World Stats

Name: Gip'Sum
Aestimare: G1000
  • 9.73% Phosphorus
  • 9.32% Sulphur
  • 8.63% Liquid Vapor
  • 5.63% Radon
  • 4.51% Tellurium
  • 3.40% Xenon
  • 26.19% Nitrogen
  • 2.30% Argon
  • 14.78% other
  • 14.30% Oxygen
  • 1.21% Molybdenum

Celestial Type: Daemon world [excommunicate traitoris]
Gravity Ratio: 93.2% of Terra's
Human Structures: Unknown
Status: Awaiting exterminatus
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: Unknown

A world of jagged rock and flowing rivers of diseased, discoloured waters make up the surface of Gip'Sum.

The rock itself is covered in bright yellow lichen which serves as the only staple food source for the hordes of Plague Marines which dwell there.

Within hours of stepping foot on the world is to become bloated and diseased beyond all hope of recovery. For would-be invaders, this natural defence makes Gip'Sum an unattractive prospect.

The few who have seen its surface and lived tell of horrid creatures which roam the surface in search of the fallen in the hopes of devouring their rotten flesh to continue their own blighted existence. Known simply as carrion, these creatures can take many forms, from horribly scarred plague zombies to swarms of plague worms, carrion fly to daemonically infused husks.

But to many, the carrion at not the worst facet to existence on Damius' daemon world, it is the bleak outlook and jagged spires of rock which make the world unattractive, bland and bleak outlook which is often not worth a second look.

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