Warhammer 40,000 Timeline

A detailed timeline of the Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Galaxy Wide Catastrophe

Faced with extinction, the Necrons constructed metal bodies as repositories for their hyper-advanced minds.

To weather the impending galatic bio-meltdown the Necrons constructed huge stasis chambers to shelter inside.

NOTE: The C'tan are believed to have caused the near-extinction of life in the galaxy at this time.

The Emperor is born in Central Anatolia


Roman Empire

The Chaos powers, Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle awake to full consciousness by the end of the Middle Ages

Eldar learn secrets of warp technology from the Slann

Old Slann culture dies out.

Slann warn Eldar of the fall

Beginning of Second Epoch


The Chaos powers awaken

The Chaos powers , Khorne, Tzeentch and Nurgle awaken to full consciousness by the end of the Middle Ages

Warp discovered

Scientific advances of the third and subsequent millennia bring some knowledge of the warp to humans

Mars terraformed


Mars settled

Mars is settled by humanity.

Humanity begins to colonise nearby systems

Humanity begins to colonise nearby solar systems using conventional sub-light spacecraft.

At first, progress is painfully slow.

Separated from Terra by up to ten generations in travel time, the new colonies have to survive on local resources.

The Dark Age of Technology

Discovery of warp drives accelerates the colonisation process and the early independent or corporate colonies become federated to Terra.

The first alien races are encountered.

The development of the Navigator gene allows human pilots to make longer and faster 'jumps' through warp space than was previously thought possible.

The great Navigator families, initially controlled by industrial and trading cartels, become a power base in their own right.

Humanity continues to explore and colonise the galaxy.

Contacts are established with the Eldar and other alien races.

A golden age of scientific achievement begins.

Perfection of the Standard Template Construct (STC) system now permits an almost explosive expansion to the stars

Keeper Cripias comments on Humanity

The Golden Race of Men become depended on the Stone Race of Men and their artifices, as such the Stone Men prevail.

Sometime within the next 5,000 years the Men of Stone create the Iron Men to help in the building of their Empire.

Humanity explores and settles the galaxy following the discovery of warp drives allowing more rapid dispersion, first alien races encountered.

All done in less than 1000 years.

Navigator gene isolated, Navigators are powerful psykers able to pilot ships through the warp, and so warp travel becomes even faster.

Navigator families and cartels become powerful political entities.

The Expansion of Humanity covers most of the galaxy, Standard Template Construct (STC) system is perfected to aid new colonies.

Titans are developed for rapid land movement.

Squat history begins with the Age of Founding.

The mining colonies of the Home Worlds are in constant contact with Terra and the Squats show no distinction from normal Humans

Alien wars

Mankind encounters and fights with Orks and Eldar

Age of Strife

Humanity reaches the far edges of the galaxy, completing the push to the stars begun over ten thousand years before.

Human civilisation is now widely dispersed and divergent - with countless small colonies as well as many large, overpopulated planets.

Localised wars and disputes with various alien races, notably the Orks, but pose no threat to the overall stability of the human-colonised world.

Then two things happen almost simultaneously.

First, humans with psychic powers begin to appear on almost every colonised world.

Second, civilisation starts to disintegrate under the stress of widespread insanity, daemonic possession, and internecine strife between these new 'psykers' and the rest of humanity.

Countless fanatical cults and organisations spring up to persecute the psykers as witches, and/or degenerate mutants.

At this time, the existence of the creatures of the warp (later known and feared as daemons), and the dangers they pose to the human mind with newly awakened psychic powers, is far from understood.

Terrible wars tear human civilisation apart.

Localised empires and factions fight amongst themselves as well as against fleets of Orks, Tyranids, and other aliens whose forces are quick to seize the opportunity to sack human space.

Many worlds fall prey to the dominance of Warp Creatures whilst others revert to barbarism.

Humans survive only on those worlds where psykers are suppressed or controlled.

During this time, Terra is cut off from the rest of humanity by terrible warp storms, which isolate the home world for several thousand years, further accelerating the ruin of humanity.

The Eldar begin to seed their 'Maiden Worlds.


Horiax Treatise written

Horiax Treatise mentions genetic alteration techniques.

Appearance of abhumans Homo Sapiens Giganticus, Rotundus and Minimus

STC lost

Standard Template Constructs are lost.

First recoreded appearance of psychic powers in humans, and warp entities (daemons)

A probe is dispatched from Terra

The probe's mission is to reach the utmost limit of the universe (14,000 years later it has yet to begin its return trip and many of the signals identified sent by the probe have been Orkish in nature)

Civil war on Earth

No longer able to acquire sufficient food or resources and without access to the wider galaxy, Earth devolves into petty fiefdoms ruled by warlords.

Billions die as a result of war and starvation.

Grunhag the Flayer, Ork Warlord attacks the Squat Homeworlds with a huge fleet.

Many strongholds are wiped out by the Orks, the epic ballad "The Fall of Imbach" commemorates one such destruction.

This marks the beginning of Squat hostility towards Orks and distrust towards Eldar who stayed neutral in the conflict.

This marks the end of the Age of Trade and the beginning of the Age of Wars between Squats, Eldar and Orks.

Earliest modified warriors aid the Emperor in conquest of Terra

Great Crusade Begins

Earth is reunited under the Emperor The Emperor begins the slow push into space.

Upon his arrival on Mars, the Emperor is recognized as the Cult Mechanicus' Omnissiah of legend.

Birth of Slaanesh ends warp storms isolating planets in Imperium.

The twenty Primarchs are developed and are scattered across galaxy by Chaos powers before fully grown.

The Great Crusade begins.

Each of the Primarchs rediscovered

Altercation between Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Night Haunter

An ancient text details an altercation between the Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Night Haunter

Grabya's Theorem written

Grabya's Theorem demonstrates how Primarch genetic data could be used to stabilise genetic development of Space Marines.

Great Crusade continues.

Sorian's Inductus Excelsus shows requirements for more warriors is vast.

Accelerated gene-culturing techniques implemented, reducing processing time to create Space Marine to one year.

However, accelerated gene-seed has unseen fundamental flaws.

Astronomican Founding of the Astronomican, a psychic navigation beam directed by the Emperor himself.

Interstellar travel becomes easier and quicker.

Eldar Shrine of Asur founded.

Magnus the Red compiles the so-called Book of Magnus, also known as the Book of the Thousand Sons, filled with arcane lore from across the galaxy.

The Craftworld of Altansar is swallowed into the warp leaving only Maugan Ra

Ulrain is Inducted

The young initiate which will become Capatain Ulrain of the Dark Angels 23rd Company is inducted into the Dark Angels Legion

Lunar Wolves renamed Sons of Horus


Karis Cephalon rediscovered

The planet known as Karis Cephalon is rediscovered during the Great Crusade

Damius Falls

Damius quickly attains the rank of Veteran within the ranks of the Death Guard.

By the time the Horus Heresy breaks out, Damius has already secured his pact with the Chaos god Nurgle

The Horus Heresy

Nearly half of the Space Marine legions turn on the Emperor and follow Horus.

Horus is defeated by the Emperor.

Traitor Legions are driven into the Eye of Terror.

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines, compiles the first Codex Astartes which lays down new organisational doctrine

Tarsiss System Rediscovered

The Tarsiss system is rediscovered and brought to compliance by the Word Bearer's Legion.

Scouring of Istvaan III

Warmaster Horus, with the Worldeaters, Emperors Children, Death Guard and Thousand Son's Marines virus bomb and suppress a minor rebellion.

Loyal marines aboard Frigate Einstein escape with news of Horus's corrupt activities.

Horus Heresy begins .

After several months, the Emperor orders seven legions of Marines to assault Istvaan III.

Iron Warriors, Night lords, Word Bearers and Alpha legions defect to Horus, the other three are destroyed.

Marines fight Marines all over the galaxy.

Space Wolves attack Thousand Sons homeworld of Prospero forcing the Thousand Sons to declare for Horus and flee to the Eye of Terror, during the pursuit the thirteenth company of the Space Wolves is lost in the warp.

Scyrak the Slaughterer kills the Chief Librarian of the Worldeaters as the Legion turns to the worship of Khorne

Siege of Earth

Horus lays siege to the Imperial palace.

Defenders are overwhelmed and forced back to the Ultimate Gate.

The Blood Angels hold at the Ultimate Gate.

The Emperor, Rogal Dorn and Sanguinius teleport onto Horus's battle barge.

Sanguinius is separated from the Emperor and finds Horus first.

Horus offers him a place by his side but Sanguinius refuses and is slain.

The Emperor then kills Horus and is so badly wounded that he is incarcerated within the Golden Throne.

Iron Warriors Traitor Legion virus bomb Tallarn and lay siege to the planet.

Reinforcements pour in from both sides of the conflict.

Although the Imperium is eventually victorious, casualties are severe, such as the Ultramarines with only 1 in 10 surviving.

Battle of Molech - Three Titan Legions and over a hundred Imperial Guard regiments and Knight households defend Molech against the Warmaster Horus and his armies.

Knights of the Ruling Household (Devine) are seduced by Slaanesh during the initial stages, and betray Imperial forces during the main Chaos assault.

Only 1 in 100 Imperial soldiers survive the battle, the future Daemon Knights of Slaanesh daemonic war machines are from House Devine.

