Special Rules

The complete list of Special Rules for fielding a Four Winds Chaos Space Marine army.

Minions of the Four Winds

Certain units found here will only fight for the Four Winds of Chaos. These units will have the Minions of the Four Winds Special Rule followed by a name in brackets denoting which particular Lord of the Four Winds they will fght for (Arnell, Damius, Adual or Gemiel).

To include such units, you must already have the relevant Lord (or Canoness) in your army as denoted by the name in the brackets. For example, to take a Minion of the Four Winds (Arnell), the Khornate Lord Arnell must already be included in the army.

Squad Champion

Certain units in the Four Winds of Chaos Codex are upgrade characters for certain squads included in the Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Where these are included, they are noted as Squad Champions followed by which unit they are upgrade characters for in brackets. For example, the Skull Champion has the "Squad Champion (Khorne Berserkers)" special rule which means that the Skull Champion included here is an upgrade character for the Khorne Berserker squad.

Note that these upgrade characters replace any "unit champions" already included in Codex: Space Marines for the units they are for. You cannot include two Skull Champions in the same Khorne Berserker unit!

Below is a brief summary of these units is included below:

You must purchase upgrade characters at the costs listed in this codex rather then the ones included in Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Squad upgrades apply as normal unless those upgrades would normally only be available to the unit champion in which case, the options given here would take precident.

The Four Lords

The four Lords of the Four Winds are eternally watchful in case one of their followers becomes too powerful and must be dealt with in the most severe manner before they usurp their power and influence. To represent this, the following restrictions apply to a Four Winds army:

In addition, the following Special Characters may not be used: