Dragoon Knights


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Dragoon Knights are the ruling elite nobility of the Danitun Guard. They are the minds behind every attack, every objective was set by them.

On the field of battle, it falls to the Dragoon Knights to spearhead the assault, to plunge into the enemy with Dragoonblades in hand. Each Dragoonblade is a fine example of the artificers art. Their edges are mono-molecular thin and they have a free-floating weight inside each blade which can be adjust mid-swing to increase attack power or alter the fighting dynamics completely from moment to moment. As such, the Dragoon Knights have mastered a unique fighting style unique to them, where the weighted Dragoonblades become deadly weapons in their capable hands.

As befitting aristocracy, the Knights go into battle with the finest armour that they can get their hands on, and the finely crafted carapace armour they wear is often stolen from Imperial armouries or salvaged from slain foes they have personally bested in combat.

Unique Wargear:

Dragoonblade: Dragoonblades are long bladed swords with a razor-keen edge. They feature a small channel recessed into the blade itself, and a small weight runs along inside the blade, altering it's balance and increasing the attack power.

Fighting with a Dragoonblade requires extensive practice and only the very best are given the priveledge of fighting on the battlefield with one.

Each Dragoonblade gives the bearer +2 Strength.

Dragoon Knights85 points

Dragoon Knight4433141104+
Dragoon Master5433242104+


  • Elites

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 1 Dragoon Master and 4 Dragoon Knights


  • Bolt pistol
  • Carapace armour
  • Dragoonblade

Special Rules:

  • Furious Charge
  • Stubborn


  • You may include up to five additional Dragoon Knights at a cost of +17 points per model.
  • The Dragoon Master may replace his Dragoonblade with one of the following:
    • Power fist at +10 points
    • Power weapon for free
  • Any model may replace their bolt pistol with a plasma pistol for +10 points per model