The Emperor's Children fall upon the civilian population turning more than a million prisoners into an array of drugs for their pleasure.

Great scouring.

Rebel forces throughout the galaxy are exterminated (Chaos forces known as Traitor Legions retreat to the eye of terror.


This marks the end of the Horus Heresy

High Lords of Terra convene

The High Lords of Terra convene to provide guidance for Humanity in the wake of the Emperor's ascension to the Golden Throne.

Ulrain Becomes Lost

Captain Ulrain of the Dark Angels Legion obsconds with a stolen Rapid Strike craft and gets lost in the Warp.

Codex Astartes Compiled

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines Legion, compiles the first Codex Astartes.

This volume lays down new organisational doctrine.

This results in the Second Founding of Space Marines.

Loyal Space Marine Legions are broken down into smaller Chapters, each numbering roughly 1,000 fighting troops, so that no one master can wield as much power as Horus did.

23 new chapters are created.

One Chapter retains name and heraldry of Legion, other Chapters renamed and given icons and uniforms as detailed in Codex Astartes.

The Grey Knights were created at this time as a Chapter specifically to destroy daemons.

Worldeaters fight Emperor's Children on the daemon world of Skalathrax.

Kharn's betrayal shatters once united Worldeater Legion into separate, roving warbands

Leman Russ Vanishes

Primarch Leman Russ of the Space Wolves takes his most favored retainers and departs from the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, never to be seen or heard from again except in visions His armor is discovered during the second Great Hunt at the Temple of Horus on Rudra, a world on the edge of the Eye of Terror

Bjorn the Fell Handed is elected leader of the Space Wolves

The surviving Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves gather together and elect Bjorn their leader, awarding him the title Great Wolf.

Bjorn gathers together the Chapter and announces the Great Hunt in an attempt to find Leman Russ.

The Great Hunt ends in failure and sadness

Vindicator created

Vindicator created during third Rothern I pacification of the Great Heresy

First Battle of Cadia


1st Black Crusade

Tarsiss III is the only world in the region of space that would later become known as the 'Belt of Fire' to not fall to Chaos.

Living Saint Alica of Tarsiss III is proclaimed by newly formed Inquisition and the Ecclessiarchy for her stalwart defence of the world, leading to Tarsiss III becoming a Shine world and also known as the Shrinehold.

Cleansing of Laeran

Scribe First Order Wendel Voss records the Cleansing of Laeran in which the alien Laer are wiped out by the Emperor's Children led by Fulgrim

Worlds near Fenris burn

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons launches a series of devastating raids on the worlds near Fenris in revenge for Prospero.

As well, Magnus taunts the Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm in visions.

An obsessed Ironhelm assaults what he believes to be the Thousand Sons' secret base on Gangava.

In reality, the Thousand Sons' Fleet besieges Fenris.

For forty days and forty nights, the defenders under the leadership of the Dreadnought Bjorn the Fell-Handed hold them off as a force of scouts under Haakon Blackwing are dispatched to Gangava and Harek.

Shamed and furious, Harek Ironhelm meets Magnus in battle on the slopes of the Fang itself.

Although he inflicts a terrible wound on Magnus, Harek is overcome and his crypt later becomes a shrine to the Space Wolf Rune Priests

Danitun system colonised

The Danitun system is first colonised by the rogue trader Halgar Danitun.

It was lost for millennia due to warp storms out in the galactic west.

Relics Found on Tarsiss III

Hundreds of relics are found on Tarsiss III after being thought lost following the Horus Heresy.

Counted amongst the relics are the White Saber, the Book of Grimgor and the Brazer of Enlightenment

Order of the Sacred Heart Founded

Order of the Sacred Heart is founded on the world of Tarsiss III to guard against Chaos incursions and to guard the many religious relics found on that world.

Halgar Danitun laid to rest

Halgar Danitun, who discovered the Danitun system in the wake of a millennia long warp storm is finally laid to rest on Danitun Prime

Damasko ponders on the nature of Chaos

Inquisitor Damasko postulates that by reference to the Chaos Gods and associated daemons, other deities must have champions, possess worshippers, influence mortals or temporarily create manifestations in the form of daemons

Temple of the Saviour Emperor recognised

Temple of the Saviour Emperor recognised as the official religion of the Imperium

Warp Storm Hillion erupts

The Warp storm Hilion erupts into being, cutting off the Danitun system completely from the rest of the Imperium

Primarchs Vanish

Last of the Space Marine Primarchs dies (or disappears)

Danitun Dragoons born

The Dragoons are born on Danitun as a small standing army of highly trained bodyguards for the ruling family of Danitun

The Beast Arises


The Beheading

The High Lords of Terror are slain to a man by the orders of Drakan Vangorich who was later killed by a retribution strike force created from the Sable Swords, Halo Brethern and Imperial Fist Chapters.

Ecclesiarch Veneris II becomes a High Lord of Terra

First member of the Monistorum to be so honoured.

Order of the Sacred Heart Renamed

Order of the Sacred Heart gets renamed after their leading Canoness, Alica the 1st, was ritually raped and sacrificed following an incursion by the Slaanesh worshipers of the Emperor's Children

Naogeddon catalogues

Rogue Trader Xiatal Parnevue first catalogues Naogeddon from orbit

Warp Storm Hilion abates

The first signs of Warp storm Hilion abating just long enough for a small Imperial army to be sent through to make contact with the Danitun system.

However, they are lost when the Warp storm closes the gap once again.

Within the year, they are fully intregrated into the Danitun Guard

The First Firestorm


Twelve Danitun regiments raised

The twelve Danitun Guard regiments are formalised based upon the Imperial army model as seen by tentative exploratory vessels sent out from Danitun Prime.

Second Founding Chapters Named

Apocrypha of Davio lists the following as Second Founding Chapters: Dark Angels - Angels of Absolution, Angels of Redemption, Angels of Vengeance.

White Scars - Marauders, Rampagers, Destroyers, Storm Lords.

Space Wolves - Wolf Brothers.

Imperial Fists - Black Templars, Crimson Fists.

Blood Angels - Angels Encarmine, Angels Sanguine, Angels Vermilion, Blood Drinkers, Fleshtearers.

Iron Hands - Red Talons, Brazen Claws.

Ultramarines - Novamarines, Patriarchs of Ulixis, White Consuls, Black Consuls, Libators, Inceptors, Praetors of Orpheus, Genesis Chapter.

Salamanders - None Known.

Raven Guard - Black Guard, Revilers, Raptors

The War of the Confessor


The Last Yoyage of Admiral Usurs

The High Lords send the powerful Admiral Usurs on a quest to conquer intergalatic gulf after he became too powerful to assassinate without inciting a civil war

Helion Attacked

Damius is seen leading a small Death Guard army against the hive world of Helion

The Blade of Infinity returns

The Blade of Inifinty returns after a twenty thousand year journey after being lost in the Warp

The Year of Ghosts

Bizarre occurrence where the dead rise up to defeat the terrors of the Warp

The Castile V Massacre

Lord Periclitor slaughters missionaries and the Sororitas

Karis Cephalon recognised

Adeptus Terra officially recognises new semi-democratic regime on Karis Cephalon

The Martyrdom of Saint Jerome

Periclitor kills Jerome at Tosak

Blood Angel deviancy reported

Inquisitor Damne reports on Blood Angels and successors follow unconventional and deviant gene-replication practices which has led to the debasement of their gene-seed Inquisitor Damne also reports on rumors of "Red Thirst" and "Black Rage.

" Dark Founding.

Unknown number or fate of chapters in this founding

Alcmena Nebula Wars


Rynn's World rediscovered

Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers Rynn's World

Badlanding rediscovered

Rogue Trader Uzieth Pallandro rediscovers

The Howling

An alien cyborg managed to enslave thirteen hundred human worlds via psychic means and was quickly slain by a Black Templar strike force

Age of Rediscovery

Rogue Trader Dausen makes contact with the Squat Home World, Terlaken B3 Svyz, and notifies the Imperium.

Orders for termination are suspended awaiting a reply and the dispatch of an Inquisition research team.

The following period of history is known to the Squats as the Age of Rediscovery

Mortifactors Chapter investigated

Imperial Frigate, Hand of Mercy, detects a distress call from Grendel's World in the Ysobael Cloud of the Eastern Fringes.

Scouts from the Mortifactors Space Marines investigate and report Night Lords are responsible for slaughtering the population

Sectoris Stabilis Mandate formalised

Sectoris Stabilis Mandate lays down tolerance limits for raiding activity

First sighting of Typhus

First sighting of Typhus and the Terminus Est following the defeat on Terra' Grimoire Hereticus reports those Legions who turned traitor during the Great Heresy

Techpriest Expedition Lost

Explorator Magos Dural Lavank's expedition lost on Naogeddon

Frateris Templar formed

Holy Synod moves to Ophelia VII, power of the Ministorum grows as Frateris Templar, the military offshoot of the Ministorum is formed

Tyross begins his Ascent

Tyross begins his ascent on the path of the Seer

Planet Angelis surveyed by Imperium


Quixos Declared Heretic and Extremis Diabolus

Inquisitor Eisenhorn declares Quixos all all his works Heretic and Extremis Diabolus

Quixos is Hunted Down

Adeptus Prefectus Primus Saul Megellan reports on alignment of alien pyramids on the planet Angelis.

