Special Rules

The complete list of Special Rules for fielding a Fists of Flame Space Marine army.

Close Combat Specialists

Due to the constant training regime that the Fists of Flame maintain throughout their lives, a great many of their number become experts with the chainsword and bolt pistol combination.

Models with the Close Combat Specialists special rule may re-roll any To Hit rolls of a "1" in close combat, provided they are armed with a chainsword and bolt pistol. Models armed differently (i.e. if they upgrade their chainsword to a power weapon) do not gain any re-rolls from this rule.

Masters of War

Certain units in the army have the Masters of War Special Rule, or may be upgraded to a Master of War. Such units count as having Leadership 10 for all Morale Checks and Pinning tests.

Each army must include at least one model with the Master of War Special Rule.

One unit with the Master of War Special Rule must be declared the "Cohort Master". The Cohort Master gains the Fearless Universal Special Rule, an Iron Halo (granting them a 4+ Invulnerable Save to the bearer) and the 'Commanding Presence' Special Rule. See page xx for the 'Commanding Presence' Special Rule.


Storm Squads and Harbinger Squads train extensively to launch lightning quick raids on the enemy, striking from low flying Thunderhawks to land on their chosen enemies in a torrent of slashing chainswords and barking bolt pistols.

Models with the Skystrike Special Rule who arrive by Deep Strike may elect to forego Shooting (and running) and instead assault in the Assault Phase on the turn they arrive. If they assault choose to assault on the turn they arrive, then the unit counts as having an Initiative of 1 for that combat as the enemy have ample time to prepare an effective defence.


Units with the Specialist Special Rule are bought as unit upgrades for another unit included in the army. Specialists must be attached to another unit when deployed (such units are known as the parent unit) and each Specialist may be attached to:

Due to their various roles, Specialists are given greater freedoms on the battlefield. To represent this, models with the Specialist rule count as being within unit coherency if they are within 6" of their parent unit.

Tarsissian Veterans

Certain units as described in the Army List have the Tarsissian Veteran Special Rule, or may be upgraded to Tarsissian Veterans.

Such units gain the Furious Charge Universal Special Rule. In addition, they also gain the Counter-attack Universal Special Rule when fighting Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons.

Traitor's Bane

All Fists of Flame units have the Preferred Enemy: Chaos Space Marines and Preferred Enemy: Chaos Daemons.