Canoness Alica


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The White Sabre

The White Sabre is an ornate weapon of ancient lineage.

Found on the Shrine World of Tarsiss III, many believe it to be a weapon of Eldar origin, bearing as it does a small ornate gemstone of the deepest amacyte.

Since it was found, the blade has come to rest in the hands of every Canoness to have served in the Order of the Raped Virgin, including the present occupant, Canoness Alica.

A stern women with a calm head for tactics, Alica commands from the front, born aloft upon the ancient Soarnum Imperialis, one of the most ancient examples of the Adepta Sororitas jump packs which continues to function to this day.

However, Alica also bears the White Sabre, a weapon created at the dawn of the Imperium and has been wielded by the Canoness of the Order since its inception, therefore making the pure white sword a precious relic of great spiritual relevance to the Order.

Many believe the White Sabre can draw its history back even as far as before the Eldar fall, for the damned blade Gemiel wields, the Black Destroyer is said to be the White Sabre’s twin blade and the fact the two blades share a similar resemblance in form and shape is not lost on Alica.

Whereas the Black Destroyer harbours the taint of chaos, the White Sabre has perhaps been more of a guiding influence on Alica since she first took the blade as her own.

If that is so, then it is perhaps more then just her hatred of Gemiel that drives her, but a benign influence within the sword that pushes her to take the fight to her sister and quite possibly, they are fighting a dual to the death in place of two arch enemies.

Unique Wargear:

Soarnum Imperialis: Alica bears an old pattern jump pack which still continues to function even after millennia.

The Soarnum Imperialis counts as a jump pack.

The White Sabre: Canoness Alica wields a precious relic which was saved from Exterminatus of Tarsiss III by Alica herself.

The White Sabre counts as a power weapon that adds +1 to Alica's strength (bonus included above) and when fighting the forces of Chaos (Chaos Space Marines, Daemons etc), grants an additional +2 Strength bonus (increasing it to Strength 5).

Special Rules:

Gemiel: Alica is able to detect the presence of Gemiel, and although the precise mechanism for this is unknown, it matters not to Alica.

If Gemiel is on the battlefield, then Alica must move her full distance towards Alica in both the Movement and Assault Phases. She also gains the Preferred Enemy Universal Special Rule when fighting Gemiel.

Hatred: Alica loathes the heretic and she especially disdains the Four Winds of Chaos for their crimes against the Imperium.

If a Four Winds player is fielding forces from the Pleasure Wind (either Slaaneshi daemons, or troops with the Mark of Slaanesh) and their opponent is Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Witch Hunters, Daemonhunters or Alien Hunters, then the Imperial player may include Canoness Alica for free. However, this comes at a price. The Four Winds player may include Gemiel for free as well.

Canoness Alica165 points

Canoness Alica5543353103+


  • HQ

Unit Type:

  • Jump Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (unique)


  • Inferno pistol
  • Power armour
  • Rosarius
  • Soarnum Imperialis
  • The White Sabre

Special Rules:

  • Fearless
  • Gemiel
  • Hatred
  • Independent Character

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