Quixos hunted down and executed by cell of five Inquisitors led by Eisenhorn

Chaos Described by Jerome

Glaxia Daemonica Perpetua of Jerome describes Chaos and the Eye of Terror

Greigor XI Elected Ecclesiarch

Greigor XI announces that the Adeptus Ministorum would return to Earth as the true center of the Faith is Terra.

This and other reforms deplete the Ecclesiarchy's funds requiring an increase in tithes.

Greigor dies shortly afterwards from food poisoning

Adeptus Ministorum completes return to earth


Senatorum Imperialis declares new Space Marine Founding

Astral Claws founded with sole responsibility of guarding space lanes surrounding the Maelstrom

Farseer Tyross Ascendes to the Council

Tyross finally becomes Farseer and is given a seat amongst the ruling Council of the Cha'Los Craftworld

5th Armoured Terran Praefects Wiped Out

The last stand of the 5th Armoured Terran Praefects

T'au Discovered

First Imperial contact with primitive Tau on planet T'au by Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator vessel, Land's Vision.

The Lasgun becomes standard issue for the Imperial Guard.

The Cataclysm of Souls

The Ecclessiarchy begins to rebuild the Imperium using religion as the building blocks

Damius Inducted

The one that would become Lord Damius is inducted into the Death Guard

Tio Campaign


Age of Apostasy

Period known as the Age of Apostasy begins during which time the Administratum and the religious order of the Ecclesiarchy tore the Imperium apart from within.

Fire Hawks and other chapters are created with cursed gene seed.

Some chapters are mutated horribly.

Incidence of warp storms increases.

Imperium reels as Orks and other races rampage throughout a divided galaxy.

Sometime during this period the last of the Squat strongholds seceded from the Imperium.

"Mythos Angelica Mortis" detailing history/myths of Adeptus Astartes transcribed.

Adeptus Mechanicus discovers schematics for the Despoiler class on Barbarus' Cursed Founding.

Ork Space Hulk enters orbit around Corros


Chaplain Lestrallio Receives Vision

Longest recorded example of visions granted by the Black Rage to Chaplain Lestrallio

Darken Gate Wars


Kyafin Campaign


The Daem'Loc Craftworld joins the Cha'Los Eldar


Destruction of Huin


Lord Phaedrus is Assassinated

The Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, Lord Phaedrus, is assassinated by Lord Vandire, the Master of the Administratum.

Phaedrus could see through Vandires plots and deceits revealing his intentions

Decree Passive Sanctioned

In the anarchic Wars of Vindication the Grand Master of Assassins himself fell to the Assassin's knife.

Or so it appears, suspecting such a plot the true Grand Master had replaced himself with a loyal Callidus assassin.

After defeating Vandire's assassins in the conflict that involved nerve gases, neutronic warheads, and other banned weaponry the Grand Master departs into a self-imposed exile.

Thereafter, the High Lords took special care to control the Officio Assassinorum so that, in theory, only traitors and heretics need fear it today.

Upon the death of High Lord Vandire, Sebastian Thor becomes 292nd Ecclesiarch following a two-month trial at the hands of the High Lords of Terra.

Thor begins to reform the Adeptus Ministorum, including such items as the Decree Passive issued by High Lords of Terra forbidding the Ecclesiarchy from maintaining an "armed force of men".

The Frateris Templar are duly disbanded but the Daughters of the Emperor (Adepta Sororitas) remain.

Blood Angels Suspected

Incident on Rukh's Paradise, Amerialla Belt, where members of the local population are found drained of blood; Blood Angels stationed on planet

Sebastian Thor, 292nd Ecclesiarch Dies

Sebastian Thor, 292nd Ecclesiarch of the Adeptus Ministorum dies on Terra at the age of 112.

Over seventy million pilgrims file past the three-mile long passageway leading to his tomb in the first year alone.

Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII succeeds him.

Ecclesiarch Alexis XXII splits each of the Adepta Sororitas Convents into two Orders each, founding the Orders Militant of the Ebon Chalice, Valorous Heart, Fiery Heart and the Argent Shroud

Beelze Conflict

Relations of Imperium with Alaitoc Craftworld cease due to outbreak of Beelze Conflict.

Lexicos Aldus Mari is last diplomatic envoy to Alaitoc

Chapter Founded

Fists of Flame Chapter created due to a perceived need to establish a permanent presence in a region of space known as the Belt of Flame that borders the Eye of Terror.

Chapter command is placed in the capable hands of 14th Company Captain of the Imperial Fists at the time, Larn Judicar.

Viral Bombing of Falen

Falen declares open rebellion against the Imperium.

Imperial retribution is swift and mercilious as the fleet virus bombs the world with impunity,

Choltan 1st War

An Ork Waaagh ravages the jungle deathworld of Cholta for the 1st time.

FoF forces retaliate with immediate effect.

Ork forces believed vanquished.

Larn Judicar is Slain

Chapter Master Larn Judicar is slain during the first Ork invasion of Cholta.

Marx 'Flameborn' Firen assumes control of the Chapter in his stead.

Construction Begins

The vessel that will later become known as the Scourge of the Damned begins, taking almost two centuries to complete.

Marx Firen is Lost

Chapter Master Marx 'Flameborn' Firen is lost during the Nikvul Wars.

Maximus Aarn is called upon to assume the mantle of Chapter Master.

Xenos Assault on Vull

The first Ork Roks begin to be seen in the Vull system.

A small fleet is dispatched to deal with the emergent threat.

STC Quest

Chief Artisan Tilius begins search for working STC's


Adual contacts Lord Arnell and Lord Damius covertly, using the Ulrik the Herald

Battle of Redarin

The Hiveworld of Redarin comes under threat by Eldar pirates.

Two Imperial Guard Tarsissian Lancers regiments and a Cohort of Fists of Flame are deployed.

Fierce fighting is recorded across the world of Redarin until the xenos threat is finally driven back to their webway portals.

The Battle of Welnick breaks out

Adual is captured by the Dark Eldar, but is released when the Dark Eldar realise his true identity

Cuian Conflict


Chapter Master Aarn Dies

Chapter Master of the Fists of Flame, Maximus Aarn dies fighting Chaos.

Chapter Master Mathews Kalrin is named as his successor

Choltan 2nd War

The Orks return to Cholta from a neighbouring star system.

FoF fleet engages the Ork Roks, Terror cruisers and gunboats and manage to cripple the Ork invasion before making planetfall.

Cassell Rebellion

16th Armageddon Steel Legion end the Cassell Rebellion in less than six hours

Shranx Invaded

Chaos forces attack the isolated world of Skranx and subjugate the citizens.

Vast effigies to the dark gods are raised and subsequently destroyed during the FoF retaliation a month later.

The Sentry Vault Incident breaks out

Periclitor leading an army to Urus Prime reaches inner sanctum of the vault, best Grey Knights and receives favours from the Chaos gods

Oxenhope Falls

The Imperial world of Oxenhope falls to Orks despite a two month protracted campaign involving several Chapters including the Fists of Flame.

Quiernan Wars


Xalen Firepurge

The world of Kallrino undergoes seditionist uprising.

Fists of Flame forces are called in to quell the uprising at the request of the planetary governor and the event later becomes known as the 'Xalen Firepurge' after the Fists of Flame drop pods descend from orbit on the capital city of Xalen and eliminate the rebels in a single night of bloody massacres.

Dauin'Hunn Scourging


Razorback STC discovered by Tilius


Inquisitor Horst comments

"Liber Astartes states Ultramarines Legion is responsible for nearly 3/5ths of current Space Marine Chapters gene-core.

Angels of Wrath Chapter is eliminated by the Adeptus Ministorum following rejection of replacing its chaplains with Imperial missionaries and erased from Imperial records.

The only survivors are from the Tenth Company.

Explorator Magos Prime Holisen Zi's expedition lost on Naogeddon.

Liber Astartes written

Battle of Dyulin

Damius is discovered as being a latent psyker

Iunsan is taken over by Lord Arnell


Second War of Adrun


Battle of Suinn Gunn


The Great Cull

A systemic extermination begins, possibly because human populations have grown too big to sustain

Siege of Iujian

Lord Arnell is the first to teleport into the fiery heart of battle as the Dark Eldar of the Cult of the Emerald Talon launch a lightning raid against the Imperium.

Despite horrific casualities, the Imperium manages to hold off against both the Dark Eldar and the Khornate forces

G'Yin Scourging


Construction Begins on the True Domination

Arnell begins construction of True Domination at his orbital docks

The Acwen Tithe Riots

Imperial rule breaks down on Acwen entirely as Imperial citizens openly revolt against the increased local taxes.

A single Fists of Flame strike cruiser is sent and the rebellion is stopped when Mars Aran himself teleports to the site of the fiercest riot, flanked by the Hammer of Tarsiss.

Such a show of force quickly quells the rebellion in short order, allowing the overstretched PDF and local law enforcement officials to deal with the rioters effectively.

Mathews Kalrin is Slain

Mathews Kalrin the Great dies to poison during the celebration of the Xalen Firepurge on the world of Kallrino.

Kallrino burns shortly after.

