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Wraithknights are a relatively new adaptation to the wraithbone constructs known as the Wraithguard. In place of the heavy wraithcannon, the Cha'Los Eldar soemtimes retrofit their Wraithguard with powered gauntlets and a set of twin-linked shuriken catapults.

These have proven useful, especially when it is predicted that the enemy with close with their lines and close combat is unavoidable. In such times, the heavy wraithcannon wielded by Wraithguard becomes a burdon to be avoided.

Only those souls that have a thirst for combat are selected for implanation into the shell of a Wraithseeker and although they risk the destruction of their spirit stones, the wraithbone shells are durable enough to shrug off most blows effortlessly.

Most Wraithseeker squads are accompanied by a Warlock who guides them into battle and aiding them with their psychic abilities and who can communicate with the Wraithknights so as to ensure that they are employed where they are required most.

Wraithknights175 points



  • Elites

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 5 Wraithknights.


  • Power fist
  • Twin-linked shuriken catapults


  • The squad may be accompanied by a Warlock for +25 points. He may has the options are wargear listed in Codex: Eldar.

Special Rules:

  • Fearless
  • Wraithsight


  • You may include up to five additional Wraithknights at a cost of +35 points per model.

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