Tzeentchian Gifts

These Wargear items and abilities may be taken by Daemon Princes, Aspiring Sorcerer, Lords, Sorcerers and Aspiring Champions who have the Mark of Tzeentch.

The cost for each upgrade is noted below, with the first number presented being the cost paid by Daemon Princes, Chaos Lords and Sorcerers. The second is for Aspiring Sorcerer and Aspiring Champions.

Changer of Ways: The Champion is able to weave the fates of those nearby into his plans and is able to influence them easily. Before battle, but after the armies are set up, up to one unit (chosen by the Tzeentch player) is moved D6" in a random direction. If a hit is rolled, the unit moves in the direction that the Tzeench player chooses. Only one model may be given this power per game.

Eye Talisman: The Champion carries an Eye Talisman that allows him to see the plans of his enemies clearly. The bearer may elect to fire the model with Eye Talisman at a different target to that of his squad. In effect, he can choose to cast a psychic power (or just use his bolt pistol) against a different enemy to that of his squad.

Mark of Tzeentch Ascended: The Tzeentch Lord is a truely blessed in the eyes of Tzeentch. The Mark of Tzeentch Ascended replaces the normal Mark of Tzeentch on the Daemon Prince. The Mark of Tzeentch Ascended grants the bearer a 4+ Invulnerable save, +1 Wound and the Tzeentch Lord is also as master at his craft and can cast powers that are incredibly powerful. Any power cast by the Tzeentch Lord with this mark doubles it's range or area of effect.

Scroll of Enchantment: The Champions carries one of only a few Sacred Scrolls that exist. Once per game, the model with the Scroll of Enchantment may read from it in the beginning of Movement Phase. For that one turn, any one Thousand Son unit within 6" doesn't count as being subject to the Slow and Purposeful special rule for that one turn. Only one model in the army may be given this item.

Warp Siren: The Champion is accompanied by a mysterious creature of the Warp that is attracted by the sheer power that the individual has the ability to harness. The Warp Siren counts as a Chaos spawn but gains +1 Strength in combat for each psychic power the bearer has cast that turn. The Warp Siren must always remain in coherecy of the model it was bought for, and should the model it was bought for be removed, then the Warp Siren is also removed.

Warp Vincuum: The Champion is a conduit for the Warp and the complex vortexes of Warp power are most concentrated around him. Any model using a psychic power within 12" gains a re-roll when making Psychic tests. Note only one re-roll attempt may be made, regardless of the number of models with Warp Vincuum around, or any addtional special abilities or wargear they may have. Warp Sirens also move at the same speed as the unit it was bought for does.