Inquisitorial agents uncovers evidence of widespread anti-Imperial seditionist group amongst the populace.

With no direct successor, Chief Librarian Oaklan Zarrin assumes the mantle of Chapter Master whilst a formal replacement is brought before the Chapter Council.

Acting Chapter Master Oaklan Zarrin Accedes Office

Chief Librarian Oaklan Zarrin assumes the full mantle of Chapter Master following the wishes of the Chapter Council

Captain T'Sen begins his Crusade

Captain T'Sen begins his Crusade which ends on Armageddon

Scourging of Qyuin


The Abyssal Crusade

Thirty Space Marines Chapters are found wanting and are sentenced to a crusade into the Eye of Terror

Cleansing of Bundon


Choltan 3rd War

The Orks return to Cholta after rebuilding their strength.

This time, the Orks are barely repulsed after amassing a larger invasion fleet.

Arnell Travels to Canin

Arnell travels to Canin to see the Oracle and learns the location of Draek'Juin, his berserker glaive

Draek'Juin, is Found

Draek'Juin, is found by Lord Arnell, on the deserted world of Cathos

The Caion'Kril Craftworld joins the Cha'Los Eldar


Uun'Krill Battles


Gemiel and Alica are inducted

One by the name of Gemiel, along with her sister, Alica, are inducted into the Order of the Sacred Heart on Tarsiss III

Battle of Coldo


Tibius Holt Becomes an Inquisitor

Tibius Holt attains the rank of Inquisitor

Gemiel Escapes

Inquisitor Holt uncovers the traitor Canoness Gemiel as a heretic.

Before she could be executed, a Chaos fleet consisting of Lord Arnell's, Adual's and Damius' forces attack Tarsiss III.

In the turmoil, Gemiel escapes.

Lord Arnell slays the Oracle of Canin


Holt Ascends

Inquisitor Tibius Holt attains the rank of Inquisitor-Lord

The Occlisiad


First War of Tarsiss III

Gemiel returns with a small Emperor's Children army after fully embracing Slaaneshi ideals.

She begins to wage war upon her former Order but is finally forced off world by a concerted effort by the Fists of Flame and the ordered personal army of Inquisitor Holt

First War for Tarsiss III

The traitor Canoness, Gemiel, leads an Emperor's Children army to the Chapter homeworld and is forced into retreat by the Fists of Flame

Crone World of Zaldas is Captured

Adual secures the Eldar crone world of Zaldas and finds the ancient Librarium buried beneath the surface after defeating the ancient guardian spirits there

Venum Assassin Dispatched

Urhua Thereaux, Assassin of the Venenum Temple is dispatched to assassinate the renegade Governor Yawell of Morisha.

Urhua's starship is caught in a warp rift, holding the vessel in stasis for 698 years.

Lord Arnell manages to capture a single Tech Marine, and he begins to build a number of daemon engines for use against his enemies.

With time, the Techmarine teaches his craft to a number of Chaos Space Marines under Arnell's command

Land Speeder Typhoon Introduced

The Land Speeder Typhoon (LST) variant is introduced upon recovery of STC information

Choltan 4th War

Barely two centuries after the 3rd Choltan War, the Fists of Flame are called in to destroy a small fleet of Ork Roks once again.

The aim of the attack quickly becomes apparent as the Ork Roks enter orbit and begin to fire upon the planet below instead of launching landing craft.

FoF fleet destroy most of the Roks before they can do significant damage.

The Byuon Craftworld joins the Cha'Los Eldar


Oaklan Zarrin is Slain

Chapter Master Oaklan Zarrin is killed during an Eldar raid on the world of Galdri.

Calnor the Swift is appointed as Chapter Master.

Battle of Euin

Archite Drael'Kaen is nearly killed in the processing facility on Euin

Bylin Uprising Supressed

Tibius Holt supresses the uprising on Bylin after a carefully constructed plot to expose the rebellious cultists insighted by the Alpha Legion

Plague Emerges on Acwen

A vile plague emerges across the surface of Acwen.

Chaos cultists are suspected

The Twelve Night Appears at Galdri

A Eldar vessel identified as the 'Twelve Night' appears in the Galdri system.

No contact is made with the xenos vessel.

Calnor is Lost

Calnor the Swift is slain by a Dark Eldar Hellion on the nightworld of Grift Prime and Chapter Master Aran Orcandric is appointed.

The Slaughter of the Blood Angels at Mackau


Reports of Construction of Unknown Vessel

Reports filter back to the Imperium that a new vessel was being constructed by plague workers on the world of Yuran

Yuran is Bombed

Devine punishment is mettered by Inquisitor-Lord Holt on the world of Yuran as it is cyclonic torpedoed from orbit, ridding the world of tarnished hives filled with rotting plague zombies

Candran Out of Contact

The Candran system is lost to the Imperium following the normally stable space lanes to Candran are rendered unusable by freak warp activity.

Several Rogue Traders are lost in trying to reach the Candran system on routine trade missions.

Holt steps foot on Yuran

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is finally able to step foot on Yuran, uncovering information about the ship which Damius was building over 65 years before, named the Plague Scorpion

Aftermath of Balsoir Symposium Investigated

Aftermath of Balsoir Symposium investigated by Ordo Malleus and Relictors Chapter reveals effects of Tzeentchian daemons on casualties

Choltan 5th War


Chalice of Tarsiss is Declared Destroyed

The Strike Cruiser 'Chalice of Tarsiss' is lost to the Warp.

Heuran Tigerian was appointed in Orcandric's absense.

Heavenfall Massacres


Middenhead Attacked

The Middenhead system comes under Chaos attack.

Two small fleets of Chaos vessels are seen fighting amongst themselves above the world of Middenhead Prime.

FoF forces are delayed and find no Chaos forces in the system when they arrive.

Arcrue is Discovered

The system of Acrue is rediscovered and brought into the Imperial fold.

Muni Campaign


Explorator Fleet 874 Lost

The Explorator fleet, label Pi-Xu 874 is lost in the Region of Darkness.

Calistro Goes to Gurin

Under the council of Lord Adual, Arnell sends his most trusted Lieutenant, Calistro, to the Imperial world of Gurin.

There Calistro unleashes virus bombs, destroying all life on that world and he lays waste all the Hive cities.

He leaves the world a dead rock

Battle of Ionain


Evacuation of Torrin Massacre

Lord Arnell becomes a daemon prince after the Evacuation of Torrin Massacre.

Inquisitor Mintus of the Ordo Xenos first encounters Inquisitor Lord Holt of the Ordo Hereticus.

Rekl Wars


Inquisitor Mintus Escapes

Inquisitor Mintus is called to account for his actions on Torrin, and is nearly put to death by a conclave of his fellow Inquisitor's but manages to escape with Holts help

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is Caught

Inquisitor-Lord Holt is cornered by a conclave of Hereticus Inquisitors following his actions during the conclave of fellow Inquisitor Mintus.

He is absolved of all charges after evidence is found that Mintus was innocent of all charges and that Holt had acted justly

Dayub Wars


The Bloodtide Awakens


Uina Campaign


Battle for Confaino


Battle of Hades Pass


Orlenza's Court Infiltrated

A Callidus Assassin infiltrates Imperial Commander Brassika of Orlenza's court.

Her deception allows for two regiments of Imperial Guard to outmaneuver the renegade forces.

Upon revealing herself, the Callidus eliminates the Imperial Commander and escapes

Wueian Wars


Canoness Angelica (the 2nd) is Slain

Canoness Angelica, the second, is Slain by the Ork Warlord Gun-Shoota

Battle of Hades Pass

Alica leds her sisters into the gates of the daemon portal, and manages to close it by destroying the daemon prince L'ycarth

Alica is Appointed Canoness

Alica is appointed senior Canoness at the Convent of the Order of the Raped Virgin on Tarsiss III following her actions against the daemon prince L'ycarth

Attack on Entuin

Alica leds the attack against the Tzeentchian forces of Lord Adual on the Imperial world of Entuin

Orlando Furioso Ambushed

Ambush of Chapter Master Orlando Furioso of the Howling Griffons at Arios Point

Orks begun their crusade out of V'run


Urhua Thereaux arrives on Morisha

Unaware of her situation, Urhua Thereaux arrives on Morisha to find Yawell long dead and replaced by an anti-Imperial democratic committee of roughly 1,000 members.

To complete her mission, Thereaux kills all the committee members after spending three days poisoning all the chairs in the auditorium prior to a meeting of the full committee

The corruption of the Sanctity IX Pedagogue


Iysudann Reclaimed

Gemiel first steps foot on the daemon world of Iysudann, and with the aid of her Emperor's Children, destroys the Dark Eldar presence there

The Xenaion Craftworld joins the Cha'Los Eldar


Year of the Librarian

Chapter experiences highest intake of psychically gifted initiates.

Expected 99% rejection rate.

Actual rejection rate closer to 66.


Present Chapter Master, Mars Aran, also inducted at this time.

Colonel Brin Is Executed

Colonel Brin of the Imperial Guard is executed as a Heretic following his comparison of the Eldar and the Imperial Guard

Gyiuna Block Wars


Buol'In Conflict


Candran Returns

The warp calms down around Candran, returning the world to the Imperium.

The first vessels to travel to Candran find only ghost cities and husks of settlements.

