eldar who pioneered their development and usage against the Imperial Guard on Skallran. The Imperial forces were dug-in behind entrenched positions and it was deemed too costly in Eldar lives to assault the enemy directly.

The experimental yet untested Starhawk Grav-Tank proved a success against the entrenched Guard positions, the unique method of attack proving more then a match for even the heaviest fortifications.

The starburst launcher mounted onto the turret of the Starhawk launches a series of large missiles high into air which then seperate before launching clusters of smaller, armour-piercing plasma rockets back down the ground below. Indeed, over the centuries the Eldar have perfected the art of using the Starburst missiles, allowing them to get the resulting rocket clusters onto a target previously thought unreachable by most other methods.

Unique Wargear:

Starburst Missile Launcher: This two stage missile launching system unleashes an atmospheric missile which climbs from when it reaches a certain distance, a secondary explosion separates the aft propellant and the nose section containing hundreds of small armour-piercing miniature missiles.

It has the following profile:

6"-60"63Heavy 3, blast, barrage

Starhawk Grav-Tank155 points

Starhawk Grav-Tank1212103


  • Heavy Support

Unit Type:

  • Skimmer, Tank, Fast

Unit Composition:

  • 1 Starhawk Grav-Tank


  • Starburst Missile Launcher
  • Twin-linked shuriken catapults


  • The twin-linked shuriken catapults can be upgraded to a single shuriken cannon for +10 points
  • Starhawks can be upgraded with any of the following:
    • Star engines at +15 points
    • Holo-fields at +35 points
    • Vectored engines at +20 points
    • Spirit stones at +15 points

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