World Stats

Name: Iysudann
Aestimare: G1000
  • 39.45% Oxygen
  • 25.23% Helium
  • 17.65% Fluorine
  • 14.90% Tellurium
  • 0.90% Molybdenum
  • 0.90% Carbon Dioxide
  • 0.80% Argon
  • 0.17% other

Celestial Type: Daemon world [excommunicate traitoris]
Gravity Ratio: 119.1% of Terra's
Human Structures: Unknown
Status: Awaiting exterminatus
Tithe: Adeptus Non
Xenos Structure: Unknown

Iysudann appears to be an idyllic paradise deep within the Eye of Terror, but those foolish enough to think as such would be quickly cast down into subjugation or find their entrails spread across a sacrificial alter by the world's deadly inhabitants.

The world itself has a moderate climate, with large rolling fields, but those who look deeper will find barrack temples spread throughout the land.

Anyone not willing to submit to Gemiel's unquestioning rule whilst on Iysudann will only find a death filled with pain and if they are really lucky, they will find.

Iysudann itself stands ten thousand kilometres from Iunsan, and as such, enjoys relative protection from Lord Arnell's fleet. However, this is not without risk as on a small number of occasions, Gemiel's daemon has come under Khornate attack direct from Iunsan, but they have been short-lived affairs.

Wildlife on Iysudann takes many forms, from the savage great plains wild dogs to the large lumbering spire snakes and grassland hunting spiders, of which the venom is taken and distilled into a potent combat drug for use by the Emperor's Children.

World view of IysudannWorld view of Iysudann