No bodies are found nor any explanation as they disappearance of several million Imperial souls.

Candran is repopulated with Imperial pioneer crews utilising the existing infrastructure.

Population expected to return to previous number within 1.

68 millennia.

Choltan 6th War


Mars Aranís Ascension

Mars Aran takes on the mantle of Chapter Master after Hueran Tigerian is nearly slain fighting the Orks of Cholta.

Tigerian is inferred within the armoured sarcophagus of a Venerable Dreadnought.

Choltan 7th War


Rictuus Plague Created

Lord Damius creates the Rictuus Plague through genetic manipulation and blasphemous sorcerous magicks.

Storm of Change Captured

Lord Adual of the Four Winds captures the Storm of Change, former Flagship of Hunvar the Grim.

Huegan Tithe Wars


Battle for Byron


Daelon Massacre


Yonta Massacre


Choltan 6th War


Tou'Lin Wars


Unknown Pyramid Discovered

Adeptus Mechanicus research team discovers pyramid associated with Necrons.

Pyramid defies detailed examination by team due to dense material it is made from

Cardinal of Bray is killed


Battle of Gyraon

Hivefleet Buanneth'Ann is encountered by the Cha'Los Eldar, and despite a minor skirmish, the Eldar are forced to disengage when Lord Adual is spotted several sectors away

Battle of Butaon


Second War for Tarsiss III

The Four Winds of Chaos attack Tarsiss III.

Entire Chapter mustered to defend the Chapter homeworld.

Fighting quickly stagnates and trench warfare ensues.

Lord Damius unleashes the Rictuus plague which renders half the Chapter either dead or corrupt.

Exterminatus is exacted at the command of Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt.

Mars Aran begins radical restructuring of the Chapter's fighting doctrine.

Traditional Codex: Astartes teachings replaced with current close combat emphasis doctrine to prevent future wars becoming stagnated which allowed the Rictuus plague to take hold.

Battle of Euroanib


The Schism of Golchis

A combined task force of Imperial Fists, Crimson Fists and Fists of Flame Space Marines are called to the desert world of Golchis to confront the forces of the Khorne Lord, Arnell, aided by the forces of Lord Adual and the heretical Canoness Gemiel.

Arnell manages to force the Imperial forces into a fighting retreat as a major daemonic incursion occurs, spewing Arnell's daemonic allies across the surface of Golchis.

Ordo: Malleus agents begin to arrive in system even as the Khorne fleet successfully disengages from the combined Imperial fleet, leaving Golchis a burning world as daemons ravage the surface.

The Scourge Lost

The Scourge of the Damned is lost in the Warp, believed to be destroyed.

Mars Aran was aboard the Scourge when it was lost.

Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian assumes the mantle of Chapter Master in Mars Aran's stead.

Eldar Fire Prism Investigated

Tech-Engineer Pilamist investigates wreckage of an Eldar Fire Prism grav tank following a battle between the Eldar and the Pain Bringers Space Marine Chapter on the third moon of Vida's World

Warpgate Portal Studied

Tech-Engineer Pilamist transmits a report on an Eldar warpgate portal found in the Trojan Sector

Golchis is Lost to the Warp

A warp storm cuts off the Golchis system

Order of the Sacred Rose and the Bloody Rose Created

Ecclesiarch Deacis VI creates the Orders of the Bloody Rose and Sacred Rose, also extendes the Adepta Sororitas Convent buildings to accommodate almost 15,000 warriors each

The Skopos Incident

Adeptus Mechanicus facility taken over by aliens, possibly Necrons.

22nd Elyssian Regiment sent to reclaim facility but retreat due to casualties.

Skopos destroyed by bombardment by supporting fleet

Nightmarsh Damaged

The Space Station, Nightmarsh, is damaged by a freak warp storm.

Chaos forces are seen in the vicinity in the lead up to the warp anomaly.

Choltan 8th War

The 8th War for Choltan had limited Astartes involvement as the inhabitants of Cholta had lived through countless unreported Ork attacks in earlier generations and have adapted to this constant threat.

A small cluster of FoF were involved to help sweep several of the larger Ork warbands out of the deeper jungle areas.

Battle of Falguin


Attack on Calron

Mars Aran saves a young psyker girl from certain death and begins her training

Warp Storms Abate in Golchis System

Golchis is embraced back into the Imperium after the warp storms finally abate, permitting travel to the system.

Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian Dies

The Necron menace re-surfaces on the tomb world of Xrept and Chapter Master Bjari 'Flameheart' Millian is killed during the fighting.

Chapter Master Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar assumes the mantle.

The Bloodied Tears Appears

The Eldar craft, identified as the Bloodied Tears is first sighted in the Tarsiss system, in high orbit above Tarsiss III.

First recorded Imperial encounter with Archon Kruellagh


Choltan 9th War


The Great War of Walfen

The Four Winds of Chaos descend upon the world of Walfen.

Within weeks, the world is brought to it's knees as Slaaneshi, Nurgle and Khornate kill squads lay waste to all that oppose them.

Tzeentchian troops are seen descending into the polar arsenals of Walfen.

Inquisitor Holt and Mintus are both seen on Walfen during this time

The Darkening of Nigvun

A period known only as the Darkening descend on the world of Nigvun.

Dark Eldar leave the world a tormented, ghost of a world where the survivors are mutated beyond all recognition.

Exterminatus is the only recourse.

First War of Adrun


Lukurius Vanlessa departs to the Eastern Fringes

The fleet of Rogue Trader Lukurius Vanlessa departs to the eastern fringes.

Long delays in the warp result in the Santissima Terra of Vanlessa's fleet to return four centuries later.

Her captain, Inigo Portfell, had layered the ship with his discoveries.

The ship itself is now part of the Paternoval palaces on Terra

Great War of Walfen Ends

The Great War of Walfen ends as combined forces of Blood Angels and Dark Angels descend upon the Chaos forces, smashing the iron grip on the world' Inquisitor Holt declares the populous of Walfen excommunicate and puts the world to death by virus bombing

Huon Massacre


Inquisitor Mintus Dies

Inquisitor Mintus dies at the hands of Canoness Gemiel, despite Holt's best efforts to sway his younger companion from open conflict with the Canoness

Oraln Conflict


Fakael Wars


Kib'Uin Wars


Ymgarl Cleansed

Salamanders Chapter cleanses Ymgarl and its moons of any signs of life due to a significant Genestealer infestation

Xenon Wars


Dylon Wars


Battle Of Suinn Gunn


War for Danitun Begins

Warp Storm Hilion finally abates, allowing Lord Arnell access to the Danitun system.

He begins the War for Danitun.

Battle of Midian


Attack of Chlorn

Chlorn comes under direct assault by the Four Winds.

Tarsissian Lancer regiments give stiff resistance until the FoF arrive and engage the Chaos forces in both space and on the ground, eventually driving off the Four Winds with bolt pistol and blade.

War of Danitun Ends

War for Danitun finally stops after fully seven of the twelve regiments are destoyed or lost to the vicious fighting within the Hives and surrounding wastes.

The surviving forces finally swear alliegance to Arnell.

Rauin Minor Wars


F'Ion Syuian Wars


Penitent Crusade at Gipun


Incitement of the Braun IV Tithe Wars

Periclitor elevated to Daemonhood.

Trans-Kurani sub-sector erupts in civil war as Bray is heavily taxed to pay for orbital defence

Zoat's Declared Extinct

Last known Zoat Collossus ship is destroyed around Zorastra

Work Begins On The Twin Comets

Gemiel begins the retro-fit of the Twin Comets of Gemiel

Siege of Grypt

Imperial massacre in the space lane leading up to Grypt Khornate faction believed to be the cause

True Domination Sighted

True Domination is finally seen fighting against the Dark Angels after a brief encounter on the surface of Gipson

Ilian Strike

Canoness Gemiel attacks the Imperial world of Ilian

Kethra Rebellion Suppressed

Inquisitor Grim reports White Panthers ruthlessly suppress rebellion on Kethra

Byian Wars


War for Ultauin Prime


Delta 9 Massacre

Asdrubael Vect, Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart, leads attack on Imperial planet

Governor Thedor Irin Abducted

Governor Thedor Irin abducted along with his family and close personal aides' Inquisition is at a loss as to possible cause of the abduction

Thedor Irin Return

Thedor Irin, family and aides returned to Gitax

Ginden Victory

Imperial Navy route a minor Tzeentchian incursion out of Ginden space

Buol'In Conflict


Xandlon Incident

Ordo: Hereticus agents discover Alpha level Psyker amongst the backwards population of Xandlon.

FoF forces respond to the formal request for aid in this matter and attempt to capture the rogue psyker.

Only Mars Aran of the Fists of Flame is able content with the psychic might of the rogue psyker.

The alpha-level psyker is eventually killed by a bolt shell fired from Mars Aran during the psychic dual.

Zenon Campaign


Twin Comets Sighted

The Twin Comets of Gemiel are involved in their first engagement against the Imperial Navy in the Puylor system.

Despite sustaining numerous hits, they are left crippled but not destroyed whilst the Imperial forces were forced to disengage after the Khorne fleet of Arnell strike from the Warp

Battle of Regi IV

Tech Priests of Mars recover weapons from slain Eldar pirates for further study

Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar Descends


Contact Lost at Tartan House

The deep-space relay stations found throughout the Tartan belt surrounding the Space Station of Tartan House are systematically destroyed.

