Tarsiss IV

World Stats

Name: Tarsiss IV
Aestimare: E1000
  • 87.25% Argon
  • 10.90% Liquid Vapor
  • 1.20% Sulphur
  • 0.40% other

Average Surface Temperature: 176K
Celestial Type: World [Ice deathworld]
Density: 21287.9kg / 1E+24
Gravity Ratio: 386% of Terra's
Human Structures: None known
Mass Index: 23
Mean Radius: 8977
Orbital Distance: 3.86AU
Photo Luminosity: 0.67K
Rotional Period: 3.64 Terran day
Status: Unknown
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: None known

Tarsiss IV is an ice world of inhospitable proportions. It harbours many creatures in the icy depths of the vast argon fields that comprise most of the upper atmospheric layer such as the the soaring ice raptors and the jaegarhawk.

The surface is comprised of almost pure carbon dioxide with small amounts of trace elements scattered across the surface.

World view of Tarsiss IVWorld view of Tarsiss IVWorld view of Tarsiss IV