Chapter Master Vulnar


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The Chapter Master of the Spectral Serpents Chapter is an insidious individual, who brought the Chapter to it's knees by leading the Chapter down paths best left untrod.

Vulnar now lives deep within the Maelstrome, plaguing Imperial supply lines with his group of rogue Spectral Serpents who are now hunted Astartes, forever cast from the Emperor's light for allowing the "machine-taint" to grip their Chapter so strongly.

Whether Vulnar was simply complacent, or he guided them along the path, when the secret of the machine-taint running rife through the Chapter's Battle Brothers, Vulnar failed to act even when he was commanded by the venerable Inquisitor-Lord Holt himself. For this crime alone, Holt ordered the Fists of Flame to interceed and bring the swift justice the Chapter required. Vulnar fled with a contigent of Spectral Serpents into the Maelstrome where they continue to dwell to this day, plotting their revenge on both the Fists of Flame and the Imperium at large.

Chapter Master Vulnar170 points



  • HQ

Unit Type:

  • Infantry

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (unique)


  • Vulnar may be accompanied by a squad of Sternguard Veterans bought from Codex: Space Marines.


  • Artificer armour
  • Iron halo
  • Power weapon
  • Servo-harness incorperating a conversion beamer

Special Rules:

  • Fearless
  • Independent Character