Hours later, the astropaths of Tartan House also go silent.

FoF response fleets find a previously undiscovered xenos race aboard the Space Station and purge the station clean.

No follow up investigation is mounted, although many believe that the xenos originated from the nearby world of Arak.

Haunting Scion Found

The Haunting Scion is found adrift and without crew.

Vessel towed back to Vivenhall to await damage repair, refit and crew allocation.

Tithe Point Falls

The Space Station, Tithe Point, falls to Chaos invaders in a rapid strike.

FoF forces are quick to retake the Station, losing nearly 50 Battle Brothers in the attempt.

Eldar Pirates attack the Jericho system


Huehorn Investigated

A FoF strike force make planetfall to the xenos world of Huehorn with the intention of gathering intelligence about the reptillian xenos found there.

Species found to be extremely hostile and marked for immediate xenocidal purge.

Vistro Relief Force Attacked

Eldar Pirates attack an Imperial convey in Wilderness Space which were en-route to Vistro

Stratrix Attacked

Eldar Pirates attack a polar arsenal on Stratrix Forge World

Banelund Lost

Contact with colony on Banelund lost.

All colonists lost or captured

Xeal Located

The Xenos world of Xeal is found on the border of the Region of Darkness.

Peaceful xenos species located on the planets surface with sub-warp capabilities.

Marked for extermination at earliest possibility after resource estimates put Xeal at level theta-gamma-2 in precious resources, and therefore too highly valuable to the Imperium to ignore.

Battle at Outpost 11


1st Choltan Purge

The FoF attempt the first systemic purge of the Choltan system of all Ork activity.

Xenocidal bombing runs into the Ork held asteroid belt are deemed a success whilst the ground based eradication program led by the FoF and Tarsissian Lancers are deemed a lesser success.

Several tracts of jungle are burned in a scorched earth policy and any signs of the Ork are carefully followed up.

Scout squads deploying from Land Speeder Storms make the greatest headway in locating and decimating the roving Ork bands as they make they way across the jungle.

Naval Battle at Jurn

At Jurn Orbit Imperial Naval vessels clash with Eldar.

Loss of Battleship Excessive Force, the cruisers Pious Victory and Mighty Endeavour plus eight assorted support vessels.

Eldar lose twelve ships

Poran Devoured

The hiveworld of Poran is devoured by a Tyranid Splinter Fleet despite fierce counter-attacks by FoF forces, countless Imperial Guard regiments and Imperial Navy fleets.

Dauin'Hunn Scourging


Crusader Pattern Recognised

Crusader pattern Land Raider becomes officially recognised by Techpriests of Mars.

Amadeus Kreutz writes "Summary of the Myths, Legends, and Beliefs of the Eldar Race

Q'Rapt Purged

The world of Q'Rapt is purged, awaiting re-population.

Vast, unchecked mutation is the cited course of the purges.

Salamander System War

Lord Kegarin, Planetary Governor of Salamander V, grows paranoid of Salamander IV and VI.

Believing they crave his world's mineral wealth, Kegarin builds the Doomsday Cannon and declares himself System Overlord.

The launch of Project Apocalypse, sets off a devastating system war

Buraib Wars


The Storm of Change is Losted at Galefort

Lord Adual takes another vessel as his flagship, the Warp Emissary

Huinin Gate Wars


Liber Proditor Armorum Written

Techmarine Suprema Lysol Blane of the Imperial Fists writes the Liber Proditor Armorum which contains information on the Traitor Legions' use of armoured vehicles

Xandlon Decimated

Xandlon is decimated by internal war.

Widespread use of atomic warheads are cause of 99% of the devastation.

Survivors are recruited into Imperial Guard penal legions to serve out their days for their heretical deeds.

Admiral Clanen is Damned

Imperial Navy Captain Clanen is killed after his vessel, the Principal Believer is stricken by torpedoes whilst engaging a small Chaos fleet in the void between worlds whilst he engaged the enemy fleet alone, hoping to stall the enemy whilst support could make the Warp transition from nearby Vivenhall

No sign of the Chaos fleet was found, only the scarred, drifting hulk of the Principal Believer.

Choltan 10th War

An Ork invasion fleet arrives from outside the Belt of Fire following the Choltan Purge 191 years earlier.

The FoF are delayed in arriving and fresh Ork forces make planetfall, starting another cycle of Ork invasions on the jungle deathworld.

Choltan 11th War

The first full blown Ork Waaagh emerges from the jungles of Cholta only 3 years later.

Tarsissian Lancer regiments assemble quickly in high orbit awaiting for the FoF to establish a foothold in Ork held territory.

The FoF never arrive.

Xean Purged

The xenos world of Xean is purged of all life by Exterminatus.

It is widely believed that Inquisitor-Lord Holt himself gave the order.

Dugia Conflict


Unholy Harbinger First Sighting

Space Hulk Unholy Harbinger, constructed from thirty eight to forty two separate craft, at least thirteen of non-human origin, discovered just inside the Cloras jump point.

Due to suspected collision course with Cloras III's major orbital, Helios, Black Templars summoned to secure engine control systems to allow space hulk's course to be altered.

Unholy Harbinger thought to contain Standard Template Constuct data

Hyun Wars


Manwen Daemongate

The world of Manwen undergoes turmoil whilst a Beta-level psyker inadvertently opens a hole into the Warp whilst trying to escape Ordo: Hereticus purgation squads.

Manwen is deemed quarantine until such time as a Daemonhunter task force can be assembled and either declare an Exterminatus or clear out the daemonic infestation that has taken root.

B'Fan Massacres

The outlaying world of B'Fan is found decimated after a period of seventy years without contact.

Unholy Harbinger Second Sighting

Space hulk Unholy Harbinger discovered with dense asteroid of Necron manufacture deep within the core.

Inquisitor Daska killed while studying Necron artefact.

Unholy Harbinger destroyed by salvo of torpedoes.

Zhoros Burns

Zhoros, the Fire Hawks home world, is thermal bombed

Ulig Crusade


Darken Gate Wars


Rekl Wars


Illll'Iunan Battles


Wars of Calquin


Death's Pass Wars


Battle of Ten Thousand Warriors


Battle of Gun'Yuin II


F'Ion Syuian War


Vern IV Offensive

The Death Spectres Chapter loses almost all of its Predator Destructors to an Eldar ambush.

After action reports suggest it was the Kabal of the Envenomed Thorn.

Xeaniom Scourging


Wars for Ilin


Guinan Wars


Kuln Wars


Weaon Low Riots


Lowin Campaign


Battle of Yuni


Vivenhall Forge War

The forgeworld of Vivenhall comes under attack by a splinter fleet of Tyranids.

Desperate fleet actions by the Adeptus Mechanicum and the Fists of Flame saved the forgeworld from certain death by destroying the majority of the Tyranids in space and allowing few to touch down on the iron-skin of Vivenhall.

The ones that did were quickly eradicated shortly afterwards during the Battle of Vivenhall.

Uun'Krill Battles


Cult of Redemption Uncovered

A genestealer cult is uncovered on Tarsiss III.

FoF response is immediate and effective.

No further taint of the Cult is found.

Thorian beliefs Compiled

The most complete version of Thorian beliefs, the Principles of the God Incarnate, enshrined in the Hesten Manuscript is compiled by Inquisitor Hesten

Krhun II Massacre


The Jukin Campaign


Battle of Dameon

Lord Arnell attacks the backwater world of Dameon.

By the time Imperial forces react, Arnell has already gone, leaving no survivors

Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar Steps Down

Chapter Master Granin 'Daemonbane' Malcar steps down as Chapter Master after serving 900 years as Chapter Master.

Chapter Master Byron Valvar is appointed as named successor

Nexxas Exculpation

The Emperor's Children are defeated by an Imperial Guard regiment.

Following their victory, an Ordo Malleus warship destroys the deployed Guard regiments via orbital bombardment.

Records are altered to show a renegade Eldar force was responsible for widespread decimation.

Lysander is Honoured

First time that Captain Lysander is named within the Liber Honorus

Imperial Laurel given to Lysander

Sergeant Lysander of the Imperial Fists awarded Imperial Laurel by Captain Venatus of the Second Company for his acts of extreme courage and resilience under fire

Xruaib Wars


Lysander Becomes Captain

Lysander is given the rank of Captain after capturing an Eldar cruiser

Battle of Gynth


Plague Grips Q'Yraun


The Palace of Sin is Destroyed

The Chaos vessel, Palace of Sin is destroyed by a Fists of Flame fleet after a fleeting engagement.

The Palace of Sin's presence in the Golchis system is believed to be for surveillance.

Opran Massacre


T'Joaen Conflict


Choltan 12th War


Opposition Outlook Under-attack

The Space station, Opposition Outlook comes under attack by traitor the traitor Guard Regiment, the Danitun Guard.

Four Winds Fleet Intercepted

A fleet of Chaos ships is intercepted en route to Vivenhall by a FoF fleet.

The engagement is brief but costly for both sides.

