Creation of an Angel

Only when an Initiate has been screened for any genetic mutations and found to be genetically compatible with the Chapter's geneseed will Initiate be given the chance to prove himself worthy of the right to be implanted by the geneseed.

A great many tests of their mental fortitude, character and warrior spirit follow the rigours genetic testing even before they are given their first implants for only the most suitable candidates will earn the privilege of being implanted with the precious Chapter geneseed.

Phase 1


The first implant each Initiate receives is the Biscopea which begins the work of turning an Initiate into a Fists of Flame Space Marine.

Taking the form a small, circular organ, the Biscopea is implanted into the chest cavity and it releases hormones into the Initiate's bloodstream that triggers the body to vastly increase muscle mass through the Initiates body.


The Ossmodula is implanted next, this kidney shaped implant will release hormones into the Initiate's bloodstream that vastly increases bone density and will also alter the Initiates bones as they develop.

The Initiates bones will also increase in size significantly, often increasing in stature to the point where they will stand a full heads height above normal humans when they have matured.

The Missing Organs

Due to their genetic heritage stemming from the venerable Imperial Fists, the Fists of Flame lack two implants entirely.

The first is the Sus-an Membrane which allows Space Marines to enter a state of suspended animation. The second is the Betcher's Gland, which allows Space Marines to spit a concentrated acid and contact poison.

In addition, the Initiates ribs will begin to fuse into one bone plate to better protect the internal organs.

Secondary Heart

The third implant is a secondary heart, which not only serves as a complete backup for the Astartes' primary heart, it can also boost blood flow during battle.

Phase 2

Larraman's Organ

The Larraman's organ is the size of a golf-ball and liver shaped. Its function is to create and disperse into the subjects bloodstream 'Laraman cells'. These cells are carried to the site of wounds by attaching themselves to leucocytes and they will, upon contact with air, form an instant patch of scar tissue which seals any wounds that the Astartes may suffer.


The Haemastamen is implanted into the recipient's main circulatory system, usually just beneath the primary heart, and it enhances the haemoglobin content of the Initiate's blood, rendering it capable of carrying far more oxygen around the body and making Astartes blood bright red.

Phase 3

Catalepsean Node

This small organ is implanted into the brain of the Initiate and allows the Initiate, with the right training, to systematically induce sleep to select parts of their brain whilst retaining full awareness. This enables a Space Marine to be alert and awake for several weeks at a time without sleep, particularly when on campaign.

The Daemon and the Sinner

A favourite parable and legend on ancient Tarsiss III, the tale of the 'Daemon and the Sinner' is amongst the first things that an Initiate learns.

'There was a young merchant who sought great wealth. One day, a stranger stopped by his shop and offering him a rare prize, a small trinket of extreme value. In exchange, the stranger asked only to spend the night in the warmth of his shop and the trinket would be his.

Seeing nothing more then the value of the trinket, the merchant agreed, and set about finding a buyer for his prize.

He sold the trinket and bought a bigger shop with the wealth and the next week, the stranger came by again, offering another trinket worth double the value of the first and asked for the same deal, to spend the night in the warmth of the shop.

The merchant agreed and again, found a buyer offering the value of the second trinket and again, bought an even bigger shop.

The week after, the stranger came again with another trinket. Expecting the same deal again, the merchant veraciously agreed before the stranger had spoke a word and before the merchant could rush out the door, trinket in hand, the stranger had changed into a massive daemon, destroying the shop with its rapid transformation and killing the merchant.'

The tale describes what happens to one who allows his ambitions and desires become rampant and unchecked and the folly it can bring. Its subjective and hidden meanings are used to gauge an Initiates moral standing, mental abilities and comprehension and very few realise its real meaning until much later as its not only describes the effects of poor judgement, but how little choices can open the door to graver heresies if left unchecked.

This method cannot replace full restorative sleep and a Fists of Flame Space Marine will have to enter full sleep at some point or suffer severe mental disabilities, hallucinations or both. Indeed, it is common for Fists of Flame Space Marines to endure weeks without full sleep as part of their on-going training to impart some ability to recognise and control such mental effects as sleep deprivation.

Phase 4


This third, additional lung is activated when the Space Marine enters an atmosphere which his normal lungs are unable to deal with effectively such as low-oxygen or poisonous atmospheres. It also enables them to breathe under water, although in all cases where the multi-lung activates, the natural lungs are sealed off entirely by sphincter muscles implanted at the same time as a multi-lung.


