World Stats

Name: Zaldas
Aestimare: G1000
  • 6.63% Argon
  • 38.96% Astatine
  • 24.30% Oxygen
  • 17.64% Krypton
  • 10.20% Liquid Vapor
  • 0.96% other
  • 0.78% Fluorine
  • 0.34% Boron
  • 0.19% Sulphur

Celestial Type: Daemon world [excommunicate traitoris]
Gravity Ratio: 99.91% of Terra's
Human Structures: Unknown
Status: Awaiting exterminatus
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: Unknown

Few have heard of the Daemon world of Zaldas, and even few still have set foot on the purple rock to which Adual calls home.

A world of soaring cliffs and rock which constantly shifts beneath an ethereal wind which circulates across its craggy surface.

However, Zaldas hides a sinister secret, as it is the location of one of one of the great repositories of knowledge of the Thousand Sons Legion, giving Lord Adual, great political power within the Legion and also amongst those seeking the forbidden knowledge contained with the Librarium's thick and well protected walls.

The world itself is not without defences though, for anyone to assault the Librarium would require knowledge of its precise location and that knowledge is only reserved for Adual's most trusted lieutenants, and even then, the Librarium's location constantly shifts. Thusly, discovering its location from orbit exceedingly difficult to do, and would require a full scale surface assault, for which Adual is more then prepared for.

The sands hold a small legion of Thousand Sons which are held immobile, by powerful magicks just beneath the surface. Should the world come under planetary assault, Adual would invoke the rites of activation and within seconds, a legion of Thousand Sons ascends to attack the foes of Adual.

World view of ZaldasWorld view of ZaldasWorld view of Zaldas