Tarsiss I

World Stats

Name: Tarsiss I
Aestimare: F1000
  • 82.59% Carbon Dioxide
  • 14.30% Oxygen
  • 1.09% Fluorine
  • 1.04% Phosphorus
  • 0.76% Bromine
  • 0.22% Tellurium

Average Surface Temperature: 3903K
Celestial Type: World [Desert Deathworld]
Density: 1875.1kg / 1E+24
Gravity Ratio: 34% of Terra's
Human Structures: None known
Mass Index: 2
Mean Radius: 2166.75
Orbital Distance: 0.34AU
Photo Luminosity: 0.34K
Rotional Period: 0.33 Terran day
Status: Unknown
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: None known

The fiery deathworld of Tarsiss I b boasts the highest average surface temperatures in the Tarsiss system.

Little life can be found on the scorched surface for it is within reach of the Tarsissian sun, with frequent solar flares reaching the surface.

World view of Tarsiss I