Tarsiss II

World Stats

Name: Tarsiss II
Aestimare: E650
  • 74.97% Chlorine
  • 5.90% Bromine
  • 5.11% other
  • 3.64% Iodine
  • 3.02% Carbon Dioxide
  • 2.60% Nitrogen
  • 1.90% Phosphorus
  • 1.90% Argon
  • 0.96% Oxygen

Average Surface Temperature: 197K
Celestial Type: World [Gas giant]
Density: 4301.7kg / 1E+24
Gravity Ratio: 78% of Terra's
Human Structures: 3% coverages
Mass Index: 5
Mean Radius: 4970.78
Orbital Distance: 0.78AU
Photo Luminosity: 0.45K
Population: 37
Rotional Period: 0.87 Terran day
Status: Abandoned
Tithe: Solutio Tertius
Xenos Structure: None known

The 2nd planet in the Tarsissian system is a gas-giant with a vastly acidic atmosphere. Only a small colony of sub-terrain dwellers eek out a meagre living mining of precious metal seams found throughout the rocky surface.

Over 90% of Tarsiss II's land mass is covered in a water-like substance containing high concentrations of dissolved chlorine and phosphorus.

World view of Tarsiss IIWorld view of Tarsiss II