Wargear & Abilities

The following items of wargear are unique to the Four Winds of Chaos. They are used by various units throughout the Army List. If an item is not listed, it can be found in either the relevant unit entry or in Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

You can view all the wargear for the Four Winds of Chaos here


Blood Fever

Feeling an unquenchable hunger for blood, and for death, the Champion afflicted with blood fever becomes an almost unstoppable killing machine. Even amongst his peers, the Champion's lust of battle often becomes too much for him and he launches himself forward, intent to rend the enemy apart in close quarters.

When a Champion with Blood Fever is in combat, he may re-roll all To Hit dice. Note he must re-roll all To Hit dice, and must accept the second result, even if it is worse then the first roll.

Martial Prowess

The Champion is renowned for his speed and skill with a weapon, heightening his considerable reflexes.

The model with Martial Prowess gains +1 Weapon Skill and Iniative. However they suffer from a -1 Toughness penalty.

Nurgle's Resilience

The Champion was given a measure of Nurgle's own resilience to harm, shrugging off attacks that would of stopped a lesser follower of the Plague God.

If the model has an Invulnerable save, then this save is increased by +1 point (a 5+ save becomes a 4+ etc). If the model does not have an Invulnerable save, then the model gains a 6+ Invulnerable save.

Plague Spores

Exuding a cloud of vile plague ridden spores, the champion becomes a cloud of toxic miasma in combat, infecting others with whatever the Nurgle champion is carrying at the time.

At the end of each Assault phase, select one enemy unit with a model in the same combat as the model with the Plague Spore. One of the models in the unit takes one Wound (chosen by your opponent), with armour saves allowed.

Soul Vampire

The Champion has developed a keen glare that consumes and transfixes those around him.

For each enemy slain in combat, roll a D6. On a roll of a 4+, the Champion has taken successfully stolen the soul of the enemy and adds +10 victory points to the armies total.

Storm of Tzeentch

The Storm of Tzeentch creates a swirling vortex of power which sucks up dust, rocks and stones, battering the enemies of the sorcerer using the power.

The model with the storm of Tzeentch may cast it in any Assault phase. When successfully cast, place the large Ordnance template over the model using the power. All models under the template aside from those with the mark of Tzeentch, or Tzeentchian daemons, are automatically Wounded with an AP of 6.

Tank Rot

Unlike the living flesh of the Nurgle's followers natural enemies, the incorruptible form of battle tanks serve no protection against the follower with this gift, as metal eating bacteria dwell upon the Champion's very weapons.

The model with Tank Rot gains the Tank Hunters Universal special ability.


Banner of Blood

Banners of Blood are exceptionally rare relics who instil great bloodlust on those around them. They take the form of a blood soaked banner which drips with the blood of slain enemies.

Once per game, you can use the Banner of Blood. Declare that you are doing so. For that turn, bearer of the Banner of Blood gains the Fleet Universal Special Rule.

Collar of Khorne

Caltox is protected from the magicks of the enemy by a potent amulet forged at the base of the Brass throne itself.

This grants Caltox a chance to nullify any psychic power or ability used against him or his squad on a roll of a 4+ on a D6.

Grimoire Daemonica

Covered in sigils of power and bound in a dark leather casing, the Grimoire Daemonica contains forbidden knowledge of warpcraft and daemon-binding. The first Grimoire Daemonica was written by the daemonic Primarch Magnus the Red but it has since been expanded upon immensely by Lord Adual himself.

The Grimoire Daemonica allows the bearer to bind one unit of Lesser Daemons to the bearer. It may be summoned during the Four Winds of Chaos player's Movement phase and does not require any Reserve roll to be made.

Skull Pelt

Skull pelts are formed from thousands of broken skull fragments taken from slain foes from across the galaxy and then sown together to form a cloak of creaking bone.

Models fighting a model with a Skull Pelt suffer a -2 Leadership penalty.

Sonic Amp

Constructed from a complex array of pipes and sonic amplifiers, some Champions take to the field of battle carrying these arcane devices in skull encased boxes.

All Sonic weapon (Doom Sirens, Sonic Pistols, Sonic Blasters, Blastmasters) used within 6" of the bearer of the Sonic Amp gains +1 Strength.


Certain Champions under Gemiel's command have their armour augmented with hyper-injectors which feed narcotic stimulents into the bloodstream of the user, temporarily boosting their reactions and heightening their experience.

Once per game, any model may activate their Stimpack. Declare you are doing this and for the remainder of that turn, the user gains both the Feel No Pain and Fleet Special Rules.

Tarot of Tzeentch

These psychically imbued cards are able to fore-tell the future through careful divination of their obscure meanings.

A model with a Tarot of Tzeentch may re-roll the dice when attempting to Seize the Initiative.

Thrall Wizard

Champions of Tzeench are often followed by a minion who can channel Psychic energy to their master and in times of great need, can be used to power one last invokation themselves.

Thrall Wizards are ignored for the purposes of shooting and combat and must remain within 2" of their master.

Once per game, you may sacrifice a Thrall Wizard to use another Psychic power that turn. The Thrall Wizard is removed and the user may cast a second Psychic Power that turn, even if it is one that they have already used that turn.

Timeshift Talisman

These ancient talismans allow the Champion to shift time almost at will, either slowing it down or speeding it up.

One per army. The Champion gains 1 re-roll per turn. This can be used on any Leadership test, To Hit roll, To Wound roll or failed armour or Invulnerable save.


Axe of Khorne

Axes of Khorne are daemonic imbued weapons that constantly thirst for the blood of freshly killed enemies.

An Axe of Khorne counts as power weapon which adds +D3 attacks each close combat phase. Roll for the number of extra attacks at the beginning of each Assault Phase.

Brass skulls

Brass Skulls are heavy weapons, which consists of a large brass skull shaped weight often embellished with piercing spikes attached to a length of heavy gauge chain. They are wielded by a mixture of sheer determination and brute force by the Berserker.

In battle, Brass Skulls counts as a power fist. In addition, the model gains a number of bonus attacks equal to the number of models (friend or foe) in base to base contact. Any hits are resolved against enemy models first, and then against friendly models. If there are still hits after all models within 2" have been hit once, they are ignored.

Plague Halberd

Fully six feet long, the plague halbreds are wicked weapons with racked blades and a long shaft ending in a curved blade.

Plague Halbreds count as a plague sword but also increases the user's strength by +1. It is two-handed.

Plague Sword

These vile weapons constantly drips with virulent contagions taken from Grandfather Nurgle himself.

Any Wound suffered by a Plague Sword is doubled. It also counts as a power weapon.

Skull Spear

The Skull Spear is a dangerous weapon, taking the form of a long-shafted blade weapon which strikes with deadly power when wielded by a follower of Khorne.

The user gains a +2 Strength bonus and counts as a power weapon.

Sonic pistol

These incredibly rare weapons were once used by the alien race known as the Lindarrin. Taking the form of elegant silvered pipes and precision crafted chambers, these items are both elegant and deadly.

Sonic Pistols have the following profile:

12"44Pistol, ignores cover