The Plague Scorpion

The Plague Scorpion, flagship of Lord Damius

Lord Damius’ flagship, the Plague Scorpion is one of the more mysterious vessels to be seen in the Four Winds fleets. Having seen action in numerous separate conflicts, and in countless solar systems within the Imperium. This has led the Imperium to place a high value on the Plague Scorpion, and in some extreme cases, numerous Imperial officials have offered bounties for the destruction of this vessel.

The Plague Scorpion itself was constructed on the hull of a captured Imperial warship, and was extended to carry additional armaments, making the Plague Scorpion on of the most dangerous vessels in the Four Winds fleets to exchange a broadside with.

However, this comes at a price, for the Plague Scorpion is a hunted vessel. The mere rumour that the Plague Scorpion is operating in an area will draw the attentions of the Fists of Flame Astartes Chapter and their considerable fleet assets. This has led to numerous reports of the vessel being destroyed, although no actual trace has been found to confirm these reports.