Inquisitor Holt


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Holt moves throughout the Imperium, protecting it from the threat posed by the Four Winds of Chaos to the best of his ability, only to disappear again into the folds of humanity, hiding in common sight amongst the vast population of the Imperium.

Few could doubt Holt’s resolve in this task, as he was the one to give the order which destroyed his homeworld of Tarsiss III following the Second War against Lord Damius, but there has been shadowy precursors to his downfall and it wasn’t until the Cha’Mont’Yr War that Holt finally passed from the realm of Men and his soul was embraced by the God-Emperor.

To many within the Inquisition, the name Holt means little, a foot note in the history of the Imperium and a once noble and proud Inquisitor the Ordo Hereticus, but since the interrogation of Inquisitor Mintus of the Ordo: Xenos, Holt has remained an elusive and shadowy figure.

Indeed, Imperial records have shown that he has assumed a number of identities over the years, counted amongst them are Tibius, Alexia, Marko and even that of his brother, Luxen Holt, making tracking him through the galaxy exceptionally difficult, if not an impossible task.

But this is an important security matter for Holt, for he is a hunted man, an Inquisitor who had been declared excommunicate by the Imperium he strives to fight for.

The Traitor Canoness

Gemiel was a Sister Militant of the Order of the Holy Heart on Tarsiss III until she came into possession of a cursed blade and its malign influence corrupted her mind over time. When she fled during the turmoil of a volcanic eruption in the Holy Mountains of the Shrinehold, she returned many years later at the head of an Emperorís Children warband and thus started the First War for Tarsiss III.

None wish her death more then Gemielís sister, Alica, the present Canoness of the Order of the Raped Virgin, who now hunts Gemiel with reckless abandon, ceaselessly following up on any sighting or rumour that may bring her to confront her sister so that she can slay her with Alicaís own blade. Until such time, Alica cannot forgive nor forget.

Special Rules:

Enemy of the Four Winds: Holt tirelessly seeks to oppose the forces of Chaos and holds a special place of disdain for the Four Winds of Chaos.

If the army opposing the Four Winds is Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Witch Hunters, Daemonhunters or Alien Hunters, then the Imperial player may include Inquisitor Holt for free. However, this comes at a price. The Four Winds player may include additional troops up to a cost of 250 points, or the Imperial player may include Holt as a regular HQ costing 260 points.

Inquisitor-Lord: Inquisitor Holt is an Inquisitor from the Ordo: Hereticus, and has attained the rank of Inquisitor-Lord within his Ordo.

Treat Holt as an Inquisitor-Lord, as described in Codex: Witch Hunters.

Inquisitor-Lord Holt260 points

Inquisitor-Lord Holt5444354104+


  • HQ

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (unique)


  • Holt is accompanied by a retinue made up of three Crusaders (power weapon and storm shield), two Acolytes (close combat weapon), one medic (close combat weapon), two nulls (close combat weapon and laspistols).


  • Carapace armour
  • Plasma pistol
  • Power weapon
  • Rosarius

Special Rules:

  • Enemy of the Four Winds
  • Fearless
  • Independent Character
  • Inquisitor-Lord

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