A detailed timeline of the Space Marine army, the Fists of Flame Wind.

Tarsiss System Rediscovered

The Tarsiss system is rediscovered and brought to compliance by the Word Bearer's Legion.

1st Black Crusade

Tarsiss III is the only world in the region of space that would later become known as the 'Belt of Fire' to not fall to Chaos.

Living Saint Alica of Tarsiss III is proclaimed by newly formed Inquisition and the Ecclessiarchy for her stalwart defence of the world, leading to Tarsiss III becoming a Shine world and also known as the Shrinehold.

Relics Found on Tarsiss III

Hundreds of relics are found on Tarsiss III after being thought lost following the Horus Heresy.

Counted amongst the relics are the White Saber, the Book of Grimgor and the Brazer of Enlightenment

Chapter Founded

Fists of Flame Chapter created due to a perceived need to establish a permanent presence in a region of space known as the Belt of Flame that borders the Eye of Terror.

Chapter command is placed in the capable hands of 14th Company Captain of the Imperial Fists at the time, Larn Judicar.

Viral Bombing of Falen

Falen declares open rebellion against the Imperium.

Imperial retribution is swift and mercilious as the fleet virus bombs the world with impunity,

Choltan 1st War

An Ork Waaagh ravages the jungle deathworld of Cholta for the 1st time.

FoF forces retaliate with immediate effect.

Ork forces believed vanquished.

Larn Judicar is Slain

Chapter Master Larn Judicar is slain during the first Ork invasion of Cholta.

Marx 'Flameborn' Firen assumes control of the Chapter in his stead.

Construction Begins

The vessel that will later become known as the Scourge of the Damned begins, taking almost two centuries to complete.

Marx Firen is Lost

Chapter Master Marx 'Flameborn' Firen is lost during the Nikvul Wars.

Maximus Aarn is called upon to assume the mantle of Chapter Master.

Xenos Assault on Vull

The first Ork Roks begin to be seen in the Vull system.

A small fleet is dispatched to deal with the emergent threat.

Battle of Redarin

The Hiveworld of Redarin comes under threat by Eldar pirates.

Two Imperial Guard Tarsissian Lancers regiments and a Cohort of Fists of Flame are deployed.

Fierce fighting is recorded across the world of Redarin until the xenos threat is finally driven back to their webway portals.

Chapter Master Aarn Dies

Chapter Master of the Fists of Flame, Maximus Aarn dies fighting Chaos.

Chapter Master Mathews Kalrin is named as his successor

Choltan 2nd War

The Orks return to Cholta from a neighbouring star system.

FoF fleet engages the Ork Roks, Terror cruisers and gunboats and manage to cripple the Ork invasion before making planetfall.

Shranx Invaded

Chaos forces attack the isolated world of Skranx and subjugate the citizens.

Vast effigies to the dark gods are raised and subsequently destroyed during the FoF retaliation a month later.

Oxenhope Falls

The Imperial world of Oxenhope falls to Orks despite a two month protracted campaign involving several Chapters including the Fists of Flame.

Xalen Firepurge

The world of Kallrino undergoes seditionist uprising.

Fists of Flame forces are called in to quell the uprising at the request of the planetary governor and the event later becomes known as the 'Xalen Firepurge' after the Fists of Flame drop pods descend from orbit on the capital city of Xalen and eliminate the rebels in a single night of bloody massacres.

Second War of Adrun


The Acwen Tithe Riots

Imperial rule breaks down on Acwen entirely as Imperial citizens openly revolt against the increased local taxes.

A single Fists of Flame strike cruiser is sent and the rebellion is stopped when Mars Aran himself teleports to the site of the fiercest riot, flanked by the Hammer of Tarsiss.

Such a show of force quickly quells the rebellion in short order, allowing the overstretched PDF and local law enforcement officials to deal with the rioters effectively.

Mathews Kalrin is Slain

Mathews Kalrin the Great dies to poison during the celebration of the Xalen Firepurge on the world of Kallrino.

Kallrino burns shortly after.

Inquisitorial agents uncovers evidence of widespread anti-Imperial seditionist group amongst the populace.

With no direct successor, Chief Librarian Oaklan Zarrin assumes the mantle of Chapter Master whilst a formal replacement is brought before the Chapter Council.

