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In ages past, the Cha'Los Eldar have had to resort to imbuing Eldar souls into more then the inert shells of Wraithguard and Wraithlords, grafting instead the souls of their mightiest warriors into the form of large spirit stones mounted on war walkers.

These wraithwalkers as they have become known have formed a potent part in the Cha'Los way of war since their inception where the disadvantage of the wraithsight is tempered by the added reach of the weapons carried on the war walker itself.

Many a battle was won due to the purposeful strides of a squadron of Wraithwalkers, their deadly weapons spitting fire at any enemy foolish enough to come within reach.

Special Rules:

Wraithwalker: Cha'Los Warwalkers are sometimes crewed entirely by the psychic essence of a long dead Eldar.

Cha'Los Wraithwalkers may ignore all 'Crew Shaken' and 'Crew Stunned' results on the Damage table.

Cha'Los Wraithwalkers50 points



  • Heavy Support

Unit Type:

  • Vehicle (Walker)

Unit Composition:

  • 1 to 3 Wraithwalkers


  • Two shuriken cannons

Special Rules:

  • Wraithsight
  • Wraithwalker


  • Any Wraithwalker may replace one or both of their shuriken cannons with one of the following weapons
    • Starcannon for +10 points each
    • Eldar missile launcher for +5 points each
    • Bright lance for +20 points each
    • Scatter laser for free
    • Distort cannon for +25 points each*
  • *If two Distort cannons are taken, they count as twin-linked.

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