Champion Nein


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Nein was a Veteran Sergeant within the Emperor's Children Legion during the Great Crusade, and during that time, his long decline into decadence had been a ponderously slow one.

It was not until the time of Gemiel that he saw his deliverance and his salvation. Forsaking the wanton acts of pleasure he had been partaking in to sate the whims of his decaying soul, Nein was born anew and quickly became enamoured by Gemiel.

Some say this affection grew rapidly, filling Nein's every conscious thought until it consumed him, leaving his soul a shallow husk.

Eventually, Gemiel took pity on the faithful Champion and asked a great favour from her patron master, Slaanesh.

With a brilliant radiance that seared the eyes of twenty of Gemiel's finest warriors and miraculously leaving Gemiel unharmed, Nein's soul was restored, forever bound to Gemiel's.

When the Dark Eldar Archite Drael'Kaen approached Gemiel offering her forces in exchange for a ready supply of slaves and prisoners, it was Nein who brokered the deal, winning for himself considerable respect from the Archite, and as an act of good faith, she granted him a rare gift, the services of a number of Dark Eldar Haemonculi.

Lieutenant Vancue

Vancue, the Silent Blade, was amongst Gemiel’s number during the Sallind Crusade. It was then that earned him the greatest favour with his patron and mistress, Gemiel.

It was Vancue that slew the Khorne Champion Hedross in single combat in the open fields around the Capital city of Sallind. If Vancue had not slain the champion of Khorne, the implications of Hedross’ advance were clear to all at the time.

It could of lost Gemiel the Campaign, and possibly her life if Vancue had shown any hesitation in his duty to Gemiel. Hedross’ charge across the salt flats was what Imperial tacticians that were present were waiting for, hoping to evacuate the Imperial autocracy and as much of the citizenry as possible. However, Vancue had decimated the Khorne’s resolve with the loss of their first Lieutenant, allowing Gemiel to maintain an iron grip upon the Imperial city for a further eighteen months, eventually slaying most of the population and forcing the astrocacy into hiding as a result.

After the events, it took a further twenty three years to restore normal trade routes through that system after the collapse of that world.

It was believed that Vancue later went onto daemonhood, eventually becoming a lesser daemon prince over the world of Ulran, perhaps a gift from Gemiel herself, although he still actively fights beneath Gemiel should she deem it necessary to bring her former subordinate into the fray.

Unique Wargear:

Haemonculus Krael'Loc: As a sign of their mutual trust, Archite Drael'Kaen granted Gemiel the services of some of her loyal Haemonculi. Their talents not only extend to inflicting pain and suffering, but also their expert knowledge of chemical compounds and their effects allows them to create and administer potent drugs capable of heightening even the already enhanced biology of an Astartes.

Krael'Loc may be modelled on a separate base, but for all intents and purposes the two are inseparable and Krael'Loc cannot be targeted, nor can he attack directly. If Nein is removed, Krael'Loc is also removed.

Krael'Loc's knowledge of combat drugs has already been included in Nein's profile.

In addition, when Nein uses his doom siren, it benefits from +1 Strength as Krael'Loc adds his own weapon, a Haemonculus Destructor's to the attack.

Special Rules:

Bound to Gemiel: Mythos is eternally bound to Gemiel.

Nein may only be fielded if Gemiel is already included in the army.

In addition, if Gemiel is killed, then Nein immediately suffers D3 Wounds with no save possible (not even Invulnerable saves!).

Likewise, if Nein is killed, then Gemiel will immediately suffer D3 Wounds with no save possible. All Wounds caused in this way will not count towards any Combat Resolution score (i.e. if Gemiel dies in the Assault Phase and Nein is also in combat, and suffers 3 Wounds, then only Wounds caused by the enemy will be counted towards who won the combat).

Slaanesh Disciple: Nein is a capable leader and may be accompanied by his own hand-picked retinue.

To represent this, Nein may be accompanied by a unit of Noise Marines or by Chaos Terminators.

If he leads a squad of Noise Marines, then the following restrictions apply: the squad may not include a Plague Champion and the unit must number ten or more models.

If he leads a squad of Chaos Terminators, then the following restrictions apply: the squad must have an Icon of Slaanesh.

Both Nein and the unit he leads count as a single unit for the purposes of deployment, the Force Organisation Chart and unit coherency.

Champion Nein95 points



  • Troops

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • Nein, Krael'Loc and his unit (see special rules)


  • Doom siren
  • Haemonculus Krael'Loc
  • Pair of lightning claws
  • Terminator armour

Special Rules:

  • Bound to Gemiel
  • Fearless
  • Mark of Slaanesh (bonus included above)
  • Slaanesh Disciple

Psychic Powers:

  • Warptime

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