Choltan 13th War


Blood Angels Secret Revealed

Inquisitor Garillion witnesses Blood Angels sleeping in sarcophagi used to create them

Battle for Luoin


Crimson Fists Receive Homeworld

Upon termination of the Vortigern Crusade, Rynn's World is granted to the Crimson Fists as their homeworld.

Their fortress-monastery is established in the inhospitable Hellblade mountains of the southern continent

Canin Burns

The small self-supporting colony of Canin burns by viral torpedoes after a Slaaneshi pleasure cult is found amongst their population.

Chronal Dirge of Cestus IV compiles report on the Eldar


Balthazar van Heppel, Ministorum Envoy, files his report


Emperor's Children Strike Force Encountered

An Emperor's Children strike force under the command of the heretical Canoness Gemiel are found on the world Mulnor.

Gemiel is thought slain during the engagement and no further evidence of the further presence of the Emperor's Children is found

Choltan 14th War


Xeanio Campaign


The Mass Suicides of Nufak

The populace of Nufak commit mass suicide on the anniversary of Arch-Daecon Nufak's, patron founder of the world's death.

Many sources cite chaos cults as the instigator for the mass suicide.

Orks out of Ryza are slain by the Ultramarines


Wriaon Slaugher


Choltan 15th War


Ican Uprising

Hundreds of Cultists make a move to take control of the world

Ican Uprising Disbanded

Ican Uprising Disbanded by a conclave of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors' All heretics are put to death after giving up little information about Lord Adual

Urgak the Unstoppable is Assassinated

Urgak the Unstoppable is assassinated by Vindicare assassin Skult on Roxanzand, Chelio Sector

Cha'Los Craftworld Sighted

The Eldar Craftworld of Cha'Los is sighted in the deep void between Middenhead and Bijin.

Imperial response fleets are unable to find any futher trace of the Eldar

Byron Valvar is Killed

Chapter Master Byron Valvar is slain fighting Chaos on the world of Llarn.

Chapter Master Vaknar Aran is appointed

Plague on Bijin

Bijin suffers under a terrible plague.

Half the population are killed in a matter of days.

Choltan 16th War


Danitun Guard Fleet Engaged

A traitor fleet carrying Danitun Guardsmen are found en route into the Region of Darkness by FoF forces.

The engagement is fleeting and no significant damage is inflicted on either side.

Danitun Fleet last seen entering the Region of Darkness

Choltan 17th War


Abaddon Overthrows Lord Teknos

Abaddon overthrows Lord Teknos of the renegade Forge World of Baji IV.

The traitor tech-priests swear allegiance to Abaddon and return with him to the Eye of Terror

Construction Begins on the Planet Killer

Abaddon's tech-priests begin construction of a massive stellar vessel within the Eye of Terror, using data recovered by Abaddon's forces from the halo world of Lanamorgstein

Battle Of Ten Thousand Warriors


Abaddon goes to Daemon world of Spawndeath

Abaddon's advisor, Zaraphiston, leads Abaddon to the Daemon world of Spawndeath.

Abaddon returns and urges his tech-priests to increase their efforts to complete construction of the Planet Killer

The Macharian Conquests


23 Second Founding Chapters Go Unamed

Compiler Atraex writes that there are 23 Second Founding Chapters, but fails to name them

Destruction of Qeruiabn Minor


Destruction of the Xnaio


Purging of Sallind


Julican III Wars


Xavier is Apprenticed to Salamanders

Chaplain Hasdrubael officiates at Xavier's initiation into Chapter and Xavier impresses the Chaplain deeply

Deruin Conflict


Attica System Attacked

Chaos Space Marines raid Attica II and IV, but leave Attica Prime and its Planetary Governor, Erwin Borstar alone

Kue'Fan Wars


Xranon Conflict


Death's Pass Wars


Wurain Conflict


Vulanin Wars


Fallin Wars


Scorin Wars


The Gothic War

Abaddon leads huge force against the Gothic Sector with the aim of capturing the Blackstone Fortresses

Lrauion IIV Wars


Battle for Poruin


Battle Group Portentia Destroyed

Falsified fleet movement instructions are uncovered following the complete destruction of Battle Group Portentia by unknown attackers - Alpha Legion possibly involved

The Battle of Gethsemane


The Battle of Schindlegeist


Karkian Incident

Lord Damius attacks the mining world of Karkian and takes hundreds of prisoners for unknown reasons

Castabury Liberated

Forge World of Castabury in the Bethamor system falls to surprise attack led by Orks of Warlord Skarmork.

Castabury is liberated by Death Korps of Krieg

Attack on the Flaming Angel

The Cremators Rapid Strike Vessel, the Flaming Angel is attacked by Lord Damius.

Plague of Locusts Hits Daethryu Prime

A sudden plague of Crixian locusts on the agri-world, Daethryu Prime, decimate food crops causing widespread famine.

Riots break out and local armies mutinies.

Loss of food exports from Daethryu Prime causes major supply problems in the sub-sector which hinders Imperial forces in subsequent years during Chaos incursions into Segmentum Pacificus.

Alpha Legion is involved

Four Winds Descend on Greysack

The agriworld of Greysack is attacked by forces of Lord Arnell.

FoF fleets respond to the attack and manage to engage the Khorne fleet above Greysack.

Ground forces are dispatched to deal with the Khornate warbands already on the surface.

No ground forces are encountered.

Word Bearer's Land Raider Recovered

Imperial Forces and Blood Reavers recover Word Bearers' Land Raider on Merric's World.

Inquisitor Le Guinn of the Ordo Malleus investigates daemon possessing Land Raider and is destroyed in process

Lidrun Conflict


Severus Accepted

Severus is accepted by Ultramarines and successfully completes his training

First Sighting of Chaos Defilers

Forces of Chaos, led by Abaddon the Despoiler, land on Urthwart.

Chaos Defilers successfully used in beseiging Bloden Keep and it falls within an hour

Severus Receives Marksman Honour

Captain Severus receives Marksman Honour while a member of the Ultramarines' 6th Company in combat against Eldar Pirates

Severus Receives Imperial Laurel

Severus receives an Imperial Laurel after being wounded in cleansing of Copul IV

Severus Promoted

Severus is promoted to sergeant of the Ultramarines' 3rd Company and commands a squad through the Siege of Belios and the first Balur Crusade

Severus Receives Terminator honours


Severus is Critically injured during the Battle of Corinth

Severus' mortal remains are used to replace those of Brother Commodius in the Dreadnought Ironclaw

Euain Conflict


The First War for Armageddon


Prefect of Soliden Reports on Donorian Sector

Prefect of Soliden, Erasmus Phramtle, notifies Terra's Council of the threat of alien aggressors in the Donorian Sector

War of Gynth


Armageddon Revolts

Increase in warpstorms causes disruption to deliveries to Armageddon leading to food riots and eventually an armed revolt

Angron Attacks Armageddon

The Bellum Chaotica states that Daemon Prince Angron raises mighty horde of mutants, daemonhosts and renegades, which use the Space Hulk Devourer of Souls to close in on Armageddon

The Oracle is Burned

A prophet of the Emperor emerges on the world of Lighon, known only as the Oracle.

Further investigation by the Ecclesiarchy officials on Lighon declare him a false prophet and have him burned at the stake for his heretical crimes against the Emperor.

Reston Egal Surveys Naogeddon

Explorator Magos Prime Reston Egal surveys Naogeddon and catalogues Xeno structures of unknown origin (later revealed to be Necron in origin).

World declared Purgatus.

Choltan 18th War


Vaknar Aran is Slain

Vaknar Aran is killed on the Space Hulk Scythe of Damnation.

Chapter Master Calso Inian is appointed

The Corinthian Crusade


Choltan 19th War


Siege of Tulwa

Calgar leads infiltration force which destroys the Fortress of Pain of the Iron Warriors Legion

True Domination Sighted

The flagship of the Khorne Lord Arnell, the True Domination is sighted in the Belt of Fire by a Rogue Trader.

No trace is found of the vessel upon subsequent investigation.

Choltan 20th War


Bijin Under Threat

Bijin comes under attack by Chaos.

Uilin Slaughter

Uilin was believed to have been attacked by Lord Arnell

The Scourge Returns

The warp-strewn flagship of the Fists of Flame fleet, the Scourge of the Damned returns to Imperial space and is greeted with a month of feast days.

Chapter Master Mars Aran returns, taking Calso Inian as his Herald.

Tyranid Bio-Weapons Detailed

Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station, New Hallefuss, details the bio-weapons used by the Tyranids

Calso is slain.

Herald to Chapter Master Mars Aran and former Chapter Master Calso Inian is slain fighting the Necrons in orbit around the star port of Tithe Point.

The Spectral Serpent Incident

The Spectral Serpent Chapter is purged by Fists of Flame task force

Crusade in the Lithesh Sector

Imperium tries to restore grip on string of sub-sectors stretching between the Damocles Gulf and the Perdus Rift Anomaly

Battle of Magragge


First documented encounter with the Tyranids

Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator station at Tyran attacked and consumed but records allowed Inquisitor Kryptman to identify attacks and predict course of Hivefleet Behemoth.

Ultramarine Dreadnought Severus participates in the Joran retaliation against the Tau Empire.

Ultramarines' 3rd Company captain, Ardias, is killed shortly before force withdraws.

