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From the moment they are inducted into the Chapter, an Initiate with psychic ability are inducted into the Chapter's Librarium. It is there they will undergo extensive scrutiny for any signs of mental weakness or character flaw by the brother Librarians. Should they be found wanting, death is swift and brutal.

Those few that survive the mental testing will undergo the same implantation process as the other Initiates but will spend their first years as Initiate apart from their fellow Initiates in seclusion deep in the bowels of the Librarium. There they will learn to control their powers or perish in the attempt and only once they have mastered their powers will an Initiate be given the honorific of Acolyte.

Each Acolyte is a warrior-mystic whom has yet to earn even the lowest rank of Codicer and are indeed brother Librarians in training. Each Acolyte will be assigned the mentorship of a brother Librarian who will teach their charges in the refinement of their abilities, the methods of war and their role within the Chapter and within the Librarium proper.

Much of what is written within the Librarium was penned by Acolytes and approved by their Librarian masters as the vast bulk of the task of cataloguing the Chapter's history and deeds falls to Acolytes who are steeped in after-action reports when not training, undergoing implantation or honing their psychic abilities.

In battle, Acolytes accompany their mentors where the brother Librarian can further assess his charges and so that they can learn the art of death in the fires of battle. Until such time as they are implanted with the final implant, the Black Carapace that will enable them to utilise power armour, Acolytes must wear carapace armour in battle and even then, only the most senior Acolytes who are nearing the end of their time as Acolytes are given the honour of donning a suit of power armour.

Special Rules:

Power Over Fire: Fists of Flame Librarians all develop pyrokine abilities which allows them to control fire with a mere thought and easily turn a raging firestorm into little more a candle's flame

Wounds inflicted by Flamers, heavy flamers, Eldar "Dragron's breath" flamers and all equivalent weapons are ignored.


Each Acolyte must undergo indoctrination which consists of a series of mental techniques, hypno-receptive therapies and surgical operations which are aimed at boosting the mental abilities of the Acolyte.

Although each Acolyte will gain different effects from the Indoctrination, it will generally increase their intelligence, memory recall and learning ability to such a point that a Acolyte can read languages long lost from a mere cursory glance at a known lexicon and can recount, in minute detail, the disposition and strength of an enemy force. In this way, Acolytes can produce accurate incident reports and produce conclusive summaries of battles, even years after the fact.

Fists of Flame Acolytes35 points

Senior Acolyte444414193+


  • HQ

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 1-5 Acolytes


  • Bolt pistol
  • Close combat weapon
  • Frag and krak grenades
  • Scout armour

Librarium Acolytes:

  • You may include up to one squad of Acolytes for every Librarian included in the army.
  • Acolytes themselves do not take up a HQ choice and must be deployed with the Librarian they were bought for.

Special Rules:

  • And They Shall Know No Fear
  • Power Over Fire
  • Psyker


  • Replace bolt pistol with:
    • Plasma pistol for +8 points
    • Boltgun for free
  • Any model may be upgraded a Senior Acolyte and replace the Scout armour with Power armour for +15 points
  • Any Senior Acolyte may replace his close combat weapon for a force weapon for +40 points

Psychic Powers:

The Eternal Fire

At the very heart of the Scourge of the Damned lies the Eternal Fire, the sacred torch which is said to have burned since the inception of the Chapter within the vaunted vaults of the Templarum Primaris on the Shrinehold and was transferred to its current resting place shortly before the scourging of the surface.

The Eternal Fire holds great spiritual significance for the Fists of Flame, and a fragment of the Eternal Fire is used in many of the rituals the Chapter's Chaplains observe.

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