Chapter Masters of Legend

Larn Judicar

The first Chapter Master of the Fists of Flame Chapter, Larn Judicar was the serving 14th Company Captain for the Imperial Fists Legion when the Chapter was first formed from the parent Legion.

He was slain during the first Ork invasion into the Cholta system from the neighbouring region of space known simply as the 'Green Belt' during the opening fleet engagement between the Ork Roks and the Chapter Fleet.

Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian

With Mars Aran lost in the Warp aboard the Scourge of the Damned, Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian was appointed Chapter Master in his stead.

A warrior of supreme ability at range, Bjari Millian's tenure is short-lived as he died fighting the Necron menace on the now dead world of Xrept.

Aran Orcandric

The Chapter Master known as Aran Orcandric was an individual of great personal courage and although his fate still remains a mystery to this day, many believe him long dead. He was lost on the Strike Cruiser, the Chalice of Tarsiss when it was lost in the Warp en route the Tarsiss III.

Numerous reports exist that state that the Chalice of Tarsiss still survives although such reports are few and although no evidence has been found to conclude either way.

Hueran Tigerian

A warrior legend within his own lifetime, Heuran Tigerian was the Chapter Master before the current Chapter Master Mars Aran took on the mantle. Few warriors have bested Tigerian in single combat and thousands have tried, each time drove back by Tigerians blade, the Spear of Tarsiss which is one of the Chapter's most revered artefacts dating back to antiquity.

Today, Hueran Tigerian continues to fight for the Chapter having been interred into the armoured shell of an Ancient after falling to the Orks of Cholta in 652.M38.

Marx 'Flameborn' Firen

Known amongst the Chapter as simply 'Flameborn', Marx Firen was a temparmental Chapter Master with a passion for fleet engagements. During his time as Chapter Master, the Chapter gained no less then thirty new vessels to bolster the Chapter fleet. His longest legacy however is that he started construction of the Chapter's current flagship, the Scourge of the Damned which took two hundred years to complete construction.

Marthenues Orann

Kalrin was the next Chapter Master following Maximus Aarn, and his fate was sealed on the world of Kallrino during the Grand Feastday celebrating the Xalen Firepurge two hundred years earlier. Exact nature and composition of the poison used to kill Marthenues Kalrin remain a mystery although rumour tells of a sample still resides in the Inner Sanctum buried within the Librarium deep in the bowels of the Scourge of the Damned.

Calnor the Swift

Calnor the Swift, or the White Storm as he was also known, was a rebellious Chapter Master but possessing a keen strategic mind and doggedly charismatic bearing in all facets of his role as Chapter Master.

Calnor set in motion far-sweeping changes to the Chapter's fighting doctrine including disbanding the Company structure entirely and instating the two Council that survive to this day.

His fate was sealed during the nightworld of Grift Prime and was ended on the blade of a Dark Eldar Hellion after a fierce battle amongst the soaring spires of that benighted world.

Oaklan Zarrin

The named successor of Kalrin, Oaklan Zarrin was the first Librarian to bear the title of Chapter Master, setting the precedent for the ascension of Chaptetr Master Mars Aran in later times. He is slain during an Eldar raid on the world of Galdri and his body was never recovered. Many believe that the Cha'Los Eldar still bear his body for reasons unknown and have since garnered great enmity from the Chapter, manifesting in the Acweae Xenos Wars.

Mars Aran

The present Chapter Master, Mars Aran is the second Chief Librarian to bear the title of Chapter Master and the tales of his deeds are widely known amongst the Belt of Fire, having long since past into legend.

When the Chapter's flagship, the Scourge of the Damned was lost in the Warp in 822.M38 with Mars Aran onboard, Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian was appointed in his absence.

When the Scourge of the Damned returned to the Tarsiss system in the closing months of 735.M41, Aran was promptly re-instated as Chapter Master, taking the then current Chapter Master Calso Inian as his Herald and second in command.

Granin 'Daemonbane' Malca

The 'Daemonbane' tenure as Chapter Master is unremarkable and steps down after 901 years service as Chapter Master after which he declares himself unfit to command.

He is last seen heading into the Eye of Terror on the Rapid Strike Cruiser Hammer of Purity as part of the ancient rite of the Last Pilgrimage, an ancient Tarsissian rite where the village elders leave their village to wander the wastes alone in search of death before senility overtakes them in old age.

Vaknar Aran

Chapter Master Vaknar Aran led the Chapter for 359 years before he boarded the Scythe of Damnation, a drifting Space Hulk discovered in the Cholta system with the mission of destroying the Hulk's engine plant.

A major Genestealer infestation is found aboard and with Vaknar's mission team slain in action, Fists of Flame fleet is forced fire upon the Hulk, disintegrating it in the atmosphere of Cholta. However, Vaknar Aran was not able to escape the doomed Hulk in time.

Calso Inian

Calso Inian led the Chapter for 434 years before Mars Aran, who had been widely thought lost in the Warp returns to the Tarsiss system in the autumn of 735.M41. Aran assumes the mantle of Chapter Master from Calso Inian and continues to lead the Chapter, with Calso becoming Aran's Herald until his death in 787.M41.

Byron Valvar

Byron Valvar's last actions are renowned through the Belt of Fire for it was his refusal to let the Daemonic incursion to take the last starport on agriworld of Llarn, allowing the Imperial forces to evacuate successfully shortly before the ultimate sanction, Exterminatus, is exacted on Llarn by the Ordo: Malleus.

Ultimately, the remains of Valvar's burnt body were recovered from Llarn and are now held in the Chapter's Librarium behind a stasis field.

Maximus Aarn

The tales of Maximus' bravery and fortitude are favoured tales amongst the Chapter's many fables, tales and myths.

Whether he was able to breathe fire and endure the coldness of space unprotected are matters for conjecture but his death at the hands of a warband of Khorne Berserkers are known widely within the 'Belt of Fire'.