Acting Chapter Master Oaklan Zarrin Accedes Office

Chief Librarian Oaklan Zarrin assumes the full mantle of Chapter Master following the wishes of the Chapter Council

Cleansing of Bundon


Choltan 3rd War

The Orks return to Cholta after rebuilding their strength.

This time, the Orks are barely repulsed after amassing a larger invasion fleet.

First War for Tarsiss III

The traitor Canoness, Gemiel, leads an Emperor's Children army to the Chapter homeworld and is forced into retreat by the Fists of Flame

Choltan 4th War

Barely two centuries after the 3rd Choltan War, the Fists of Flame are called in to destroy a small fleet of Ork Roks once again.

The aim of the attack quickly becomes apparent as the Ork Roks enter orbit and begin to fire upon the planet below instead of launching landing craft.

FoF fleet destroy most of the Roks before they can do significant damage.

Oaklan Zarrin is Slain

Chapter Master Oaklan Zarrin is killed during an Eldar raid on the world of Galdri.

Calnor the Swift is appointed as Chapter Master.

Plague Emerges on Acwen

A vile plague emerges across the surface of Acwen.

Chaos cultists are suspected

The Twelve Night Appears at Galdri

A Eldar vessel identified as the 'Twelve Night' appears in the Galdri system.

No contact is made with the xenos vessel.

Calnor is Lost

Calnor the Swift is slain by a Dark Eldar Hellion on the nightworld of Grift Prime and Chapter Master Aran Orcandric is appointed.

Candran Out of Contact

The Candran system is lost to the Imperium following the normally stable space lanes to Candran are rendered unusable by freak warp activity.

Several Rogue Traders are lost in trying to reach the Candran system on routine trade missions.

Choltan 5th War


Chalice of Tarsiss is Declared Destroyed

The Strike Cruiser 'Chalice of Tarsiss' is lost to the Warp.

Heuran Tigerian was appointed in Orcandric's absense.

Middenhead Attacked

The Middenhead system comes under Chaos attack.

Two small fleets of Chaos vessels are seen fighting amongst themselves above the world of Middenhead Prime.

FoF forces are delayed and find no Chaos forces in the system when they arrive.

Arcrue is Discovered

The system of Acrue is rediscovered and brought into the Imperial fold.

Explorator Fleet 874 Lost

The Explorator fleet, label Pi-Xu 874 is lost in the Region of Darkness.

Evacuation of Torrin Massacre

Lord Arnell becomes a daemon prince after the Evacuation of Torrin Massacre.

Inquisitor Mintus of the Ordo Xenos first encounters Inquisitor Lord Holt of the Ordo Hereticus.

Year of the Librarian

Chapter experiences highest intake of psychically gifted initiates.

Expected 99% rejection rate.

Actual rejection rate closer to 66.


Present Chapter Master, Mars Aran, also inducted at this time.

Gyiuna Block Wars


Candran Returns

The warp calms down around Candran, returning the world to the Imperium.

The first vessels to travel to Candran find only ghost cities and husks of settlements.

No bodies are found nor any explanation as they disappearance of several million Imperial souls.

Candran is repopulated with Imperial pioneer crews utilising the existing infrastructure.

Population expected to return to previous number within 1.

68 millennia.

Choltan 6th War


Mars Aranís Ascension

Mars Aran takes on the mantle of Chapter Master after Hueran Tigerian is nearly slain fighting the Orks of Cholta.

Tigerian is inferred within the armoured sarcophagus of a Venerable Dreadnought.

Choltan 7th War


Battle for Byron


Daelon Massacre


Yonta Massacre


Choltan 6th War


Tou'Lin Wars


Second War for Tarsiss III

The Four Winds of Chaos attack Tarsiss III.

Entire Chapter mustered to defend the Chapter homeworld.

Fighting quickly stagnates and trench warfare ensues.

Lord Damius unleashes the Rictuus plague which renders half the Chapter either dead or corrupt.

Exterminatus is exacted at the command of Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt.

Mars Aran begins radical restructuring of the Chapter's fighting doctrine.

Traditional Codex: Astartes teachings replaced with current close combat emphasis doctrine to prevent future wars becoming stagnated which allowed the Rictuus plague to take hold.

The Schism of Golchis

A combined task force of Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists and Fists of Flame Space Marines are called to the desert world of Golchis to confront the forces of the Khorne Lord, Arnell, aided by the forces of Lord Adual and the heretical Canoness Gemiel.

