The Belt of Fire

The Belt of Fire's location near the Cadian Gate renders it of vital import to the defence of the Imperium and for it to fall would be dire for the surrounding sectors, allowing Chaos virtually free reign into the Imperium.

As such, the Belt of Fire is continually garrisoned by numerous Guard regiments from across the Segmentum and a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes that permanently patrols and protects the worlds within its borders.

The Shrinehold

Once the spiritual heart of the Belt of Fire, the world of Tarsiss III was the homeworld of the Fists of Flame Chapter. Since the Second War for Tarsiss III, the world also known as the Shrineworld was lost the Imperium and reduced to ash by cyclonic torpedoes by the hands of her erstwhile protectors lest the taint of Chaos render her inviolate.

Today, the Shrinehold still draws pilgrages from across the 'Belt of Fire' and serves as a silent monument to the folly of heresy and the price of failure.


The forgeworld of Vivenhall is the beating heart of the Belt, producing the countless tonnes of ordnance, weapons and tanks for the grindless war nearer the Eye of Terror.

Long standing pacts between the Tech Priest masters of Vivenhall and the Fists of Flame ensure that a permanent garrison of Astartes fleet ships patrol the Vivenhall system and in return, the Astartes fleet and be serviced, repaired and refitted at the orbital docks of Vivenhall. The Astartes also receive all their ordnance, ammunition and vehicles from Vivenhall.


The Choltan System is perhaps the most ravaged by war for the warriors of Cholta are constantly battling the greenskins endemic to the deathworld. Astartes purges are near constant and serves as not only training for the Chapter's Scouts but their rites of passage.

A long standing petition to the Inquisition and the High Lords of Terra has been issued but never carried to exact an Exterminatus of Cholta to purge the world of greenskins completely and free up military resources for other duties.

Lector Principeralis

The volcanic deathworld of Lector Principeralis belongs to a four world system, it is used primarily as a training ground for the Fists of Flame Chapter and several Chapter bastions can be found girdling the equatorial ring. It is of little further use to the Imperium.

The world itself is rife with volcanic life from the semi-translucent worm-like thermothores to the predatory raptor-like Lectorhawk. The few sulphurous rivers harbour perhaps the most dangerous creatures through, for the highly acidic waters which can eat through ceramite breed exceptionally hardy creatures.

Naek Majoris

The capital of Naek Majoris serves as a trade hub for the system, serving as the sole point of contact between the suborbital docks and the surface.

The agri-fields produce a green algae which is not only serves as the stable for several of the worlds within the Belt of Fire, but can be refined to create a number of compounds from basic healing salves a basic fuel source for low-born hive families.

The Four Sons

The four Space Stations which serve the Belt are widely known and heavily defended. They exist as much to serve as bastions against enemy attack as to serve the continual pilgrim routes en route in and out of the Belt.

Each station also features advanced auspex arrays that have given early warning of incursions in the past.

The Region of Darkness

The area of space at the centre of the Belt of Fire is known as the 'Region of Darkness' due to the large number of black holes found there.

Although the region has yet to be fully explored and mapped, it is of little priority next to the continual patrol routes required to keep the outlaying region of space secure from enemy fleets and xenos incursion.

The few rogue traders that have attempted to map were lost shortly after initial probes sent into the Region of Darkness returned and shown relatively clear space at the centre which only add fuel to the rumour fires of an alien menace lying at the centre of the Region of Darkness.