Drug Maidens


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Drug Maidens are the experts of crafting the complex alchemical formulas that many Wyches thrive upon to survive in the combat arenas of the Dark City.

It falls to the Drug Maidens to highten the already considerable reflexes and keen awareness of the Wych Cults through their potent elixors and stimulents.

During battle, the Drug Maidens join their fellow Wyches to watch first hand the effects of their latest mixtures have so they may improve upon them and create even more potent forms.

Special Rules:

Drug Maidens: The Drug Maidens are experts are crafting the complex drug concotions that Wych Cults thrive upon.

Units of Wyches with attached Drug Maidens benefit from combat drugs in the same way as Hellions do.

Drug Maidens22 points

Drug Maiden443316196+


  • Troops

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • You may include one Drug Maiden per Wych unit included in the army.
  • Each Drug Maiden must be attached to a Wych squad and only a single Drug Maiden may be attached to any one squad.


  • Close combat weapon
  • Splinter pistol
  • Wychsuit

Special Rules:

  • Dodge (4+)
  • Drug Maidens
  • Fleet
  • Night Vision
  • Power From Pain

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