Nurgle Gifts

These Wargear items and abilities may be taken by Daemon Princes, Plague Champions, Lords, Sorcerers and Aspiring Champions who have the Mark of Nurgle.

The cost for each upgrade is noted below, with the first number presented being the cost paid by Daemon Princes, Chaos Lords and Sorcerers. The second is for Plague Champions and Aspiring Champions.

Grotesque Form: The Champion has mutated horribly and his form turns the stomach of even those who are normally iron willed. Any model wishing to charge a model with grotesque form must first pass a Leadership test or be unable to charge this turn. They may however divert their charge to any viable targets within charge range.

Mark of Nurgle Ascended: The Nurgle Lord is a truely blessed in the eyes of Nurgle, and has spread more plagues in his wake then any other follower. The Mark of Nurgle Ascended replaces the normal Mark of Nurgle on the Daemon Prince. The Mark of Nurgle Ascended grants the bearer a 4+ Invulnerable save, +1 Wound and the Nurgle Lord also gains the ability to regenerate. At the beginning of each turn, the Lord regains +1 Wound on a roll of a 5+ on a D6. This regeneration may never take them above their starting number of Wounds.

Plague Discharger: These small orbs contain emit a green fog of the purest and deadliest strains of some of the most deadly viruses. Yet this gas is highly corrosive in nature and can eat away at almost any known material. As such, the Plague Marines emit a sticky slime that coats their armour which stops the gas from eating away at their armour. Any enemy unit involved in combat with a model with the Plague Discharger, takes a S4 hit with no Armour save allowed.

Plague Shells: The Plague Marine carries special bolt shells that are tipped in vile toxins. This upgrade can be taken by any model in the Nurgle army with a bolter, bolt pistol or heavy bolter for +2 points per model. Any model with plague shells count as having a +1 modifier on any rolls To Wound. This +1 modifier does not apply for use against Necrons, Daemons, the Eldar Avatar, Wraithlords, Talos Wraithguard, any vehicle or non-living creature.

Poisoned Blades: The Plague Marine carries an assortment of blades that are all tipped with bacterial soups that cause death to those infected in a matter of hours. This is an upgrade to any model with a power weapon, close combat weapon, great weapon, daemon weapon and power fist. All models wounded but not killed by a model with such weapons are slain outright on a roll of 5+ on a D6.

Vile Armour: The Nurgle Champion wears a grotesque armour that literally drips with filth, diseases and hundreds of diseases. Any model that successful rolls To Wound the model with Vile armour in combat must then make an Armour Save or lose a Wound themselves. These armour saves are resolved after all other models have attacked. Models killed because of Vile armour count towards the combat resolution.