Battle Barges of the Fists of Flame

Scourge of the Damned

Place of Manufacture: Vivenhall.

Nominal Compliment: 275 Astartes, 350 serfs, 315 servitors, 400 Sororitas [1,400 total births]

Captain: Orlaski, Fleet Master

Current Status: Active [Nimbosa Nebula]

The current flagship of the Fists of Flame fleet, the Scourge of the Damned is the preeminent Battle Barge and captained by the venerable Fleet Master Orlaski.

Thought lost for centuries in the Warp, the Scourge of the Damned re-appeared in time to participate in several of the Chapters bloodiest campaigns.

The Scourge itself is more then just a mass transport for the Fists of Flame, for it is now the spiritual centre of the Chapter now that the Shrinehold is a decimated rock floating in space, thanks in part to the devastating firepower that the Scourge and other Battle Barges can bring to bear.

The Scourge also houses the largest of the Chapter's Librariums, buried deep in the bowels of the vessel as well as the second largest Reclusiam, second only to the Pride of Shrinehold's.

However, it is perhaps the Scourge's two Convent decks that provide quarters for some four hundred Adepta Sororitas who survived the Second War for Tarsiss III, sealed as they were in their fortress-like convents high in the Holy Mountains and therefore surviving the Exterminatus.

Pride of Shrinehold

Place of Manufacture: [data corrupted].

Nominal Compliment: 300 Astartes, 400 serfs, 300 servitors [1,200 total births]

Captain: Gunthro [Captain]

Current Status: Active [Tithe Point]

The Pride of Shrinehold is amongst the most famous ships in the Belt of Fire, due in part to its never ending quest to find those with the spirit and strength to become Fists of Flame. Large areas of the Pride's internal space are given over to training spaces, live-fire ranges and combat halls. Assignment to the Pride is usualy a sign that you have been given the duty of training the Chapter's future warriors.

Although the Pride itself is fully combat ready and capable, it is usually the last vessel to go to war and the first to withdraw, for to lose the Pride would be disastrous for the Chapter as the vast majority of the Chapter's geneseed stocks are kept on the Pride, held behind numerous security bulkheads and independently powered void shields and Gellar fields. It is also due to this fact that the Pride is never without escort of at least a small fleet.

It is also because the sheer number of new Initiates that pass through the corridors of the Pride of Shrinehold that it features the largest Apothecarium and Reclusiam.

Tarsissian Blade

Place of Manufacture: Vivenhall.

Nominal Compliment: 250 Astartes, 350 serfs, 400 servitors [1,050 total births]

Captain: Omarra, Captain

Current Status: Active [Nimbosa Nebula]

The Tarsissian Blade is always at the forefront of Fists of Flame fleet actions, her dour shape and unforgiving captain are rightly feared throughout the Belt of Fire by pirate, rogue and traitor alike.

Few other ships have withstood a direct bombardment by the Blade, except maybe the True Domination, flagship of the Khorne Lord Arnell. Although her guns nearly crippled Arnell's ship, the True Domination's guns also nearly crippled the Blade in the exchange.

The Blade is traditionally the first Battle Barge to break through the Warp into real space, guns armed and torpedoes at the ready. Indeed, there have been many legends about Captain Omarra and his seemingly reckless tactics. It is rumoured that he broke warp within a stones throw of Cholta, and ambushed an Ork raiding party of Roks, causing untold damage on the Orks before they could return fire. A great many were destroyed before the Blade came to rest into a high orbit above Cholta, her belly disgorging wave after wave of drop pods and Thunderhawks to aid in the repulsion of the Orks raiders who had landed days earlier.

Flame Tempest

Place of Manufacture: Calistron.

Nominal Compliment: 350 Astartes, 400 serfs, 300 servitors [1,100 total births]

Captain: Luncanstro [Captain]

Current Status: Destroyed

The Flame Tempest was the second Battle Barge that the Fists of Flame were given and it was cursed from the moment it broke orbit from Tarsiss III. Just about every system aboard her has failed at some point, due in part to either incomplete maintenance or simple malfunction. It was widely rumoured that the Tempest was simply cursed or that her hull was possessed by a malign presence. Others suggested that it was simply rushed through construction to give the Chapter a second Battle Barge as quickly as possible and corners were cut to facilitate it.

Whatever the reason, the Flame Tempest was lost in battle during the Second War for Tarsiss III. Her engines failed at the worst time, and several waves of torpedoes bombarded her flank, crippling any hope of engine repair and eventually causing her to break apart in low orbit. Fortunately, all her assigned Astartes were planet-side fighting the forces of Lord Damius.