Slaaneshi Gifts

These Wargear items and abilities may be taken by Daemon Princes, Noise Champions, Lords, Sorcerers and Aspiring Champions who have the Mark of Slaanesh.

The cost for each upgrade is noted below, with the first number presented being the cost paid by Daemon Princes, Chaos Lords and Sorcerers. The second is for Noise Champions and Aspiring Champions.

Concubine: The model is followed by a ritual partner that is quite beautiful. The concubine has the same profile as a Lesser Daemon and must always remain within unit cohercy of the model purchased for. Should the model who the concubine was bought for die, then also remove the concubine as she no doubt flees the battlefield. Concubines also move as Infantry.

Hellshriek: The model can emit a ear piercing shriek of pure Warp energy that blurs reality. This ability can be used once per game and when used, all daemons on the table gain +2 to their Initiative and any daemons awaiting to arrive gain +1 to the roll. Only a single model can ever have this ability.

Mark of Slaanesh Ascended: The Slaanesh Lord is a truely blessed in the eyes of Slaanesh, and has spread more plagues in his wake then any other follower. The Mark of Slaanesh Ascended replaces the normal Mark of Slaanesh on the Daemon Prince. The Mark of Slaanesh Ascended grants the bearer a 4+ Invulnerable save, +1 Wound and the Slaanesh Lord is also covered in an aura of animosity. Any model fighting the model with the Mark of Slaanesh Ascended halves their WS when resolving their attacks.

Rapturous Aura: The Champion is radiates pleasurable energy and overwhelms those nearby. Any model (friend or foe) within 2" of the model with rapturous aura is at -1 Attack to a minimum of 1.

Tormentor Armour: The Champion wears a suit that contains the bound Slaaneshi armour that warps, bends and shifts into suggestive forms. Any non-Slaaneshi model (i.e. models that don't have the Mark of Slaanesh and non-Slaaneshi daemons) must charge the wearer of the armour if at all possible.