Arnell manages to force the Imperial forces into a fighting retreat as a major daemonic incursion occurs, spewing Arnell's daemonic allies across the surface of Golchis.

Ordo: Malleus agents begin to arrive in system even as the Khorne fleet successfully disengages from the combined Imperial fleet, leaving Golchis a burning world as daemons ravage the surface.

The Scourge Lost

The Scourge of the Damned is lost in the Warp, believed to be destroyed.

Mars Aran was aboard the Scourge when it was lost.

Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian assumes the mantle of Chapter Master in Mars Aran's stead.

Golchis is Lost to the Warp

A warp storm cuts off the Golchis system

Nightmarsh Damaged

The Space Station, Nightmarsh, is damaged by a freak warp storm.

Chaos forces are seen in the vicinity in the lead up to the warp anomaly.

Choltan 8th War

The 8th War for Choltan had limited Astartes involvement as the inhabitants of Cholta had lived through countless unreported Ork attacks in earlier generations and have adapted to this constant threat.

A small cluster of FoF were involved to help sweep several of the larger Ork warbands out of the deeper jungle areas.

Attack on Calron

Mars Aran saves a young psyker girl from certain death and begins her training

Warp Storms Abate in Golchis System

Golchis is embraced back into the Imperium after the warp storms finally abate, permitting travel to the system.

Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian Dies

The Necron menace re-surfaces on the tomb world of Xrept and Chapter Master Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian is killed during the fighting.

Chapter Master Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar assumes the mantle.

The Bloodied Tears Appears

The Eldar craft, identified as the Bloodied Tears is first sighted in the Tarsiss system, in high orbit above Tarsiss III.

Choltan 9th War


The Great War of Walfen

The Four Winds of Chaos descend upon the world of Walfen.

Within weeks, the world is brought to it's knees as Slaaneshi, Nurgle and Khornate kill squads lay waste to all that oppose them.

Tzeentchian troops are seen descending into the polar arsenals of Walfen.

Inquisitor Holt and Mintus are both seen on Walfen during this time

The Darkening of Nigvun

A period known only as the Darkening descend on the world of Nigvun.

Dark Eldar leave the world a tormented, ghost of a world where the survivors are mutated beyond all recognition.

Exterminatus is the only recourse.

Kib'Uin Wars


Attack of Chlorn

Chlorn comes under direct assault by the Four Winds.

Tarsissian Lancer regiments give stiff resistance until the FoF arrive and engage the Chaos forces in both space and on the ground, eventually driving off the Four Winds with bolt pistol and blade.

Xandlon Incident

Ordo: Hereticus agents discover Alpha level Psyker amongst the backwards population of Xandlon.

FoF forces respond to the formal request for aid in this matter and attempt to capture the rogue psyker.

Only Mars Aran of the Fists of Flame is able content with the psychic might of the rogue psyker.

The alpha-level psyker is eventually killed by a bolt shell fired from Mars Aran during the psychic dual.

Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar Descends


Contact Lost at Tartan House

The deep-space relay stations found throughout the Tartan belt surrounding the Space Station of Tartan House are systematically destroyed.

Hours later, the astropaths of Tartan House also go silent.

FoF response fleets find a previously undiscovered xenos race aboard the Space Station and purge the station clean.

No follow up investigation is mounted, although many believe that the xenos originated from the nearby world of Arak.

Haunting Scion Found

The Haunting Scion is found adrift and without crew.

Vessel towed back to Vivenhall to await damage repair, refit and crew allocation.

Tithe Point Falls

The Space Station, Tithe Point, falls to Chaos invaders in a rapid strike.

FoF forces are quick to retake the Station, losing nearly 50 Battle Brothers in the attempt.

Huehorn Investigated

A FoF strike force make planetfall to the xenos world of Huehorn with the intention of gathering intelligence about the reptillian xenos found there.

Species found to be extremely hostile and marked for immediate xenocidal purge.

Xeal Located

The Xenos world of Xeal is found on the border of the Region of Darkness.

Peaceful xenos species located on the planets surface with sub-warp capabilities.

Marked for extermination at earliest possibility after resource estimates put Xeal at level theta-gamma-2 in precious resources, and therefore too highly valuable to the Imperium to ignore.

1st Choltan Purge

The FoF attempt the first systemic purge of the Choltan system of all Ork activity.

Xenocidal bombing runs into the Ork held asteroid belt are deemed a success whilst the ground based eradication program led by the FoF and Tarsissian Lancers are deemed a lesser success.

