Tarsiss III

World Stats

Name: Tarsiss III
Aestimare: G100
  • 7.74% Fluorine
  • 54.76% Nitrogen
  • 21.76% Oxygen
  • 2.20% other
  • 12.44% Hydrogen
  • 1.10% Molybdenum

Average Surface Temperature: 301K
Celestial Type: World [Shrine world, purged]
Density: 5884.5kg / 1E+24
Gravity Ratio: 106.7% of Terra's
Human Structures: Post-exterminatus cities > 0.5% surface coverage
Mass Index: 6
Mean Radius: 6799.77
Orbital Distance: 1.067AU
Population: 12
Rotional Period: 1.065 Terran day
Status: Exterminatus impactus
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: None known

Tarsiss III was amongst the few Shrine Worlds reclaimed during the Horus Heresy, as a great many of them fell to the followers of Chaos and thus had to be purged from orbit. Since that day that it was brought back into the fold in a bloodless coupe staged by the ever-growing Imperium, it has remained loyal to it's dying days in the later stages of the Second War for Tarsiss III.

As a Shrine World, a great many worlds looked to Tarsiss III as a shining example of obiedence and faith, as well as serving countless million of pilgrims seeking to see the great many wonders that it had offered.

Now, however, Tarsiss III is a dead world, little more then skeleton hives and long dormant shrines await a time when the Imperium deems it safe to re-populate and re-build.

World view of Tarsiss IIIWorld view of Tarsiss III