Born into a family beneath a corrupt political official, by the time Gemiel was old enough to talk, she quickly learned that her life would be marred by strife and intrigue.

Inter-family politics made her life exceptionally difficult, as her siblings, two brothers and three sisters strove for acceptance beneath an uncaring father and politically charged views of their mother.

It was not until the sudden appearance of one known as Mung that life would change for both Alica and Gemiel. Seeing Gemiel’s father as the only real threat to Mung’s rise to power, Mung threatened Gemiel’s family and eventually carried out his threat. It was only by chance that Gemiel and Alica lived. They had returned home late that night to find the corpses of their brothers, father and their sister dead and their mother weeping by their bodies with a mortal wound weeping in her side.

It was their mother’s death wish to see their killer brought to justice and that they would end the political strife on Tarsiss III.

With the death of their mother at such a young age, the two girls begun a new life at the Schola Progenium and by the time they left at the age of sixteen, they were quickly inducted into the Adepta Sororitas.

With their training complete, Gemiel got her chance to exact her vengeance upon the murderer of her family. Tasked with ensuring the safety of who had become Lord Mung, Gemiel quickly brought about his death by staging an accident which was cunningly executed, leaving her exempt from all responsibility.

With her mother’s wishes now all but complete, Gemiel became tired with life as a Sororitas, despite both her and her sister Alica being elevated to the role of Celestian and their new task was to protect the Order’s Canoness Superior.

Inquisitorial Involvement

Gemiel’s father had a lasting legacy, as not only was he corrupt, often providing known criminals with official pardons in exchange for ill-gotten gains, but he was also one of the founding member of one of the prominent underground cults.

As Inquisitor Holt investigated the cult, known to those who knew of its existence as the Cult of the Emerald Talon, he uncovered the links to Gemiel and Alica’s father. The Inquisitor quickly ascertained the fate of Gemiel’s father and of the two sisters.

Seeking the twin sisters out amongst the Convent they had joined, Holt forced Gemiel’s hand.

In the face of being found guilty for her own misdeeds in her past, and fearing the over-zealous reputation of the Inquisition, Gemiel fled.

Gemiel secured transport off world with the aid of a fellow traitor, Maximus Adual. As the Imperial forces closed in around Gemiel’s transport, a fleet comprising of both Khorne and Nurgle craft engaged the Imperials, and Gemiel was able to make transit into the Warp despite suffering damage to the engines.



Wandering within the Eye of Terror, Gemiel came upon a band of Emperor’s Children who had been driven from their Daemon World by the minions of the Blood God. Aided by mysterious Dark Eldar raiders, Gemiel managed to secure a position of power amongst the Emperor’s Children war band and as her first action as Lord, she retook the daemon world of Iysudann.

The world returned to a way it was before becoming under the sway of Khorne, Iysudann emerged as a paradise within the Eye of Terror.

With each passing day, Gemiel’s power grew as word spread of another Champion of Slaanesh, and she secured the services of several allies. Amongst them was Lord Adual who had knowledge, which would change Gemiel’s fate.

She was told of Arnell, and of Damius and the promise of power that only the slaying of the only blood relative she had left could bring. She must kill her sister to attain the fate set out for her, to rise to daemonhood.

Therefore, the First War for Tarsiss III was set in motion.


First War for Tarsiss III

Mustering a fleet, Gemiel set her gaze on her home world of Tarsiss III and as her fleet settled into orbit, Gemiel adorned her armour, ready for the coming attack.

Descending from orbit, the main bulk of the attack struck at her former Convent, the Fortressium Majoris. The defences of the Fortressium Majoris held for six days, and only when Gemiel had committed the last of her reserves were the walls finally breached.

She faced her sister in single combat after slaying the Canoness Superior, Othillia, and despite her best efforts, she was forced to withdraw as Adeptus Astartes begun to arrive.

Retreating to her vessel, Gemiel withdrew back to the Eye of Terror, but it would forever be remembered by Gemiel as a failure, one which would take centuries for her to get another chance to correct.


It would not be until the attack on the Imperial world of Coldo that Gemiel’s name would resurface to the fore of Imperial consciousness. Leading an even larger of Emperor’s Children then she had led during the First War for Tarsiss III, Gemiel struck with alarming speed.

Within the first hour, she had secured a foothold on the world, laying waste to the greatest threats to her army from orbit. As the civil population routed the main cities, Gemiel consolidated her grip on the world. The few Planetary Defence Force garrisons left were quickly destroyed.

Unseen forces begun to move behind the scenes as the world turns to chaos. Beginning in the southern cities and spreading quickly, word spread amongst the civilian population to resist, fighting the invaders.

Seemingly overnight, the world of Coldo had turned on the Emperor’s Children, no longer were the populace seen as insignificant scum, but had formed militias tasked with fighting a gorilla warfare against the forces of Chaos.

After a serious of closely fought attacks against Gemiel’s weakest points, Gemiel assigned the task of putting down this new rebellion to her most trusted Lieutenant, Xanuu.

Concealing himself behind a heavy robe, Xanuu infiltrated an Ogryn work gang. He eventually learning of the existence of an Imperial Saint that had come to Coldo to aid the Imperial cause. As he learned more and more of the living Saint which had inspired the populace to fight for their lives, Xanuu was discovered for his true purpose and although Xanuu was mortally wounded during the fighting, he had got what he had learned to Gemiel in time for her to act.