Several tracts of jungle are burned in a scorched earth policy and any signs of the Ork are carefully followed up.

Scout squads deploying from Land Speeder Storms make the greatest headway in locating and decimating the roving Ork bands as they make they way across the jungle.

Poran Devoured

The hiveworld of Poran is devoured by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet despite fierce counter-attacks by FoF forces, countless Imperial Guard regiments and Imperial Navy fleets.

Q'Rapt Purged

The world of Q'Rapt is purged, awaiting re-population.

Vast, unchecked mutation is the cited course of the purges.

Huinin Gate Wars


Xandlon Decimated

Xandlon is decimated by internal war.

Widespread use of atomic warheads are cause of 99% of the devastation.

Survivors are recruited into Imperial Guard penal legions to serve out their days for their heretical deeds.

Admiral Clanen is Damned

Imperial Navy Captain Clanen is killed after his vessel, the Principal Believer is stricken by torpedoes whilst engaging a small Chaos fleet in the void between worlds whilst he engaged the enemy fleet alone, hoping to stall the enemy whilst support could make the Warp transition from nearby Vivenhall

No sign of the Chaos fleet was found, only the scarred, drifting hulk of the Principal Believer.

Choltan 10th War

An Ork invasion fleet arrives from outside the Belt of Fire following the Choltan Purge 191 years earlier.

The FoF are delayed in arriving and fresh Ork forces make planetfall, starting another cycle of Ork invasions on the jungle deathworld.

Choltan 11th War

The first full blown Ork Waaagh emerges from the jungles of Cholta only 3 years later.

Tarsissian Lancer regiments assemble quickly in high orbit awaiting for the FoF to establish a foothold in Ork held territory.

The FoF never arrive.

Xean Purged

The xenos world of Xean is purged of all life by Exterminatus.

It is widely believed that Inquisitor-Lord Holt himself gave the order.

Manwen Daemongate

The world of Manwen undergoes turmoil whilst a Beta-level psyker inadvertently opens a hole into the Warp whilst trying to escape Ordo: Hereticus purgation squads.

Manwen is deemed quarantine until such time as a Daemonhunter task force can be assembled and either declare an Exterminatus or clear out the daemonic infestation that has taken root.

B'Fan Massacres

The outlaying world of B'Fan is found decimated after a period of seventy years without contact.

Battle of Yuni


Vivenhall Forge War

The forgeworld of Vivenhall comes under attack by a splinter fleet of Tyranids.

Desperate fleet actions by the Adeptus Mechanicum and the Fists of Flame saved the forgeworld from certain death by destroying the majority of the Tyranids in space and allowing few to touch down on the iron-skin of Vivenhall.

The ones that did were quickly eradicated shortly afterwards during the Battle of Vivenhall.

Cult of Redemption Uncovered

A genestealer cult is uncovered on Tarsiss III.

FoF response is immediate and effective.

No further taint of the Cult is found.

The Jukin Campaign


Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar Steps Down

Chapter Master Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar steps down as Chapter Master after serving 900 years as Chapter Master.

Chapter Master Byron Valvar is appointed as named successor

Plague Grips Q'Yraun


The Palace of Sin is Destroyed

The Chaos vessel, Palace of Sin is destroyed by a Fists of Flame fleet after a fleeting engagement.

The Palace of Sin's presence in the Golchis system is believed to be for surveillance.

Choltan 12th War


Opposition Outlook Under-attack

The Space station, Opposition Outlook comes under attack by traitor the traitor Guard Regiment, the Danitun Guard.

Four Winds Fleet Intercepted

A fleet of Chaos ships is intercepted en route to Vivenhall by a FoF fleet.

The engagement is brief but costly for both sides.

Choltan 13th War


Battle for Luoin


Canin Burns

The small self-supporting colony of Canin burns by viral torpedoes after a Slaaneshi pleasure cult is found amongst their population.

Emperor's Children Strike Force Encountered

An Emperor's Children strike force under the command of the heretical Canoness Gemiel are found on the world Mulnor.

Gemiel is thought slain during the engagement and no further evidence of the further presence of the Emperor's Children is found

Choltan 14th War


The Mass Suicides of Nufak

The populace of Nufak commit mass suicide on the anniversary of Arch-Daecon Nufak's, patron founder of the world's death.

Many sources cite chaos cults as the instigator for the mass suicide.