The Omophagea is implanted into the Initiate's spinal cord and attached to the stomach wall with nerve bundles. It allows the Space Marine to consume food and detect the faintest traces of genetic material which the implant can 'read'. This enables the Space Marine to identify an enemy by ingesting a sample of their genetic material such as a bloodstain.

It was the Omophagea that allowed the Fists of Flame Space Marine to identify the genestealer infestation that had found its way onto Tarsiss III and was subsequently purged by the Chapter's Battle Brothers.


The Preomnor is a sack-like organ that acts as a pre-stomach decontamination chamber that neutralises poisonous or indigestible foods. No digestion takes place in the Preomnor and it can be separated from the rest of the digestive tract entirely should it be necessary.

Phase 5


The Nueroglottis is implanted into the naval cavity of the Initiate, and acts to enhance his sense of taste and smell. In the Fists of Flame, the genetic blueprint used to germinate the Neuroglottis has corrupted slightly, and the organ does not function as effectively as it does with other Chapters.

Oolitic Kidney

This filter implant is implanted into the chest cavity and acts to filter the bloodstream for contaminants, toxins and poisons regardless of the source.

Should the poison be of such a lethal nature, the Oolitic kidney can release hormones which causes the twin hearts to become hyper-active and as the bloodstream is circulated at high speed, the Oolitic kidney can more effectively filter the blood.

Phase 6

Lyman's Ear

This implant completely replaces the Initiates ears and are virtually indistinguishable from the ear it replaces. It also features additional fibre and nerve bundles that connect directly with the Astarte's brain, enabling the Astartes to consciously filter out or enhance sounds and renders them immune to motion sickness and dizziness.


This implant ordinarily controls the amount of pigmentation and melanin in the Space Marine's skin. However, in the Fists of Flame, the Melanochrome is dysfunctional in its ordinary function and instead triggers the Mucranoid organ that is implanted in stage 7 and instead of the skin darkening with exposure to heat and radiation, the skin instead emits a melanin-containing waxy substance that serves a similar purpose.

In addition, as the Space Marine ages, the Melanochrome will trigger changes in the Marine's skin, which will grow increasingly lighter and more translucent over time, leading to the oldest Astartes bearing ghostly white complexions, even from worlds where the genetic predisposition was to develop dark skin.


These two implants are generally ball shaped, one being implanted in the neck and the second implanted at the base of the spine although this is an unorthodox position and most Chapters implant the second implant deep in the chest cavity.

Each Progenoid absorbs genetic material from the other implants and will eventually mature into a geneseed that can be extracted and used to cultivate another set of implants for a future aspirant.

This is the only method that can reproduce the complex set of organs required to turn a human into an Astartes and as such, mature geneseeds are extracted at the earliest opportunity when they become mature.

Phase 7


This subdural implant is usually implanted at the base of the back in Fists of Flame Initiates and allows them to sweat a substance that coats the skin that renders them immune to extremes of heat and cold. It also offers some protection against the vacuum of space.

In other Chapters, the Mucranoid must be activated prior to exposure to extremes in temperature but in the Fists of Flame, their Melanochrome has suffered some slight genetic alteration. The Melanochrome itself was found capable of producing the trigger hormone for the Mucranoid, partly through to a natural genetic mutation, and partly through careful selective genetic adaptation by the Chapter's Apothecaries. Therefore, exposure to extremes of high temperature causes their bodies to activate their Mucranoid naturally, giving them additional protection to further starve off the effects of high heat.

However, this only appears to function one way, and Fists of Flame are still susceptible to extremes of cold and hard-vacuum without pre-exposure therapies to trigger the Mucranoid's function with hormone treatments.


This implant can be found at the base of the brain and offers the Chapter's Apothecaries the ability to alter the growth and light receptive cells found at the back of the eye through optic light therapy.

By the time they receive the Black Carapace, the Initiate will have far sharper eye sight and the same level of sight in low light conditions as an unaltered human does in full daylight.

Phase 8

Black Carapace

The last implant that an Astartes will receive is the Black Carapace which resembles a black, subdermal skin-graft. When it has matured and hardened on the outside, the Initiate will be able to fully interface with his suit of power armour but not before he has undergone a surgical proceedure that fits the Initiate with neural sensors and interface points.