The Warp Emissary

The Warp Emissary, flagship of Lord Adual

The Warp Emissary, flagship of Lord Adual, is but one of two ships that Adual has had as his flagship. The first, the Storm of Change was lost during a conflict involving the Fists of Flame Chapter. The Storm of Change launched a vicious boarding action and managed to secure the engine room and subsequently set the plasma reactors to overheat and eventually explode.

Such an action was not without loss of life for the Fists of Flame as the force of Terminators sent never returned and were presumed killed as the reactor went critical.

Since then, the Warp Emissary was up gunned and upgraded to carry improved engines, allowing it to out perform most vessels of its size and tonnage.

Although this is not the most disturbing facet to its existence, as rumours are abound that the Warp Emissary is truly a daemon vessel, able to fade in and out of the Warp almost at the will of its master.

The Warp Emissary has been reported destroyed or severely crippled a number of times. During the Xantis Excursion, in 471.M40, the Warp Emissary was broadsided by both the Unfaltering Fury and the Relentless Angel, two Emperor-Class battleships, and somehow, the Warp Emissary came out almost unscathed by the onslaught.