Battle of Macragge.

Calgar leads fleet of Ultramar against Hivefleet Behemoth.

Entire Ultramarine's first company wiped out.

Tyranids defeated

Hive Fleet Behemoth discovered


Rogal Surr Intercepts Transcript

Marshal Primus Rogal Surr intercepts transcript of Cult Mechanicus trial in which Tech-Adept Uvochi is accused of techno-heresy

Scouring of Quintarn

Calgar drives Ork scavengers from triple system of Quintarn, Tarentus and Masali

O'Shovah Establishes Stronghold

Tau Commander O'Shovah establishes a string of heavily fortified stronghold-colonies

Sack of Penury IV

Tau Fire Warriors fight alongside pirate forces

Tyranid Attack Strategies Studied

Magos Biologis Salk of the Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station, New Hallefuss, describes the steps Tyranids use to assimilate a planet

The N'kele Massacres

Necron raids begin in the Roian Strait of the Segmentum Obscurus

Choltan 21st War


Necrons Sighted at Golchis

A Necron vessel is detected above Golchis.

By the time the FoF Rapid Strike Cruiser, the Honour of Tarsiss, arrives, the Necron vessel has gone.

Purgation of Jhanna

Calgar leads two Ultramarine companies and recaptures oceanic cities of Omon and Vorlencia

Tyranid Hive Mind Debate Continues

The Magos Biologis of New Hallefuss debate the theories of the Tyranid Hive Mind

Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector begins

Sons of Anteus answer plea for help from Guild Fathers in the Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector

Battle of Steel Cross

Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists slays Ork Warlord and his entire bodyguard

Cha'Mont'Yr War

The Tau world of Cha'Mont'Yr comes under attack by the Four Winds of Chaos.

The Fists of Flame are directly involved in the conflict at the request of the Inquisitor-Lord Tibius Holt.

Holt perishes during the conflict.

Battle of Arconar

Calgar defeats powerful coalition of Eldar raiders on feral world of Arconar

The Darkened Talon Appears

The Space Hulk, Darkened Talon appears on the edge of the Vivenhall.

Fists of Flame fleet destroy the hulk before it can enter orbit of the forgeworld.

Captain Cortez Breaks Through

Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists manages to break through Eldar lines; suffers seventeen wounds, including a stabbing wound to one of his hearts

Battle for Cha'Mont'Yr

The first real act of Kavaal'Ash is to unit the Tau against the alien oppressors of the Dark Eldar under Archite Drael'Kaens command.

Despite horrific losses, the battle is a victory for the Tau on Cha'Mont'Yr

Cha'Mont'Yr War

Vicious war which saw Canoness Gemiel attains daemonhood

War of Cha'Mont'Yr ends


Battle of Knarts Landing

Calgar eliminates rebel army led by General Dornal in thirty day battle on industrial world of Knarts Landing.

Ultramarines casualties less than 17%

Choltan 22nd War

Cholta comes under Ork invasion and the Fists of Flame are successful in driving the emergent Ork Waagh back into the jungles of Cholta.

No subsequent xenocidal campaign is launched although several pockets of resistance are removed by concerted Scout and Terminator attacks at key locations.

Fortress Maladon's Wall Defended

Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists defends breach in Fortress Maladon's Wall for twenty-one hours of constant fighting

Chaos Corrupts Vulan

The Hiveworld of Vulan is found deep in the throes of anti-Imperial secessionists upheaval and vast purges are conducted by Ordo: Hereticus agents and FoF forces.

Over the course of six years, some 1.

8 billion people are put to death for heretical acts against the Imperium

Necrons Discovered

First recorded contact with Necrons by Imperial forces of the Sisters of the Adeptus Sororitas at Sanctuary 101

The Badab War

Rebel Space Marines of the Tiger Claws led by mentally unstable Commander Huron joined by Executioners and Lamenters destroy Imperial Ships around Badab.

Fire Hawks, Marines Errant, Red Scorpions, Minotaurs, Star Phantoms, Exorcists, Fire Angels, Salamanders, Space Sharks and Sons of Medusa all involved in quelling rebellion

Third Inter-Guild War of the Inca Sector Ends


Sanctuary 101 Reconsecrated

Canoness Sepherina makes a pilgrimage from Terra to Sanctuary 101 to reconsecrate the hallowed ground of the convent after the Necron attack six years earlier Captain Cortez of the Crimson Fists fights through entire Kardian campaign without supplies.

Mulnor Liberated

Eldar forces strike at Mulnor and FoF forces arrive and break the Eldar forces in two with combined strikes from both Thunderhawk deployed Storm Squads and Sentinel Squads.

Battle of Amion

Battle of Amion fought against rebel forces of the King of the Further Reaches.

Tech-Marine Clearn and his driver Marine Rillan of the Red Talon Space Marines in Land Raider Eagle's Claw breach rebel's main defensive lines, which leads to final defeat of rebels.

Azrael becomes Master of Deathwing

Azrael of the Dark Angels Chapter becomes Master of 1st Company, the Deathwing

Genestealer Varient Captured

A variant Genestealer with sac-like pouches containing virulent inorganic poisons and haemotoxins is captured

Dragonhold Found

The vessel known as the Dragonhold is found, drifting and lifeless in space.

FoF Terminator Squads sent to investigate find the ship powered down and under-manned and the few survivors little more then weakened emaciated skeletons from starvation.

Salvation is brutally offered at bolter-point and the Dragonhold is brought to Vivenhall for further investigation.

Azrael becomes Grand Master of the Dark Angels


Ghazghkull IInvades Armageddon

Ghazghkull launches a massive campaign of destruction, which begins with the bloody invasion of Armageddon

Kyublai Vanishes

The White Scars' Great Khan Kyublai vanishes fighting the Dark Eldar

Balur Crusade

Calgar elected leader of Space Marine force operating against worlds in the Eastern Fringe.

Operation begin with scouring of Ork-held Balur and end with devastation of Boros

Third War for Armageddon


Xenocidal Purges on Armageddon

Series of Xenocidal Ork purges begins on Armageddon

Buca III is Destroyed

Buca III is destroyed by missiles by the Orks

Heretic Archivist Executed.

The Heretic Archivist of the Gethsemane Recluslam is executed

Fire Hawks Disappear

Fire Hawks Chapter disappears during warp jump to the Crows World subsector

Golchis Lost

The Necrons return to Golchis and a small fleet descends from orbit.

All inhabitants are killed by the Necron strike and leaving only a single large obelisk to mark their presence.

Chigon 17 Attacked

Chigon 17 is attacked by the Orks

Purging of Xoedic Binary

Purging of Xoedic Binary by Grey Knights

Series of xenocidal Ork purges ends on Armageddon


Taelos is slain by the Imperial Fists


23rd Bruttiam Regiment Raised

23rd Bruttiam Regiment raised in response to Administratum decree requesting troops to take part in the Third Araklionid War

Creed and Kell fight through Hrud migration


The Fire Hawks are proclaimed Lost in the Warp


Radient Way Attacked

Imperial Battle cruiser Radient Way and escorts are attacked by Orks

23rd Bruttiam eliminates Eldar force

23rd Bruttiam Regiment eliminates Eldar raiding force that attacked Xenthorp Minor

Helbrecht is elected High Marshal

Helbrecht is elected High Marshal of Black Templars.

Verdus Prince Desecration of the Basilica of St Capilene - Necrons engage with Black Templars.

Warlord Snagrod the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon invades Badlanding and then Rynn's World homeworld of the Crimson Fists

Reports of Hivefleet Kraken in eastern fringe

VIII Kimmerian regiment assisted by Jotun Bearclaw's Space Wolf Great Company in Brightfast Mountains of Ichar IV.

The Imperial Guard regiment is wiped out attacking a Tyranid brood nest.

Lord General Creed annihilates Ulthwe raid on Aurent

Hive Fleet Kraken formally discovered


Hivefleet Kraken Splinter fleets move towards galactic core

After seventy years of labour, and following on from the work of eight hundred and thirty six generations of Keepers of the Library Sanctus of Terra, Keeper Cripias finishes the history of the majesty of the Human race.

He is declared a heretic in the following year

Evacuation of Aleph Sigmar

Prefect Vertex evacuates planet in face of Tyranid splinter-fleet from Ichar IV, Hivefleet Harbinger

Defence of Ichar IV

Calgar acts as supreme commander in defence of Ichar IV, a vital industrial world on the Eastern Fringe.

Tyranid invaders held in check by combined force of Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Eldar.

Lords of Wrath Chapter and 23rd Bruttiam Regiment capture and arrest Decius Mus, better known as Arch-Heretic of Auscum

Inquisitor Kryptman Identifies Pattern

Inquisitor Kryptman identifies pattern of attacks by Tyranid Hivefleet Leviathan stretching along the Ultima Segmentum, Segmentum Tempestus and Segmentum Solar.

Centre of attacks close to Ork empire of the Overfiend of Octarius.

The Temple of the Star Child is destroyed on Levilnor IV

Massacre on desert planet Triasta by Necrons

Deathwatch investigation proves that Necrons teleport back to tomb complexes.

Inquisitor Lichtenstein declared Excommunicate traitoris

Attack on Triasta

Canoness Gemiel is attacked by Necrons and narrowly escapes with her life