Rites of Initiation

In ages past, when their homeworld of Tarsiss III was prosperous and life was abundant, the Fists of Flame drew their initiates only from their homeworld.

The Great Pilgrimage

Once per generation, fiery meteors would sail through the Tarsissian skies, signalling the start of the Great Pilgrimage. Only those that survive the trek across the arid wasteland to present themselves before the flaming angel's polar fortresses will be given a chance to become a Space Marine.

On the seventh day after the commencement of the Great Pilgrimage, the vast, vaunted doors of the polar fortresses are swung open to admit the young aspirants that survived the journey into the outer courtyard of each fortress. It is only then that the true trials begin.

The first trial that each young Tarsissian must face is that of pain, for the outer courtyard presents the young aspirants with several blaziers, each brazier holding a single key in a pit of roaring fires. Only by plunging their hands into flames to retrieve the key will the aspirants be admitted to the second courtyard.

The Eternal Fire

At the very heart of the Scourge of the Damned lies the Eternal Fire, the sacred torch which is said to have burned since the inception of the Chapter within the vaunted vaults of the Templarum Primaris on the Shrinehold and was transferred to its current resting place shortly before the scourging of the surface.

The Eternal Fire holds great spiritual significance for the Fists of Flame, and a fragment of the Eternal Fire is used in many of the rituals the Chapter's Chaplains observe.

The second trial is that of courage and each aspirant must face their own fears. Psychic manipulation of each aspirant's mind by one of the Chapter's Librarian ensures that only those without fear and without taint are accepted into the Chapter.

Should they defeat their own worst fears in the second trial, the third test tests their martial prowess. Each aspirant is given a small chainsword, the symbolic weapon of the Chapter and is paired against a Tarsissian Terror, a fearsome predator that stalks the ash wastes that they must to defeat to earn their place in the Chapter.

Only when the aspirant has conquered all three Trials will the warrior be ready to pass into the next stage and with it, earn the title of Initiate to the Fists of Flame.

Chapter Initiates will undergo the rigorous genetic, psychological and psychic testing that is required to ensure that they are suitable to become a Fists of Flame Space Marine.

The Vigil

Should an Initiate survive long enough to near the end of their training as Scouts and prove robust in body enough to survive geneseed implantation, the last rite that an Initiate must endure is simply known as the Vigil.

Each Initiate will be brought before the Eternal Fire that lies deep in the bowels of the Scourge of the Danmed, flagship of the Fists of Flame fleet.

It is there, under the searing heat of the Eternal fire that the geneseed will fully activate and render them fully Space Marines in a process that takes a full day to complete. Many Initiates slip into a coma, never to awoken again but many more suffer through intense hallucinations that they must endure alone.

Only when they have stared into the holy flames and suffered through the final stages of their implantation will they become true Fists of Flame Space Marine.