Chapter Organisation

The organisation of the Fists of Flame Chapter derives from the fluid nature of warfare and their own hard-won experience of protecting their realm rather then the formal dictates and teachings of the Codex: Astartes.

Whereas other Chapters herald the Codex's teachings as gospel and stricture by adhering to its strict treatise, the Fists of Flame have learnt from their past and have taken a far more loose organisation.

Eschewing the strict structures such as the Company, the Fists of Flame Chapter is split into numerous, separate army-level units known as simply Cohorts.

Each Cohort consists of as many squads, armoured units and fleet assets as required to perform the specific task or to persecute the assigned campaign, battle or skirmish. Only when the task is complete or the battle or campaign won is the Cohort dissolved and the assets become available for re-assignment to other active Cohorts. In this way, the Chapter is constantly shifting and reorganising itself as campaigns draw to a close and their composite elements become available.

Cohort Command

Each Cohort is given a purpose at its inception and a Cohort Master chosen. Typically, the most senior Master of War available is chosen for Cohort Master, although for small and relatively small and/or unimportant missions and tasks, an untested Battle Brother may be chosen as Cohort Master.

Rough estimates suggest that there can be anywhere from five to fifteen Cohorts in existence at any one time, spread throughout the Belt of Fire and performing a myriad of duties from planetary assault of rebellious worlds to xenos repulsion to escorting of crucial Imperial supplies and personal to distant warfronts.

It falls to the Chapter's Librarium to track, update and keep abreast of the various Cohorts in existence and so the Librarium plays a central role in ensuring the Chapter's assets are utilised as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Chapter Council

The Chapter Council presides over the Chapters affairs, both diplomatic and strategic. They set priorities, assign forces to active Cohorts and raise new Cohorts as the situation demands, although new Cohorts can be created on an ad-hoc basis should a Master of War deem it necessary or a particular objective comes under sudden, unexpected threat.

The Council itself is made up of the Masters of War, their Heralds and ambassadorial representatives from worlds across the Belt of Fire. Each protected world will send an representative to the Council who will speak on that worlds behalf and request aid formally in times of impending attack, although such ambassadors play a very minor role in the Chapter's Council.

In times of impending large-scale war, the Master of War will sometimes convene a Black Council of their own, whose entire bearing is to discuss and implement a unified strategy irrespective of the wishes of any of the other, more biased Council members, even if this means that certain worlds are left undefended entirely, it is within the Black Councils purview to only protect the worlds that are of vital import such as Vivenhall.

The Hammer of Tarsiss

The Hammer exists outside the Chapter organisation, and is more an extension of the Chapter Master then any formal body within the Chapter.

Although the Hammer is made up of members of the Librarium, their loyalties are to the Emperor and the Chapter Master first and foremost and not even the Chapter Council has the authority to issue commands to the Hammer of Tarsiss, although the members of the Hammer are also full members of the Council.

Although the Hammer is principally the Chapter Master's bodyguard, it is rarely called upon to act as such and its members are often assigned to different Cohorts. Indeed, the Hammer only reforms for particularly large campaigns that involve the majority of the Chapter and thusly crucial to the welfare of the 'Belt of Fire'.

Presented here is organisational structure of the Fists of Flame Chapter, complete with active and auxillary Cohorts, as of 997.M40.