A detailed timeline of the Witch Hunters army, the Order of the Raped Virgin.

Relics Found on Tarsiss III

Hundreds of relics are found on Tarsiss III after being thought lost following the Horus Heresy.

Counted amongst the relics are the White Saber, the Book of Grimgor and the Brazer of Enlightenment

Order of the Sacred Heart Founded

Order of the Sacred Heart is founded on the world of Tarsiss III to guard against Chaos incursions and to guard the many religious relics found on that world.

Order of the Sacred Heart Renamed

Order of the Sacred Heart gets renamed after their leading Canoness, Alica the 1st, was ritually raped and sacrificed following an incursion by the Slaanesh worshipers of the Emperor's Children

Gemiel and Alica are inducted

One by the name of Gemiel, along with her sister, Alica, are inducted into the Order of the Sacred Heart on Tarsiss III

Battle of Coldo


Tibius Holt Becomes an Inquisitor

Tibius Holt attains the rank of Inquisitor

Holt Ascends

Inquisitor Tibius Holt attains the rank of Inquisitor-Lord

First War of Tarsiss III

Gemiel returns with a small Emperor's Children army after fully embracing Slaaneshi ideals.

She begins to wage war upon her former Order but is finally forced off world by a concerted effort by the Fists of Flame and the ordered personal army of Inquisitor Holt

Bylin Uprising Supressed

Tibius Holt supresses the uprising on Bylin after a carefully constructed plot to expose the rebellious cultists insighted by the Alpha Legion

Yuran is Bombed

Devine punishment is mettered by Inquisitor-Lord Holt on the world of Yuran as it is cyclonic torpedoed from orbit, ridding the world of tarnished hives filled with rotting plague zombies

Holt steps foot on Yuran

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is finally able to step foot on Yuran, uncovering information about the ship which Damius was building over 65 years before, named the Plague Scorpion

Evacuation of Torrin Massacre

Lord Arnell becomes a daemon prince after the Evacuation of Torrin Massacre.

Inquisitor Mintus of the Ordo Xenos first encounters Inquisitor Lord Holt of the Ordo Hereticus.

Inquisitor Mintus Escapes

Inquisitor Mintus is called to account for his actions on Torrin, and is nearly put to death by a conclave of his fellow Inquisitor's but manages to escape with Holts help

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is Caught

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is cornered by a conclave of Hereticus Inquisitors following his actions during the conclave of fellow Inquisitor Mintus.

He is absolved of all charges after evidence is found that Mintus was innocent of all charges and that Holt had acted justly

Uina Campaign


Battle for Confaino


Battle of Hades Pass


Wueian Wars


Battle of Hades Pass

Alica leds her sisters into the gates of the daemon portal, and manages to close it by destroying the daemon prince L'ycarth

Alica is Appointed Canoness

Alica is appointed senior Canoness at the Convent of the Order of the Raped Virgin on Tarsiss III following her actions against the daemon prince L'ycarth

Attack on Entuin

Alica leds the attack against the Tzeentchian forces of Lord Adual on the Imperial world of Entuin

Yonta Massacre


Second War for Tarsiss III

The Four Winds of Chaos attack Tarsiss III.

Entire Chapter mustered to defend the Chapter homeworld.

Fighting quickly stagnates and trench warfare ensues.

Lord Damius unleashes the Rictuus plague which renders half the Chapter either dead or corrupt.

Exterminatus is exacted at the command of Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt.

Mars Aran begins radical restructuring of the Chapter's fighting doctrine.

Traditional Codex: Astartes teachings replaced with current close combat emphasis doctrine to prevent future wars becoming stagnated which allowed the Rictuus plague to take hold.

The Great War of Walfen

The Four Winds of Chaos descend upon the world of Walfen.

Within weeks, the world is brought to it's knees as Slaaneshi, Nurgle and Khornate kill squads lay waste to all that oppose them.

Tzeentchian troops are seen descending into the polar arsenals of Walfen.

Inquisitor Holt and Mintus are both seen on Walfen during this time

Great War of Walfen Ends

The Great War of Walfen ends as combined forces of Blood Angels and Dark Angels descend upon the Chaos forces, smashing the iron grip on the world' Inquisitor Holt declares the populous of Walfen excommunicate and puts the world to death by virus bombing

Inquisitor Mintus Dies

Inquisitor Mintus dies at the hands of Canoness Gemiel, despite Holt's best efforts to sway his younger companion from open conflict with the Canoness

Xenon Wars


Dylon Wars


Rauin Minor Wars


Penitent Crusade at Gipun


Ulig Crusade


Xeaniom Scourging


Guinan Wars


Weaon Low Riots


Destruction of Qeruiabn Minor


Julican III Wars


Lrauion IIV Wars


Cha'Mont'Yr War

Vicious war which saw Canoness Gemiel attains daemonhood

War of Cha'Mont'Yr ends