With Gemiel’s interest piqued by this sudden change of events, Gemiel ordered new offensives, each more cruel then the last, each designed to bring the Saint out of hiding.

It worked.

One of 274th day of the conflict, on the fields of Manlor, Gemiel faced off against the living Saint which had raised a fanatical army of zealots. When the traitor Canoness joined the battle, Gemiel sought out this Saint personally, her intent on slaying this foul abomination of the Emperor with her own weapon, the Black Destroyer.

The Saint

Confronting the Saint, Gemiel was pleasantly surprised to find it was no real Saint, but her sister Alica, who had come to Coldo covertly to help fight Gemiel.

Once again, the battle between the two sisters was fierce, neither willing to give any ground to their sibling.

A dark miasma begun to form around the two sisters whilst they fought. When the dark portal had formed, the battle took on a turn for the worse. Emerald green skiffs begun to dart from the newly opened aperture, and within the first minutes of this new enemy appearing, hundreds had been taken, plunked from the battlefield on large barbed chains, or tackled to the ground by green armoured Wych’s.

The Dark Eldar raiding force continued to spill from the portal, sowing chaos amongst the rabble of zealots and with the fire from the Emperor’s Children lessening with every passing minute, Gemiel was forced to fall back to regroup.

When Gemiel re-entered the fray an hour later, the battlefield had changed dramatically. Gone were the hordes of fanatical zealots wishing to bring death to the minions of Chaos. In their place were charred and horribly mutilated corpses, and the few survivors spoke of a crushing Dark Eldar attack, with whole droves of Raider transports and Ravagers appearing from the blasted Webway portal.

Of Alica, there was no sign and that day, Gemiel vowed to find her sister and if she still lived, to kill her herself.

With no further reason to continue her presence on Coldo, Gemiel returned to the Eye of Terror.


Walfen, like Tarsiss III, was a shrine world and important point of pilgrimage to the surrounding sub-sectors, with a great many utilizing the thriving star port in orbit.

When the world attracted the attentions of all four Lords of the Four Winds, it was its cultural significance that drew Gemiel. She had often been told of the Guardian Saint Marcelian as a young child who had traveled to Tarsiss III as a young boy and that he had originally came from Walfen.

Gemiel plundered the sacred sites, raising a great many to the ground out of spite and put many of the Adepta Sororitas tasked with the defence of the ancient Shrine of Marcelian to death in ritual pyres after removing their eyes.

It was the corpse of Marcelian itself that had drawn Gemiel, and she was the first to come upon the corpse which was as fresh as the day it was interned behind the ancient stasis field designed to preserve the body of the Saint.

It is said that when Gemiel released the body of Marcelian, it came to life and attacked her, and on some levels, it was true. Marcellian was a renowned psyker in his life, and the fables surrounding his internment suggested that he was not dead when he was placed in the ancient field, merely mortally wounded.

It was not chance then that the Tzeentchian Lord Adual was there to help Gemiel defend against the considerable psychic onslaught of Marcelian as life returned to him.

Many believe Adual’s presence there at the time was a favour to Gemiel, and that Gemiel knew the tales of Marcelian’s continued survival in stasis, and that there is supporting evidence of this as these events reportedly happened after the battle on the fields of Culjit.

 What is known was that Marcelian was slain and his sacrifice was used to leave a trap for the Imperial forces. His considerable presence in the Warp gave substance to a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, and the daemonic transformation of Marcelian’s body was to take place when the Imperials entered the Shrine.

There are reports substantiating this claim for the Ordo: Malleus declared the world fit only for Exterminatus following a short investigation into the Shrine.


Even as the legacy of Gemiel passes into legend, she would not go out into the night. She returned to the fore of Imperial consciousness during the Cha’Mont’Yr War.

On the Tau world of Cha’Mont’Yr, Gemiel’s forces would become part of the Chaos fleet sent to that blighted world, secure in the knowledge that it would be where Alica would be drawn to when word spread to the Imperium of her presence.

In the master stroke by the Tzeentchian Lord Adual, Gemiel was given her prize, and during the conflict involving all the Lords of the Four Winds, Gemiel fought her sister once again.

In the midst of the greatest battle for Cha’Mont’Yr, the two forces of Alica and Gemiel collided in a vicious bloody melee. Alica and her sisters refused to let Gemiel past into the Tau city of Los’Vash, but that was not the point. Gemiel’s sole goal was to kill her sister.

Chaos, Imperial and Tau alike were being culled in vast numbers all around the Tau city, but by the day’s end, the Tau and Imperials had withdrawn to within the city limits, but the Adepta Sororitas under Alica’s command kept firm at the city gates. The city gates were also where the greatest concentration of Gemiel’s forces was located.

By nightfall, the two sisters met face to face under the grand archway to Los’Vash. This time, with nothing to stop her, Gemiel unleashed the full force of her might against her sister and this time, she was successful. The Black Destroyer plunged into Alica’s body and as her spirit departed and was consumed by She Who Thirsts, Gemiel was elevated to daemonhood.

By the time the Imperial counter-attack came, all that was left of Alica’s body was a dry, dead husk and Alica’s body was entombed in the Fortressium Majoris on Tarsiss III as one of its greatest heroes at the personal request of Inquisitor Holt of the Ordo: Hereticus.