Wych Triads


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When it comes to political killings, the Dark Eldar Wych cults are not without dedicated warriors to accomplish the assassination of rivals but there are those that excel in the hunt of such high prized targets.

Wych Triads are hired assassins all, fully capable warriors who are as deadly as their Wych cousins. Triads are so named because they ritually take the form of three Wyches and a great many Wych Triads are made up of blood relatives.

Most Triads remain loyal to their sponsoring Wych Cult, owing as they do to their tutelage of the Wych Cult. The few that do turn rogue are seen as outcasts, often hunted down and purged with blade.

When the Triads fight, they do so in perfect harmony, each blow, parry and block happening with effortless grace and speed, each blow struck is a lethal one.

Wych Triads60 points

Wych Triad443327296+


  • Elites

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 3 Wych Triads


  • Close combat weapon
  • Plasma grenades
  • Wychsuit

Dedicated Transport:

  • The Triad may take a Raider or a Venom as a dedicated transport (see page 91 of Codex: Dark Eldar)

Special Rules:

  • 5+ Invulnerable Save
  • Counter-attack
  • Dodge (4+)
  • Fleet
  • Furious Charge
  • Night Vision
  • Power From Pain
  • Stubborn


  • Any model may replace their close combat weapon with one of the following:
    • Power weapon for +12 points per model
    • Agoniser for +20 points per model
    • Razorflails for +10 points per model
    • Shardnet and impaler for +10 points
    • Hydra gauntlets for +10 points
  • Any model may replace their splinter pistol with a blast pistol for +15 points
  • One model my take a phantasm grenade launcher for +10 points

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