Danitun Guard Background

Origins & Homeworld

Following the Horus Heresy, the worlds of the Danitun system were cut off from the rest of the Imperium by the Warp Storm dubbed Helion by Imperial cartographers. Of the twelve planets of the Danitun system, only two were colonised by humans, Danitun Prime and Secondus.

Whereas Prime was the hub of the system's defence fleet with large orbital dockyards dedicated to the upkeep of the small Danitun navy. Secondus' verdant fields allowed it to prosper in the role as feeder-world for the hives of Danitun Prime in return for protection by Danitun Prime's fleet.

Over the course of centuries, the climate of Danitun Prime changed from a progressively modernised world with natural beauty to a barren wasteland from over-exploitation of the worldly resources.

When the Warp Storms abated in .M38, it was the Khornate Lord Arnell that found the system first. Bloodshed followed the arrival of the Khornate fleet, blowing apart the small picket fleet that had protected the system down the millennia.

With the system picket defences destroyed or crippled, Arnell's forces made planet-fall. The Danitun Guard regiments stationed across both Danitun Secondus and Danitun Prime were quickly swept away in a tide of blood-stained power armour and armoured fighting machines.

Only when the populace of the Danitun system pledged allegiance after a month-long genocidal campaign did the bloodshed stop. The few surviving Danitun Guard elements were merged into five regiments and transported off world in the remnants of the picket defence fleet.

Of the populace, they were put to the torch from orbit as viral 'life-eater' torpedoes struck the surface. When the first agents of the Imperium reached Danitun system, they found the system purged of all life.

Current Status & Combat Doctrine

The five remaining Danitun regiments continue to be a plight upon the Imperium, striking at system after system in search of potential recruits, raiding to secure materials to continue the fight and causing widespread devastation in their wake.

The Danitun Guard themselves are experts at infiltration, often appearing during an attack by the Four Winds of Chaos under the guise as erstwhile allies. Only when the Danitun Guard have secured enough war material, food and fuel will they reveal themselves as the traitors they really are, often turning their guns on those they have infiltrated in a bloody upheaval, sowing even more confusion and doubt amongst the loyal defenders.

On the battlefield, the Danitun Guard fight like a more conventional Guard regiment, complimented by strong artillery support and an armoured contingent made up various patterns of Leman Russes.

Appearance and Beliefs

The Danitun Guard have modelled themselves on more conventional Guard regiments, often appearing as a traditional Guard regiment, albeit with armoured support and a complex hierarchy and their own esoteric traditions.

The Guardsmen themselves are often dressed in crimson fatigues, with cream vests and although they eschew any form of armour apart from crimson carapace armour worn by their nobility, each and every Danitun Guardsman is a robust individual with well-developed muscular bodies. The mind set of the Guardsmen is often hard-edged with a "strength and might will prevail over all else" attitude and it has been noted that they seem to lack any fear of death at all and will welcome it if is what their God, the Blood God, Khorne, wishes.

The Dragoon Knights

Their leadership often compromises of the Dragoon Knights, the ruling elite of the Danitun system. An hereditary system of leadership built upon the backs of strong traditions that extol that only the successful attain power and only the capable keep it for any length of time.

Disputes are often settled in an honour duel between Knights which are often fatal for the loser as such bouts are fought with the deadly Dragoonblades which every Dragoon carries as both a badge of rank and a potent weapon.

Although it is exceptionally rare for a regular Danitun Guardsman to be elevated to a Knight, it is not impossible and usually only done when the individual has shown exceptional loyalty and achieved something that the Dragoon Knights themselves deem worthy enough for elevation.

Within the Dragoon Knights themselves, there are a myriad of ranks and roles, and progression up the ranks usually only happens when the former occupant is slain or through honour dual and even, it must first be proved that the challenger would make a suitable replacement.