Choltan 15th War


Cha'Los Craftworld Sighted

The Eldar Craftworld of Cha'Los is sighted in the deep void between Middenhead and Bijin.

Imperial response fleets are unable to find any futher trace of the Eldar

Byron Valvar is Killed

Chapter Master Byron Valvar is slain fighting Chaos on the world of Llarn.

Chapter Master Vaknar Aran is appointed

Plague on Bijin

Bijin suffers under a terrible plague.

Half the population are killed in a matter of days.

Choltan 16th War


Danitun Guard Fleet Engaged

A traitor fleet carrying Danitun Guardsmen are found en route into the Region of Darkness by FoF forces.

The engagement is fleeting and no significant damage is inflicted on either side.

Danitun Fleet last seen entering the Region of Darkness

Choltan 17th War


Four Winds Descend on Greysack

The agriworld of Greysack is attacked by forces of Lord Arnell.

FoF fleets respond to the attack and manage to engage the Khorne fleet above Greysack.

Ground forces are dispatched to deal with the Khornate warbands already on the surface.

No ground forces are encountered.

The Oracle is Burned

A prophet of the Emperor emerges on the world of Lighon, known only as the Oracle.

Further investigation by the Ecclesiarchy officials on Lighon declare him a false prophet and have him burned at the stake for his heretical crimes against the Emperor.

Choltan 18th War


Vaknar Aran is Slain

Vaknar Aran is killed on the Space Hulk Scythe of Damnation.

Chapter Master Calso Inian is appointed

Choltan 19th War


True Domination Sighted

The flagship of the Khorne Lord Arnell, the True Domination is sighted in the Belt of Fire by a Rogue Trader.

No trace is found of the vessel upon subsequent investigation.

Choltan 20th War


Bijin Under Threat

Bijin comes under attack by Chaos.

The Scourge Returns

The warp-strewn flagship of the Fists of Flame fleet, the Scourge of the Damned returns to Imperial space and is greeted with a month of feast days.

Chapter Master Mars Aran returns, taking Calso Inian as his Herald.

Calso is slain.

Herald to Chapter Master Mars Aran and former Chapter Master Calso Inian is slain fighting the Necrons in orbit around the star port of Tithe Point.

The Spectral Serpent Incident

The Spectral Serpent Chapter is purged by Fists of Flame task force

Choltan 21st War


Necrons Sighted at Golchis

A Necron vessel is detected above Golchis.

By the time the FoF Rapid Strike Cruiser, the Honour of Tarsiss, arrives, the Necron vessel has gone.

Cha'Mont'Yr War

The Tau world of Cha'Mont'Yr comes under attack by the Four Winds of Chaos.

The Fists of Flame are directly involved in the conflict at the request of the Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt.

Holt perishes during the conflict.

The Darkened Talon Appears

The Space Hulk, Darkened Talon appears on the edge of the Vivenhall.

Fists of Flame fleet destroy the hulk before it can enter orbit of the forgeworld.

Cha'Mont'Yr War

Vicious war which saw Canoness Gemiel attains daemonhood

War of Cha'Mont'Yr ends


Choltan 22nd War

Cholta comes under Ork invasion and the Fists of Flame are successful in driving the emergent Ork Waagh back into the jungles of Cholta.

No subsequent xenocidal campaign is launched although several pockets of resistance are removed by concerted Scout and Terminator attacks at key locations.

Chaos Corrupts Vulan

The Hiveworld of Vulan is found deep in the throes of anti-Imperial secessionists upheaval and vast purges are conducted by Ordo: Hereticus agents and FoF forces.

Over the course of six years, some 1.

8 billion people are put to death for heretical acts against the Imperium

Mulnor Liberated

Eldar forces strike at Mulnor and FoF forces arrive and break the Eldar forces in two with combined strikes from both Thunderhawk deployed Storm Squads and Sentinel Squads.

Dragonhold Found

The vessel known as the Dragonhold is found, drifting and lifeless in space.

FoF Terminator Squads sent to investigate find the ship powered down and under-manned and the few survivors little more then weakened emaciated skeletons from starvation.

Salvation is brutally offered at bolter-point and the Dragonhold is brought to Vivenhall for further investigation.

Golchis Lost

The Necrons return to Golchis and a small fleet descends from orbit.

All inhabitants are killed by the Necron strike and leaving only a single large obelisk to mark their presence.