The following items of wargear are unique to the Fists of Flame. They are used by various units throughout the Army List. If an item is not listed, it can be found in either the relevant unit entry or in Codex: Space Marines.

You can view all the wargear for the Fists of Flame here

Vehicle Upgrades

Flame Spike

Fists of Flame Ancients carry dangerous spiked weapon that are constantly bathed in flames.

Flame Spikes count as a Ancient close combat weapon that may also be used as a heavy flamer in the Shooting phase. Note that the Ancient may always fire the Flame spike regardless of any other weapons fired that turn, unless the Flame spike itself has been destroyed.

Magna Missile Launcher

These missiles are utilised extensively by the Fists of Flame vehicles and replace the more conventional Hunter-killer missiles fitted to Imperial vehicles. Utilising a meltacharge as its warhead, Magna Missile are exceptionally effective at destroying enemy vehicles.

Magna Missile counts as a hunter-killer missile (see page 103 of Codex: Space Marines) that also rolls 2D6 for armour penetration.


Pyrojets are defensive measures utilised by Fists of Flame vehicles that project a sheet of flame around the vehicle, halting even the most determined attackers in their stead.

Pyrojets may be triggered once per battle in any Assault Phase. Any enemy unit with one or more models in base to base contact with the vehicle suffers D6 S4 AP5 hits.

In addition, if the vehicle tank shocks, you may trigger the pyrojets (if it hasn't already triggered it previously during the battle). Declare you are going to trigger the pyrojets and any unit moved through during the tank shot takes D6 S3 AP 6 hits in addition to any other effects of the tank shock.



Flamelets are small incendiary units, usually fitted to the gauntlets of the user, but sometimes the forearm armour and they project a small sheet of flame when triggered. Due to their small size and limited range, they are useless for ranged engagements but exceedingly useful in close combat.

Flamelets are used in the Assault Phase gives the user +1 Attack which does not benefit from any Wargear, weapons or Special Rules that the wielder may have (for example, power weapons, furious charge etc).


Hellfire Glaive

Some Fists of Flame go to war wielding long-shafted power weapons that feature in-built micro melta-weaponry. Such weapons are prized relics and honoured symbols of the bearer''s prestige for only the most worthy are given the privilege to wield them in combat.

Hellfire glaives are power weapons that strike at S6 in combat but requires two hands to wield and therefore the bearer cannot claim the +1 attack for having another close combat weapon.

Inferno axe

Weapons almost without compare, inferno axes emit rolling flames as they strike and each is a testament to the few artificers who are able to craft them. Each axe is a precious artefact, treasured amongst the Chapter above other weapons for they also have exceptional intrinsic value within the Chapter's rites and ceremonies.

Inferno axes are power weapons that allow the user to re-roll a single failed To Wound dice each turn. In addition, Inferno axes also grant a bonus of +1 when rolling for Armour penetration.