A detailed timeline of the Chaos Space Marine army, the Plague Wind.

Relics Found on Tarsiss III

Hundreds of relics are found on Tarsiss III after being thought lost following the Horus Heresy.

Counted amongst the relics are the White Saber, the Book of Grimgor and the Brazer of Enlightenment

Gemiel and Alica are inducted

One by the name of Gemiel, along with her sister, Alica, are inducted into the Order of the Sacred Heart on Tarsiss III

First War of Tarsiss III

Gemiel returns with a small Emperor's Children army after fully embracing Slaaneshi ideals.

She begins to wage war upon her former Order but is finally forced off world by a concerted effort by the Fists of Flame and the ordered personal army of Inquisitor Holt

Iysudann Reclaimed

Gemiel first steps foot on the daemon world of Iysudann, and with the aid of her Emperor's Children, destroys the Dark Eldar presence there

Gyiuna Block Wars


Huegan Tithe Wars


The Great War of Walfen

The Four Winds of Chaos descend upon the world of Walfen.

Within weeks, the world is brought to it's knees as Slaaneshi, Nurgle and Khornate kill squads lay waste to all that oppose them.

Tzeentchian troops are seen descending into the polar arsenals of Walfen.

Inquisitor Holt and Mintus are both seen on Walfen during this time

Great War of Walfen Ends

The Great War of Walfen ends as combined forces of Blood Angels and Dark Angels descend upon the Chaos forces, smashing the iron grip on the world' Inquisitor Holt declares the populous of Walfen excommunicate and puts the world to death by virus bombing

Inquisitor Mintus Dies

Inquisitor Mintus dies at the hands of Canoness Gemiel, despite Holt's best efforts to sway his younger companion from open conflict with the Canoness

Work Begins On The Twin Comets

Gemiel begins the retro-fit of the Twin Comets of Gemiel

Ilian Strike

Canoness Gemiel attacks the Imperial world of Ilian

Twin Comets Sighted

The Twin Comets of Gemiel are involved in their first engagement against the Imperial Navy in the Puylor system.

Despite sustaining numerous hits, they are left crippled but not destroyed whilst the Imperial forces were forced to disengage after the Khorne fleet of Arnell strike from the Warp

Huinin Gate Wars


Battle of Yuni


Cha'Mont'Yr War

Vicious war which saw Canoness Gemiel attains daemonhood

War of Cha'Mont'Yr ends


Attack on Triasta

Canoness Gemiel is attacked by Necrons and narrowly escapes with her life